My Treasure…My Pleasure

Authentic Kerala Cuisine & much more…


Meet My Family

I thought of blogging just to utilize my spare time instead of sleeping and becoming fat day by day. This blog mainly focuses on Family fun, it has cooking,parenting,music,arts & crafts,Kid’s menu….and more..:))

I’m planning to post lotsa recipes & other cooking ideas which i do nowadays (especially from Kerala where i’ve grown up) and what i’ve seen from my amma,my mother-in-law,my aunts,my friends…

As I am not working and stuck up with a small community in Kentucky,U.S where i live ,my family (my Husband,Deepak and my kid,little Milan..we call him Abhi at home)and all its fun are now my pleasure ..and of course its my treasure too.That’s why i choose this to be the title.

I don’t know whether i’ll be posting something on a daily basis…as you know how difficult it’ll be with a 19 month old kid(especially if he’s terribly naughty).But i’ll sure do it whenever time permits.

Just have a look at it and send me your comments…Thanks.

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