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My Favourite Vegetable Stew

Posted by Annita on February 22, 2006

I prepared Idiappom & this Veg Stew last week when our friends Shuba & Swami visited us.Something when cooked in cococnut milk is usually called Stew.You can prepare stew with chicken,mutton,fish,egg or any vegetables of your choice.There are different recipes for vegetable stew.But this one is my favourite.I do not prepare this quite often,as it need a little bit frying .This recipe is directly from my Amma’s Kitchen.Actually this is her Chicken Stew recipe.I simply added vegetables instead of chicken.You can have this with Appam,Idiappam and Puttu.I don’t think it’ll go well with roti,as it is not that spicy.

Vegetable Stew
Vegetable Stew

The recipe goes like..

Potatoes cubed – 1 large
Carrots , Beans sliced into small bite-sized pieces(just like in Sambar) – 1 cup
Green Peas – 1/2 cup
(You can add cauliflower ,broccoli & turnip if you like..Remember not to add soft fleshy vegetables)
Onion -1
Green Chillies -3
Tomato sliced -1/2
Curry Leaves – a few
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp

Cardamom -2
Cinnamon – 1
Cloves -4
Bayleaves -1
Pepper – 8
All Spice – 3
Crush all the above spices into tiny pieces.

Medium concentrated Coconut Milk (Randaam Paalu) – 2 cups
(Dilute the coconut milk by adding more water..If you can prepare coconut milk at home it’ll be good.You can view the recipe at Indira’s Mahanandi )

Thick coconut milk (Onnam Paalu) – 3 tbsp.
Vinegar – 1tbsp
Salt – to taste
Coconut Oil – as needed
Maida/Corn flour – 1 tbsp

Heat the pan and add oil into it.Saute potatoes for a while and remove when the color starts to change.Repeat the procedure with each vegetable.Keep them aside.

Ingredients for the stew
Sauteed Veggies

You can add more oil if needed.Add crushed masalas and onion,saute for sometime .Do not brown the onions.Add maida and stir until the raw smell goes away.Then add turmeric powder,curry leaves,green chillies and all the vegetables .Pour thin coconut milk into the pan and cook the vegetables till done.Add salt and vinegar, simmer for 2 minutes.Add thick coconut milk and stir well.Remove from fire.Decorate with sliced tomatoes and curry leaves.Serve hot .


12 Responses to “My Favourite Vegetable Stew”

  1. Monica said

    Thanks, my husband loves it. Added in my fav. collections.

    Thanks Monica


  2. […] Thanks. Original recipe from […]

    Thanks again,Monica


  3. Thank you – the results of my experiment are at

    Nice work..and thanks for letting me know about it..

  4. Sally said

    hi anitha i cook it almost the same way .I cook the sauted vegetable in chicken broth and add thick coconut milk at the end.
    taste good too!

    Wow…sauteing in broth is new to me…Thanks for the info,sally

  5. I love Kallappam & stew on weekends for breakfast… :-)

    wow…thats a heavenly breakfast,Dhanya…:))

  6. Mudd said

    Surprising you removed my query.

    As far as I understand, Old Spice is an American company that manufactures male grooming products. Anyways, I have done a little bit of research myself, and maybe the old spice you are referring to is Allspice, a berry ‘with a taste similar to a combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, but hotter and more peppery’ – Wikipedia.

    If I am wrong about the old spice that you are mention in your recipe, would you please answer my query.

    Thank you.

    Sorry Mudd,I removed it bcoz i thot it was some kind of spam…
    And about the spice, i have been referring to All Spice only,and i was not even aware that i’ve typed ‘Old spice’ in place of ‘All Spice’..
    Thanks for pointing it out to me..And sorry for misleading you…

  7. julia thomas said

    i saw the stew recipe ido the same thing ,but for the frying of the veggies i just put them along with the 1st milk to get cooked —anything wrong!



  9. tina said

    whta is all spice

  10. I would love for Google Tv to be offered for use on cellular phones.

  11. vegetable juice recipes…

    […]My Favourite Vegetable Stew « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  12. […] tried out this stew from My treasure, My pleasure & it came out great. I just added 2 hardboiled eggs to the stew. Share […]

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