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UppuMaanga(Salted mangoes)

Posted by Annita on July 27, 2006

Back in my home,when the mango season arrives,there will be mangoes all around ,we could eat it all the time no matter what time is.And my amma used to preserve these mangoes in different forms,to have it in off-mango season as well.Different types of mango pickles,‘Manga Thera’(ripe mango pulp spread on a mat and dried in sun for 2-3 weeks and then rolled and preserved.Oh god..its so delicious..!!),Uppu Maanga are all her masterpieces.
Uppumanga(Raw mangoes in brine) and Kanji(rice porridge) -This combo has been my all time favorite and comfort food.Now after trying out many different cuisines,I could say I haven’t found anything as comfortable and delicious as this home made simple dish.Its really sad,that we cannot get those kind of mangoes used to prepare Uppumanga ,here in U.S.Small unripened mangoes,having thin skin is usually used for making this.As the peels are so thin,the brine will penetrate deeply inside.We call it ‘Nattumaanga’,sorry i don’t know any other name for it.


Traditionally,Uppumaanga is preserved in huge ceramic jars called ‘Bharani‘.See our blog queen Indira’s collection of Bharani’s here.
And now the recipe…


Mangoes as a whole – 1 kgs
Salt – 165 gm
Water – 3 cup


1.Wash the mangoes well.Pat them dry and keep aside.
2.Boil water along with salt and allow them to cool.
3.Put the mangoes in a big ceramic jar or a ‘Bharani’ .
4.Now pour the cooled brine solution over the mangoes into the jar.
5.Tightly cover the jar and keep it in a quiet place for atleast 1 month.If you are preparing Uppumanga in a bulk,extra care has to be taken to prevent it from fungii attack.A handful of sand tied in a cloth ,attached to the top of the Uppumanga jar is one such method.The total salt taken is divided into 4 parts,and adding each part to the mangoes in 4 consecutive weeks also helps.Uppumanga preserved in this way will lasts for more than a year.

Uppumaanga stored in Bharani

Preparing Uppumanga Chutney:-

Mash 10 shallots and 5 green chillies together.Do not make it a paste,just beat them together.Again traditionally,this is done using a Mortar and Pestle.Pick 3 or 4 salted mangoes from the jar and add it to the mashed green chillies- shallots mixture.

Preserved Uppumaanga

Mix them well,and add 2 teaspoon full of coconut oil.Mixing them with hand enhances the taste,but the hot chillies can burn your hands too..:))
Yeah..Uppumanga is now ready to be served…Along with Kanji,it really pays a treat to your tastebuds as it deserves!!..

Uppumaanga Chutney

This is my entry to Revathi’s FMR#7- Comfort Food  and to Tony’s Weekend Curry Mela 

P.S :- I took the snaps during my last Kerala trip.


35 Responses to “UppuMaanga(Salted mangoes)”

  1. Revathi said

    Hi Annita

    Uppu manga.. Can you even make it at home ?? I bring home some from India – This a really cool one. Thanks for participating in FMR. See you in the round up !!


    Thanks Revathi..I’m looking forward for the round-up.


  2. shilpa said

    We too preserve mangoes like that. I was wondering where you got those pots here. Then I read you had taken the pics at Kerala. My mouth is watering just looking at that photo. I miss them so much.

    Me too miss them,Shilpa


  3. RP said

    Thats exactly how my grandma makes too..
    uppu manga+shallots+green chillies+coconut oil = heaven!

    And how about that with Kanji for dinner?


  4. ruchii said

    Hi Annita,
    Thru your blog I am getting to know different kinds of kerela foods. Mangoes looks lovely….and mouth watering. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Ruchi..Happy to hear that u like it..


  5. avarma said

    Nice to see a chutney made out of uppu manga. As a child I never used to like uppu manga (we had this really big uppu manga bharanis in our ancestral home) but I’m sure in this new form it will be very tasty. Unfortunately no way to try this out:(. But I make chammanthi with only green chillies & shallots in coconut oil. It goes well with tapioca & even dosa.

    Yeah..the same here too..No way to get an uppumaanga…:(


  6. giniann said

    Dont do this to me. I have been craving this for some time now. Do you like ‘ambazhanga sammanthi’ made of uppilitta ambazhanga. Those two are my favorite sammanthis ever.
    Thanks for posting those…

    Yeah..Ambazhanga is also my why we don’t get those here?Thats soo sad..:(


  7. Archana said

    I am just too excited to comment.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

    And thank you ,thank you & thank you Archana dear..So now u can send me a piece of cake,as i gave u an excitement..:))


  8. Priya said

    We had a huge mango tree in your backyard, back home in India. And those mangoes were perfect for pickles, nice and green. We used to make exactly like urs and store them in “Bharani’s.
    Never tried chutney though. Thankx for the recipe Anita !

    The chutney’s soo delcicious Priya..Try it out sometime..I know it won’t be in near future.,huh?


  9. My goodness uppilitta manga!dont tempt me like this Annita Chechi:)

    Its really nostalgic for us,know?


  10. shynee said

    hmmmmmmmmmm……….tta….that’s hw I wd like to flick my tongue looking at u’r uppu manga!!

    Yes..u said it…thats the real one..Shynee..:))


  11. sarah said

    Ah… uppumanga!!! Do you know you can make excellent rasam with the brine?

    BTW: I make uppumanga here. When ever i see small mangoes at the indian shops I buy. I wash them well and dry in the sun for a day before making uppu manga.. the only difference is I also add kanthari along with salt..I refrigertae it after the third day and it stays good for atleast few months.(I don’t have a bharani, I use chinese clay pot!!!)

    Its really good that u get such mangoes there..And rasam with that brine sounds really delicious…I can pass this info to my amma,as well..Thanks Sarah..Were you still having that commenting issue?


  12. Puspha said

    Very interesting. Thanx for sharing.

    Thanks Pushpa..


  13. vineela said

    Hi Annita,
    That is the nice grandmom’s recipe.THANKS for sharing.

    Thanks Vineela..I’m happy that u liked it!!


  14. vizmaya said

    HI anita,

    looks very yummy.Is it possible for us to make it with an ordinary mango,usually we get is US?

    I haven’t tried it,Vizmaya..May be sometime we can try with that too..But i don’t think it’ll give the same taste as the original one,as this is soo bulky and big..


  15. Oh, it am sure it tastes great.. imagine a bite of salted mangoes..i always get goosebumps on my first bite… btw, my mom makes dried mango pieces like this ways, after a period of marianation (in brine) for ccouple of weeks, she sundries them and use it in pulikuzhambu… i always love these ones.. you made me remember all those memories… btw, i have those dried mangoes with me too:)

  16. Oh, it am sure it tastes great and the pictuere looks inviting.. imagine a bite of salted mangoes..i always get goosebumps on my first bite… btw, my mom makes dried mango pieces like this ways, after a period of marianation (in brine) for couple of weeks, she sundries them and use it in pulikuzhambu… i always love these ones.. you made me remember all those memories… btw, i have those dried mangoes with me too:)

    Wow..that also sounds delicious…I love to eat all those preserved mangoes…

    Thanks karthi,


  17. shaheen said

    My first question was where did u get the mangoes.. then i saw the post script.The snaps are really nostalgic. I love uppumanga with fish yellow curry and fresh green chilies squished into it.Thanks.

    hmmm..That can be quite delicious..Thanks Shaheen


  18. menutoday said

    Uppu Manga chutney is new to me. I have uppu manga at home. I will make this soon. Thanx for sharing.

    Wow!! thats cool..U made Uppumaanga by urself?.


  19. InjiPennu said

    Not fair..Not fair.. to post pics from Kerala :-( Not at all fair and that too about uppumanga…!!!!! :-(

  20. Geena said

    Annita,Mouthwatering uppumanga chammanthi, my favourite of all chammanthies,which I dearly miss now. Back home I used to make this chammanthi almost everyday, so much that I got scolded by mom for eating too much chammanthi and not other curries.Here I don’t get any good mangoes but seeing your post, I want to try this with any mangoes and i am waiting for mango season to come. Thank you for such a good post.

    Really happy to read ur comments,Geena..Do visit me often..


  21. Anita…I am lost for words! I was searching for how to prevent the fungal attack and found your site from Indira’s site. I just stored the little green mangoes in ceramic jars…’Bharani’ as I am heading back to Canada and I wanted some saved. I grew up in Mangalore and Kerala and as a kid watched my grandma and mom store it. The gojju or chutney is yummy and goes well as you say with ‘Paaz’ or Konji.

    Other thing I love is cooking in earthen pots especially fish and crabs on wood fire! I just wrote an article about how to season those pots. Remember the spoon made of coconut shell and bamboo?

    Warm regards,


    Yeah..I really miss those earthen pots and bamboo spoons,baab..Thanks for reminding me..And i’m very happy to see your comment in my blog..

  22. sanjana said

    Mouth watering to think about uppu manga. Thanks for sharing this great pickle recipe. Have you tried vadumanga given by Chitvish

    No Sanjana,Thanks for the link and welcome to my blog

  23. Have linked to this post. Hope you don’t mind…

    No Alexis,Its my pleasure

  24. Skeptical said

    [quote]Put the mangoes in a big ceramic jar or a ‘Bharani’[quote]
    [b]it seems to me that we should cook the mangoes and drain it before putting in to the Bharani.[/b]

    If we are using Nattumaangas(they have thin skin and designed for making uppumaangas only),you dont have to cook it before putting it in the bharani

  25. […] mangoes for salted mangoes (uppumanga) and other cut mango pickles were plucked when the mangoes are fully grown but before they start to […]

  26. RP said

    Annita, don’t we have to cook the mangoes in boiling water for a couple of minutes? Thats what my grandma used to do. Somebody was asking me by email for an uppilitta naaranga(whole limes in brine) recipe, and since I couldn’t find any recipe for that, I sent your uppumanga link and told him/her to try limes using a similar procedure. Do you, by any chance, know how to make uppilitta naranga(whole)? It would be a great help if you could help. Thanks.

    In my place,we use Nattumaanga only for making uppumaangas…they have very thin skin and the brine will penetrate into it very easily and make it soft.So we don’t cook the mangoes.I think cooking mangoes is a good idea for making harder mangoes soft..Its a nice tip,which i can add to the post..Thanks dear.
    And about uppilitta naaranga..i will definitely ask about this to my amma…i don’t know that..sorry about it..


  27. Andrea said

    Oops! I used Hawaiian Salt, and sampled one after two weeks (couldn’t wait a month, as my mouth keeps watering when I go into the cupboard). It was very salty. What kind of salt do you use? How can I save this batch that I made? Please help, I would hate to waste it all.
    Thanks :)

    I am not sure what is Hawaiian salt..I think you can remove some of the salty water and again add freshly boiled water to the mangoes…thus you can reduce the salt in it…

  28. sundari preetha said

    uppu manga is available in royal kerala foods shop toronto

  29. Susan Kurian said

    its really nice. can anyone give me a recipe for ambazhanga (hot plum) pickle

    Thank u,Susan..

    Will try to post an ambazhanga pickle..may be just the recipe…bcoz here i dont think i could find ambazhanga…

  30. Eroteme said

    Hello Annita,
    Enjoyed reading this piece. I hope you do not mind my using the picture of the jar for an article on my blog. In case you do not entertain it, do let me know.

  31. x said

    Poda poore

  32. shaji said

    Just lovely.This recipe was unknown to me.But it has me drooling just reading it.Gonna try it out soon.Btw, Do you know about a curry using Uppumanga,kaya and coconut? i came across such a description in a mag and searched the net in vainBut I struck gold with ur recipe.Thanks annita.All the best.

  33. Amal singh said

    Do u know hw 2 make dildo chammanthi

  34. HiAnita,
    Love your recipes. I was looking for uppilitta naranga and going your site. A happy accident. Thanks for all the trouble. I’m not good at cooking Kerala food which I love to eat, so your site is refreshing.
    Cheers. Keep it up!

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