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Egg-Mushroom Rice

Posted by Annita on August 4, 2006

This is again a favorite of my lil’ one and mine too.

Egg Mushroom Rice

Recipe goes like..


Cooked rice -1 cup
Chopped Onion- 1/2
Ginger-garlic paste -1 tsp
Chopped button mushrooms – 1/2 cup
Sun dried tomatoes chopped- 1
Egg -1
Chopped coriander -1/4 cup
Pepper powder – 1/4 tsp(Use it accordingly.You can also use chilly powder and coriander powder if u like)
Lime Juice – 1/4 tsp
Salt -to taste
Oil -as needed


Heat oil in a pan and add onion and ginger-garlic paste into it.Saute until onion turns translucent and add salt,mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes into it.Saute for 4-5 mts or until mushrooms get cooked.Now stir in pepper powder and coriander leaves into it.Beat the egg and pour it over.Mix well together and allow it to cook.Throw in cooked rice,stir well and simmer for few minutes.Garnish with lime juice and serve hot.

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Egg Thoran with Tomatillo

Posted by Annita on July 10, 2006

I’ve got this new Egg Thoran recipe from June edition of ‘Vanitha’.But instead of the green unripened tomatoes mentioned in the recipe ,i’ve used tomatillos for a change.I’ve always wanted to try out this unfamiliar vegetable ,and this time I took the risk.But it came out really really well.Tomatillo is a spherical,green vegetable with a paper like husk all over it and about the size of a large cherry tomato.They grow to maturity inside this husk.As it ripes,the color of the husk changes from green to light brown,and the fruit from green to pale yellow.It is the freshness and greenness of the husk that determines its quality. Fruit should be firm and bright green as the green colour and tart flavour are the main culinary contributions of the fruit.To me,it tasted like ‘IlumbiPuli'(Sorry,I don’t know its English name).


Tomatillos are native to Mexico and they are used as an excellent base for Salsas.They belong to the same family as tomotoes,and when the husk is removed it looks almost like green tomatoes.But they actually taste nothing like green tomatoes. The tomatillo has a tart, lemony flavor that is enhance when cooked.The inside is white and fleshy than a tomato.Tomatillos are rich in vitamin A&C.
As the husk is not edible,it has to removed first.Inside,you can find some sticky substance over it.So make sure to rinse it well before use

Here goes the original recipe from Vanitha…

Ingredients for Tomatillo-Egg Thoran

Green tomatoes (deseeded and chopped fine)- 3 cup
Green Tomatillo – 3 (Adding more of it,can give too much of that sour flavour)
Chopped Onion -1 medium sized
Chopped Green Chilly – 4
Grated ginger – 1 tsp
Grated coconut or Coconut Powder – 3/4 cup
Egg – 3
Mustard Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves -1 sprig
Oil – As needed
Salt – To taste

Beat the eggs well and keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan and allow mustard seeds to splutter.Stir in Curry leaves,Onion,Ginger and Green chillies and saute for a while.Add salt and chopped tomatillos ,and saute until it is cooked well.

Sauteing tomatillos

Now reduce the heat and add beated egg and grated coconut into it.Scramble it well.Simmer for 2-3 mts stirring in between.It goes well with rice.

Tomatillo-Egg Thoran

Courtesy :- Omana Thomas,Trivandrum – June Second Edition,VANITHA.

Posted by Annita

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Naadan Egg Masala

Posted by Annita on March 9, 2006

Indian Coffee House alias ICH is a restaurant chain in India founded by Kerala’s legendary communist leader AKG .ICH which was known for its strong flavoured coffee,now has 52 shops all around Kerala.There was an ICH restaurant in my college campus also,where we used to go in groups….had lotsa fun,chatting and cracking jokes…u know unforgettable campus fun.I’ve always been a great fan of ICH Egg Roast.Sometimes it’s good to get nostalgic..rt?

Egg Roast

Egg Masala goes with almost anything ,but Appam-Egg Masala combo and Porotta-Egg Masala combo are most popular ones.And now the recipe….


Boiled Eggs -2
Sliced Onions -1
Ginger-Garlic paste -1 tsp
Curry leaves -a few
Tomato sliced -1/2
Salt – to taste
Oil – as needed

For the Masala:-
Chilly Powder -1/2 tsp
Coriander powder -1 tbsp
Egg Masala – 2 tsp(You can use Meat masala,Vegetable masala or even Garam masala..I normally use Eastern Meat Masala which i brought from Kerala


Heat oil in the pan and add Onion,Curry leaves and salt.Saute for few minutes and add ginger garlic paste.Saute till onions turn brown.Add the masalas and saute it again for few minutes.Add tomatoes and mix well.Heat it for 5 minutes,stirring in between.The gravy should be sauteed very well,until it is almost black in color.Add 1 cup of water and simmer for 5 more minutes.Just before switching off add boiled eggs into it and stir well.Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Last Sunday we had Palappam & this Egg Masala for breakfast.

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Hot and Sour Egg roast

Posted by Annita on February 20, 2006

A new version of Naadan Egg Roast..The recipe source is again Leelamma Aunty only.She is my Amma’s elder sister.She used to try out different recipes and they all turned good.I think she’s born with talent.

Hpt & Sour Egg Roast
Hot & Sour Egg Roast

Back to the recipe..

Boiled eggs -4
Chopped Onion -3
Chopped Tomato -1 and half
Ginger-Garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Kashmiri Chilly Powder /Paprika – 1tbsp(This gives a bright red color to the curry.You can use normal chilly powder also,but then reduce the amount to 3/4 tsp..otherwise the curry will be too hot)
Coriander Powder -1/2 tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
Curry Leaves -a few
Coriander Leaves chopped – 1 tbsp
Tomato Ketchup -1 tbsp
Salt – to taste
Coconut Oil – 2 tbsp

Boil the eggs and break the shells.Cut the eggs into two.Keep aside.
Pour oil into a heated pan.When the oil is heated add chopped onion & curry leaves and saute for a while.
Add ginger-garlic paste and stir.When the onion turns brown add salt,chilly powder,coriander powder and turmeric powder.Saute till the raw smell of the masala goes away.Then add tomatoes and stir well.You can add water if needed.After sometime the oil starts to seperate.Add Tomato ketchup and stir for a while.Then add coriander leaves and egg pieces and let it simmer for 2-3 mins.Garnish with Coriander leaves.This goes very well with Porotta or Roti.

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