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Posted by Annita on November 19, 2008

Tiramisu meaning ‘pick-me -up’ is a classic coffee flavored Italian dessert prepared with mascarpone cheese,espresso and ladyfingers.It has become very popular recently and is served in almost every Italian restaurants. You either love it or hate it,there’s no middle ground..



This was my second attempt to prepare Tiramisu,first time I completely messed it up.This time I followed Olive Garden’s recipe as per Shn’s suggestion and it came out perfect.Thanks Shn.

I’ve made a few changes here and there.This is how i made it…


Egg yolks – Of 3 eggs
Whole Milk – 1/4 cup
Granulated sugar – 1 cup

Mascarpone cheese – 3 cups
Cream cheese – 8 ounces or 1 cup
Vanilla Extract – 1/4 tsp

Ladyfingers /savioardi biscuits- around 25

Italian Coffee powder – 5tbsp (Use any Italian brand if possible.I used Illy brand.Other brands are Cello, Lavazza, Kimbo, Mauro etc.)
Hot water – 1 cup (for making espresso)

Kahlua or any coffee liquor – 1/4 cup

Cocoa powder/Grated chocolate- as needed


Fill half of a medium sized sauce pan with water and allow it to boil.In a metal bowl whisk egg yolks,milk and sugar together.Simmer the boiling water and place the metal bowl on top of the sauce pan and stir the mixture often for 10-15 mts.You can also use double boiler instead of doing this.When the sugar dissolves,the egg mixture will begin to thicken.Remove from the sauce pan and allow it to cool.


To prepare espresso,boil 1 cup of water in a stove/microwave.Take it off from heat and add coffee powder into it.Mix it well and strain the coffee through a sieve.Allow it to cool.(Instead of preparing this you can buy espresso from Starbucks or any other coffee shop.)

Combine mascarpone cheese,cream cheese and vanilla extract together using an electric mixture.You’ve to mix it until it turns almost creamy with small chunks remaining.Add egg yolk mixture to the cheese mixture and combine them together.

Combine 1/4 cup cooled espresso and 1/4 cup Kahlua together.


Pour espresso-Kahlua mix into a flat plate so that it’ll be easy to dip the ladyfingers.Keep it aside.Dip each ladyfingers into the espresso-Kahlua mix and arrange it in a serving dish side by side.Ladyfingers will get soaked up very fast ,but we dont want to soak an entire ladyfinger.Dip only the bottom half of the ladyfinger ,the top half has to be dry.You can break the ladyfingers to fit into the dish.

Spoon half of the mascarpone cheese mixture over the ladys fingers.Sprinkle grated chocolate/cocoa powder over it.(I’ve used both chocolate and cocoa powder.Use it according to your choice.)Again arrange another layer of soaked ladyfingers over the cocoa/chocolate powder.Spoon remaining cheese mixture over ladyfingers and spread it evenly.

Cover and chill it for 8-10 hrs.Before serving sprinkle grated chocolate/cocoa powder over it.Cut into equal size square pieces and serve.

Note :- You can also prepare Tiramisu in dessert glasses/parfait glasses,so you can serve it right then and also you can save the extra time it takes to cut into desired shape.


Info:-I’ve read here that mascarpone cheese is available in Fiorano Restorante in Bangalore.I dont know about other cities.Also if anyone knows about the availability of ladyfingers in India,can you please let me know about it?

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31 Responses to “Tiramisu”

  1. Nags said

    I have tasted good tiramisu only in little italy in hyd. everything else was just blahh

    Thank you Nags..Do you know whether i can find ladyfingers in India?

  2. RP said

    Never saw these made in individual cups. Great idea! Looks beautiful!

    Its not my idea RP….I’ve read it somewhere.Also I made this only in small quanatities..There weren’t enough ladyfingers to spread in a flat dish…:)))

    How r you?Happy Thanksgiving…

  3. Bindu said

    You are right Annita. You either hate Tiramisu or love it. I looooooooooove it:-) Thankyou so much for posting this. It is a must try on my list. Thankyou for making this possible for me! God bless you!

  4. shankari said

    Nilgiris in Chennai & blore might have it..Individual cups are a good idea -portion control, atleast for me :)

  5. Shikha said

    I love this dessert..i rate restaurants and bakeries by how good their desserts are..but i always end up asking for tiramisu!..time to make some at home:)

  6. Cynthia said

    Beautiful presentation, Annita.

    Thank u,Cynthia

  7. meeso said

    Gorgeous and super tasty!

  8. indulekha said

    hi annita,
    yesterday while surfing 4 a kerala paratta recepie i saw ur blog…gr8 effort…i never felt 2 pendown a comment on any food blogs…but after making ur paratta i couldn’t help myself 4 not writting a comment,it was simply superub n easy 2 make… i’ve a gud recepie of vanilla ice-cream` ..if u think its gud u can present it in ur blog..b’coz its such anice recepie as ur paratta..
    egg white-4
    fresh cream-200gm
    vanilla .essence-1/2tsp
    salt-a pinch
    beat egg white with salt till it stand on peaks
    beat 2gether cream n sugar
    gently fold in egg white
    add v.e
    refrigerate in closed container 4 8hrs..u will get soft n creamy vanilla ice cream…..

    Thank you very much for your comment and especially for this recipe…i’ll surely be trying this out and posting it…

  9. kr said

    Looks very yummy. Have to try it out.
    The traditional way of serving tiramisu is in individual glasses only and not a “cake slice”.

  10. Abirami said

    I love your tiramisu recipe – though buying kalhua in chennai can be tricky .
    I have also been researching the availability of mascarpone cheese in chennai and if Philly cream cheese, which is available in plenty, can be used as a subsitute.

    As for lady fingers – I hear that you could bake a simple sponge cake and cut into slices and use. I have used sponge cake instead of lady fingers for a recipe before – and it has worked fine.

    • Madhu said


      check my reply on Annita’s site. Try substituting red wine(Glover), port wine,local or even the best quality rum. More than Kahlua liqueur, sweet Marsala wine is the traditional spirit involved here I think. It’s yummy to drink too!
      Don’t use cream cheese, t may turn out too dense instead of the ethereal texture.
      It’s frustrating at times whenever we are in Kochi, to want to try a recipe but can’t find the ingredients…

  11. Amritha said

    Hi Annita
    I had met you at Scott Twp Park once in Pittsburgh. How are you doing? I was trying to find an email address somewhere on this blog and couldn’t. Could you please tell me where I can find mascarpone in Pittsburgh? I have wanted to try this recipe but couldn’t find it.

  12. Lane said

    Im looking for something sweet to make tonight because I’ve been working on restaurant menu design for this new pastry place in Chicago. Now all I want to do is pig out on sweets. From looking at them all day.

  13. Madhu said


    Congratulations on your informative blog! I am going to try the kerala porotta here in St Louis, this weekend. Tried a recipe long back, a big flop. somehow all mallu guys seem to love porottas!

    About the tiramisu, try the williams-sonoma recipe from!! While in Kochi found mascarpone at an exorbitant price in the Nilgiris on sreekandath road. Alas! the shop has closed due to financial kullmaal….. may open again? I made mine with milk cake slices(too lazy to make ladysfingers..the tiramisu site has recipes for that too… i think it’s afairly simple batter that’s pressed out like eclairs?) apparently, the mascarpone cheese can be made at home too! could substitute various plain cake slices/cookies for the ladyfingers?
    lastly, does techie knowledge help in setting up a blog?! When I had my now 11 yr old daughter, the internet had barely stepped into our living rooms you see… So I shall enjoy reading yours now! Thanks and keep up the great job!

  14. s said

    your blog is fantastic..such amazing recipes…love the tiramisu….but sadly here we just dont get mascpne or crm cheese…too lazy to try making it at home..but will do it ONE DAY!! this looks too tempting..

    • preetha said

      hi you could substitute mascarpone with fresh paneer (cottage cheese)Grate it and blend well in a mixie with some milk till you get a smooth puree and fold in whipped fresh cream… you will not get the flavour of Mascarpone but it is definitely a good and economical substitute!! so happy cooking!.

  15. liked the recipe a lot – Free Printable Coupons

  16. John said

    I love your recipe Annita! I’ve only ever tried Tiramisu cake but since reading your recipe I’ve been inspired to find other recipes where the Tiramisu is served in individual dishes. I have only found one other Tiramisu Recipe. I’m looking to see whether it comes anywhere near to yours Annita :)

  17. xandra said

    Wonderful presentation…Looks very delicious.

  18. Rochelle said

    Hi love this recipe blogg. please continue posting recipes.

  19. Ritu said

    This one seems to be a keeper! I love tiramisu and would love to give this a try!!

  20. Rads said

    Hii..I have seen marscarpone at Spar – the cheese/yogurt section. Love your blog :)

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  22. Spices India…

    Tolle Tipps, werde ich gleich mal ausprobieren….

  23. Wow! This dessert looks incredible! How gorgeous. This post was really interesting for me to read.

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  28. I am definitely gonna try this out!!! :) Looks sooo yumm!

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