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Note :-This page is not Updated.

JFI-Indira of Mahanandi

  1. Mango at Mahanandi (May 2006)
  2. Strawberry Part 1 & Part 2 at Baking Fairy(June 2006)
  3. Dal at Sailu’s Kitchen (July 2006)
  4. Flour at Santhi’s Kitchen (August 2006)
  5. Milk at Vineela’s Cooking (September 2006)
  6. Ghee&Butter at Cooking Medley (October 2006)
  7. Diwali Special Part 1& Part 2 at Past,Present & Me (November 2006)
  8. Jaggery at Towards a Better Tomorrow (December 2006)
  9. Coconut at Food For Thought (January 2007)
  10. Ginger at What’s the recipe today,Jim? (February 2007)
  11. Potato Part 1 & Part 2 at Happy Burp (March 2007)
  12. Tomato at RP’s Workshop (April 2007)
  13. Green Leafy Vegetables at Mahanandi (May 2007)
  14. Jackfruit at JugalBandi (June 2007)
  15. Eggplant at Ghar Ka Ghana (July 2007)
  16. Chillies at saffron Trail (August 2007)
  17. Rice at Neivedyam (September 2007)
  18. Banana Part 1 & Part 2 at Ahaar (October 2007)
  19. Jhiva Festive Series at Past,Present& Me (November 2007)
  20. Toor Dal Part 1 & Part 2 at Linda’s Garden (December 2007)
  21. Chocolate at Letz Cook (January 2008)
  22. Onion at Radhi’s Kitchen (February 2008)
  23. Lemons/Limes at The Spice Cafe (March 2008)
  24. Garlic at Virundhu (April 2008)
  25. Lovely Tribute at Pedatha (May 2008)
  26. Bell Pepper at My Creative Ideas (June 2008)
  27. Tamarind at Live to Eat (July 2008)
  28. Flower at Soul Food coming up….

Express Cooking Event-Mallugirl of Malabar Spices

  1. Express Cooking Round Up- Part 1 at Malabar Spices
  2. Express Cooking Round Up- Part 2 at Malabar Spices
  3. Express Cooking Tips

AFAM-Maheswari of Beyond The Usual

  1. Banana Roundup at Beyond The Usual(January ’07)
  2. Strawberry Roundup at Beyond The Usual(February ’07)
  3. Pineapple Roundup at Beyond The Usual(March ’07)
  4. Apple Roundup at Beyond The Usual(April ’07)
  5. Mango Roundup at Recipes’N’ More(May ’07)
  6. Orange Roundup at Neivedyam(June ’07)
  7. Watermelon Roundup at Jugalbandi(July ’07)
  8. Lychee Roundup at Live To Eat(August ’07)
  9. Grapes Roundup at Swad (September ’07)
  10. Peach Roundup at Fun and Food (November ’07)
  11. Dates Roundup at Akshayapatra (December ’07)
  12. Dry Fruits Roundup at The Yum Blog (January ’08)
  13. Papaya Roundup at Edible Garden (February ’08)
  14. Pomegranate Roundup at When my Soup Came Alive (March ’08)
  15. Pears Roundup at The Singing Chef (April ’08)
  16. Kumquats Roundup at Coffee & Vanilla (May ’08)
  17. Raspberry Roundup at Ammalu’s Kitchen (June ’08)
  18. Coconut Roundup at Tasty Palettes (July ’08)
  19. Avocado Roundup at Archana’s Kitchen (August ’08)
  20. Lemon coming up at Simple Indian Food…….

RCI -Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine

  1. Tamil Cuisine Roundup at Veggie Cuisine(April 2207)
  2. Andra Cuisine Roundup at Masala Magic( May 2007)
  3. Maharashtrian Cuisine Roundup Part1 and Part 2 at One Hot Stove(June 2007)
  4. Punjabi Cuisine Roundup at As Dear As Salt(July 2007)
  5. Oriya Cuisine Roundup at Swad(August 2007)
  6. Karnataka Cuisine Roundups Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3 and Part 4 at Foodie’s Hope (September 2007)
  7. Tamil Festival Cuisine Roundup at VCuisine (November 2007)-Link not working(Protected Blog)
  8. Bihari Cuisine Introduction at Ghaar Ka Khana ( December 2007)
  9. Kerala Cuisine Roundup at Curry Bazaar (January 2008)
  10. Gujarathi Cuisine Roundup at Vindu (March 2008)
  11. Bengal Cuisine Roundups Part1 and Part 2 at BongMom’s Cookbook (April 2008)
  12. Rajasthani Cuisine Roundup at SpicyAndra (May 2008)
  13. North East Indian Cuisine Roundup at Crazy Curry (June 2008)
  14. Andhra Festival Foods at Batasari coming up…

(Does anyone know anything about Kashmiri cuisine roundup and bihari cuisine round up?I coulddn’t find that anywhere)

MBP- Coffee of Spice Cafe

  1. Around The World Roundup (January 2007)
  2. Finger Foods And Starters Roundup (February 2007)
  3. Let’s Roll Roundup (March 2007)
  4. Something Sweet Roundup (May 2007)
  5. Going Lite Roundup (June 2007)
  6. Preserve It Roundup (July 2007)
  7. Making a Bread

Weekend Breakfast Blogging – Nandita Of Saffron Trail

  1. WBB#1 Roundup
  2. WBB#2 Part 1 Roundup and Part 2 Roundup
  3. WBB#3 Roundup
  4. WBB#4 Roundup
  5. WBB#5 Roundup
  6. WBB#6 -Twist In The Plate Roundup
  7. WBB#7-Baking For Breakfast Roundup
  8. WBB#8-Christmas Roundup
  9. WBB#9-Eggs Roundup
  10. WBB#10-Green Leafy Veggies Roundup
  11. WBB#11-Summer Fruits Roundup
  12. WBB#12-Spice It Up Part1 Roundup and Part2 Roundup
  13. WBB#13-Oats Roundup
  14. WBB#14-Ethnic Twist Roundup
  15. WBB#15-Leftovers

Think Spice – Sunita of Sunita’s World

  1. Think Cumin Roundup (August 2007)
  2. Think Mustard Roundup (September 2007)
  3. Think Saffron for October

GBP – Injipennu Of Ginger & Mango

  1. Summer(April 2006 -Oct 2006) Roundup
  2. Winter(Oct 2006 – Apr 2007) Roundup
  3. Summer(Apr 2007 – Oct 2007) Roundup
  4. Winter(Oct 2007-Apr 2008) at Ginger and Mango

Micrwave Easy Cooking – Srivalli Of Cooking 4 All Seasons

  1. MEC -Sweets Roundup (September 2007)
  2. MEC – Basics (October 2007 )
  3. MEC – Snacks(November 2007)

Monthly Mingle -Meeta Of Whats For Lunch,Honey

  1. Football’s Coming Home Roundup (June 2006)
  2. Big On Barbeque Roundup (July 2006)
  3. Beat The Heat Roundup ( August 2006)
  4. Holiday Cuisine Roundup ( September 2006)
  5. Take Two Roundup (October 2006)
  6. Give Thanks Roundup (November 2006)
  7. Sweet Love Roundup ( February 2007)
  8. Savory Cakes Roundup (March 2007)
  9. Arabian Nights Roundup (April 2007)
  10. Spring is in the Air Roundup (May 2007)
  11. Big Birthday Bang Roundup (June 2007)
  12. Scream For Icecream Roundup( July 2007)
  13. Earth Food Roundup (August 2007)
  14. Liquid Dreams Roundup ( September 2007)
  15. Monthly Mingle is taking a break till November

Super Souper Challenge – Tami of Running with Tweezers

  1. Super Souper Challenge#1 Roundup ( December 2006)
  2. Super Souper Challenge#2 Roundup (September 2007)

Mixology Monday -Paul Of The Cocktail Chronicles

  1. Coffee Roundup
  2. Exotic Drinks Roundup
  3. See-ya-later Summer Roundup

Check out Mixology Monday Roundups for cocktails & Drinks.


47 Responses to “Blog Events”

  1. Liby said

    hi Annita

    i’ve been a visitor to your blog several times now.. what i like to do best is see what’s your latest post, go through the great pictures you’ve taken, esp. the food ones..
    It usually inspires me to try a new recipe… if my one year old permits.. Time is aplenty, as I am a stay-at-home mom in Ohio.. But how it flies by is a mystery..
    you are certainly an inspiration…
    take care


    Welcome to my blog,Libi…And many many thanks for your kind words..
    Where r u in Ohio?I live in Kentucky…

  2. Liby said

    I live in Columbus, Ohio.. Njanum Malayaliyanu.. Nadu Thiruvallayaduthu…


  3. Ajith Paliath said

    Came through ur site while surfing . Just amazed with ur collection of links and stuffs. Its a great effort to do that. Congratulation for that first of all.
    In this mordern times very few people take effort and dedication for such things which are very useful for those in need for something they want which are not easly avilable even while surfing.
    Thanks once again, and expect more links in Gastronomy of kerala and from other parts of world on ur site. i will keep checking ur site.
    Take Care….bye
    Ajith Paliath from Sheffield, United kingdom.

    Thanks for your inspiring comments,Ajitha.
    Do check on me whenever time permits..

  4. I used to cook new items but of late had lost interest. Your blog site has really inspired me to head back to the kitchen and try out. I am an ENT specialist working in the High Ranges of Kerala at Munnar for TATA TEA LTD. Got a 11 yr old daughter and an Anesthesiologist husband both of whom love eating!!

    Welcome to my blog,Kripa..I’m so happy to hear that i could inspire you…

  5. Linda said

    Hi Annita,

    Just wanted to let you know that I have forwarded your blog link to my friends who were looking for good recipe links. They are all guys and needed big help in cooking. I guess it was okay to forward it.

    Its ok Linda..Thank you very much..

  6. Beena Sam said

    Hi Annita,
    I was searching for ‘fish pickle’, I found ur recipe, sure I’ll make it.
    I’ve got a few bunch of dried wheat (kathir) I forgot the English word. I got it when I visited Udaipur( from the wheat field) a few years back. I want to arrange it like you framed it, give me some more suggestions.

  7. Thomas said

    “..I am an ENT specialist working in the High Ranges of Kerala at Munnar for TATA TEA LTD. Got a 11 yr old daughter and an Anesthesiologist husband ”

    To Ms. Kripa Jacob:

    I wonder why Indians, especially Malayalies, always create an opportunity to let others know that he/she is a doctor, let it be on the internet or in any public places such as trains or in planes. Is it coming from the inferiority complex?

    Always they try to make others know that, “I am a doctor” . It is very prevalent among Kerala people.

    Here the author is talking about food preparations and she just plugged in that she is a doctor. lol

    Thomas Jacob

    • Sadly the author of the email has not understood the fact that it is not every Tom, Dick or Harry who becomes a doctor.(one). It was meant to be an introduction of myself to the website.(Two). The inferiority complex must be deeply ingrained in your mind to note such silly matters and write about it when there are billions of things to be discussed(Three). Surely a person who has tried for Medicine and not able to join feels inferior(Four). I feel proud that I am able to serve humanity in the remote corner of Kerala and not be sitting in some plush office and writing nonsense.

      • Thomas said

        Hi baby,

        It has been two years since I came to this website and forgot about this website. Just looking for something to cook that my mother used to make while I was a kid.

        Anyway, calm down girl! This is the first time someone ever told you like this and then you all got riled up. Your anger on your post shows me that I hit your hot button. The status of a person has no place in a cooking forum discussing appam and idiappam. You stooped into that low level.

        You were brought up in an undereducated society that is the reason of becoming a medical doctor is something big in your mind otherwise you wouldn’t say, “ Surely a person who has tried for Medicine and not able to join feels inferior”, without understanding whom you are baiting on the other end. You have no idea who I am and where do I live to make any assumption.

        You get some kind of mental satisfaction every time letting others know that you are a doctor, let it be in the fish market or in the train or in the bus or on the street. You guys will manufacture a context in the conversation to let it out of your chest. I have seen you guys are walking around the medical schools with an air of superiority, with your hands spread out and your butt protruded out as you walk, like a chicken when it shits it spread its wings and push its butt backward. It is very hard to control the mental impulse of people like you.

        Listen baby, your upbringing among the poor societies has a lot to do with the development of your personality that often rubs people along the way. You need to understand that 95% of the posters on this website are those who are living away from their motherland and often lurk here when their nostalgic palate craving for the old tangy taste. Most of them are highly educated holding three or four University degrees and none of them here are barging about their qualification as far as I can see though they are from your culture.

        Look at the author of this website, that lady is very humble and enjoying what she is doing by helping people like me sharing her secrets of cooking, instead of bragging about her and her husband’s qualifications between making Idali and frying fish.

        It is not just you, but most of the medical graduates in the developing countries have this personality complex. Then you attack others with, “oh his inferiority complex or jealous”. Nobody here is jealous or inferior than you.

        There is a joke in the US among professionals. There was an International medical conference in New York where medical professionals around the globe were participating. As everyone started to introduce each other, all the doctors from the US and Europe and Australia said, “I am Smith, I am Dick, I am Karen”, so on. Few from Africa said, I am Dr.Nelson, nece to meeet you”, I am Dr, Dijibuthu” in a loud voice”; few form Malaysia said, “ I am Dr. Ismail”, Dr, Mamuth; Indians said, “I am Dr. Jacob glaad to mit you”, I am Dr, Patel with Hindi accent with puripan in his mouth and, I am Dr. Kripa, Goood Morrning” my husband is also Dr. Jack is an Anesthesiologist. Then the Americans smirked each other and the British guys winked each other.

      • KK said


        I also happened to be here looking for some recipe. Not taking any sides or trying to correct people, but your last reply says a lot about youself.


      • Thomas said

        Hi KK

        You said, “..trying to correct people,”

        It shows that you have a superiority attitude in your mind set; otherwise, your brain doesn’t formulate the sentence with ” to correct people”. You come off with this kind of whip hand, and then you can play the game like, “oh, look at his inferiority complex”, when someone reacts to it. You can play that game but doesn’t go that very well.

        Who are you to correct others anyway?

        Everybody came here looking for a recipe, not to brag about their size.

  8. Elsy Abraham said

    Dear Annita,
    you are truly amazing! How do you manage this blog and your family? I just stumbled on this wonderful blog and am quite speechless! Such alot to go through and experiment!Please wish me luck!

  9. Great Blog, keep up the good writing. No more 6 month vacations, we need you here.

    Foodie Confessions

    Thank u foodie..I too missed u guys..:))

  10. Nitty said

    Dear Mr Thomas Jacob,
    You are absolutely right. Dr. Kripa J. also had introduced her hubby’s high position ! Very status conscious . WHAT HAS EATING GOT TO DO WITH HOLDING “HIGH POSITIONS”. LOL !
    I have a Malayalie friend. She too speaks so highly about her uncle,brother etc etc – all holding high post with TITLES ! I believe these people want to “advertise” that they are “high” class people. They are sending messages that they like to mix around with or equivalent status people. But you know , there are other races too “advertising” their status. I think it is not only Malayalie. Usually people with inferior complex does this according to some research, I did remember reading an article on this behaviour.
    By the way is Thomas JACOB & Dr. KRIPA JACOB related ??

    Anyway let’s enjoy something better ! Annita’s delicious dishes. There are so many recipes.
    But I can’t try out since it is not easy to find the required ingredients in my adopted country.
    I cannot get the Indian “stuffs” . Good luck & all the best Annita.

    • Please read the note carefully. Your inferiority is quite clear as I have nowhere mentioned about any high positions etc. Sad what people write on the Net.

    • Thomas said

      “By the way is Thomas JACOB & Dr. KRIPA JACOB related ??”

      No. I assume you are not a Malayali. The names like Jacob, Thomas, George, Annie, Kripa, Molly, Anitha so on are ubiquitous to Kerala people. There are more than 25Million people in Kerala, I think. Sorry, I left the country about 30 yrs ago, so not sure. So, how many new names can be created as the population increases other than repeating the same names turning back and forth like flippiong Dosa? They change the spelling here and there and invent a new name for their children. Most of these names are the transmutation of Biblical names or Koranic names or Hindu mythological characters. So, most of the names don’t mean anything unlike the western culture, at the least in Kerala.

  11. amritha said



  12. michealle said

    hi annita
    im michealle from cochin.
    i lik ur recipes.they are mostly simple.
    do u hav a ny nice bread recipes?
    i hav a one year old daughter.she loves brown bread
    the recipes i found are pretty complicated.
    do u have any bread recipes?

    I haven’t tried any type of bread yet….I’m sorry……

  13. neena said

    i am a good reader of your blog, started my own inspiring from u ,shipa, mahandir and many ohters…………see if any thing interest in my blog, just in processing of writing………..if anything intersting please add in read blog……..


  14. suni said

    hey annita

    came through your blog and was much happy i did it,gona try some recipes a complete foodie and love cooking,much like u here in u.s with a loving hubby and one year old daughter.

    need to ask you any website relaible where i can order idiyappam maker(forgot to get from home).

    thanks bye

    I dont know any sites in particular where idiyappammaker is available…Did u try in your local Indian grocery store…They might have it..
    Sorry abt it,Suni

  15. suni said


    Thanks for replying.Since there arent that many indians around here,(sad to say)couldn”t find it in any near indian stores.AtLast i got one site which carries the maker..Think will get it from there .or else from chicago.

    All ur recipes are wonderful.made the fish pickle yesterday,was so tasty,thanks.
    very inspiring site,keep it up.


    • SUJA said

      hey could u please post that site or else tell me where in chicago it is available…
      it would b a great help…

      thanks a lot

  16. sujitha said

    hello annita,

    could u tell me which grinder are u using for making idli and dosa batter,i dont find the mixies here serving the purpose.


    I’m using preeti mixier from india…

  17. sheeja said

    Hi Annita,
    Great job.I could never make iddiyappam. one friday evening i could not believe my husband making bowl full of iddiyappam and egg curry.I cant thank you enough.
    Keep up the good job
    I want to add something for the crowd who commented on the profession of a doctor. For a change I want to show off too as they would say as I happen to be a doctor too and work in north america….

    • Thomas said

      “For a change I want to show off too as they would say as I happen to be a doctor”

      So, you inadvertently admitted that, it is a “show off”.

      Do you say “I am Dr. Sheeja” when you go to a grocery store or flash your steth in your rear view mirror while you drive or stick the Red cross stickers left and right on the front and back of your car and bumpers??

  18. Preethi said

    HI Annita,
    i came to know your site from another friend of mine and now really become an ardent fan of yours, ;-). This onam season i tried olan, kerala aviyal, cucumber kichadi, kuttucurry and adapradaman recipies from your site and all comes out great.. this is the first time i am cooking by myself all the onam dishes by myself thanks you and you are great.i was not a great cook before and now getting all the appreciation from my family makes me to cook more dishes.. I want to try your rich plum cake recipie soon..thanks and cheers..

  19. HI!!!
    great recipes. i am planning to start cooking the dishes from you page ,i will start from tomorrow onwards. good recipes.

  20. Leela suresh said

    Hi annita
    Icame through your blog and was much happy. But the picture you posted in 2008 is still there and it is not changing since then. Now new posts or what? I am really desperate becuase nothing new has come. Is there any problem or are you not putting new pictures and receipes or the way i search is wrong now. Please advise

  21. Aarthy said

    I am a final year BDS student and i have recently got addicted to cooking…:)
    i have been trying out different recipes especially that of Malabar…since my dad loves them…:)i came across ur blog recently and found it very useful and precise.. just wanted to thank you for those wonderful recipes…


  22. johnny said

    An unemployed Mallu ‘house-mouse’ in his mid 50s, living in a rented apartment and extremely ‘challenged’ at cooking, recently needed to cook. The only thing he (I) could find interesting in the fridge was a frozen packet of avial ingredients. It had no instructions on how to cook it and I hadn’t the faintest clue how to proceed. I googled ‘avial’ and found your blog.

    Saved my skin! Thanks very much. My wife and 6 yr old daughter loved it when they returned home and had it for supper. At this rate they might expect me to turn professional! (I think it’s a joke).

    Excellent job, Anita. Keep blogging, and God bless.

  23. Alice Jacob said

    First of all let me congratulate you. This is a wonderful site. Just a query regarding the Kerala style chicken curry. The ingredient khus-khus, is it a must. Will there be any difference in the taste of the curry if khus-khus is not added. Is it added for the curry to thicken?

    Awaiting your quick response.


  24. Meera said

    Dear Annita,

    I love your blog and often refer to it. Your posts were very regular till Dec 2008 when they abruptly stopped. Trust you are doing well. Please let us know what you are doing now…..

    Take care.

  25. Dr. Kripa Jacob said

    I think Annita is going through a divorce the influence of western civilization. Very sad a country malayali girl caught in the mess.

    • Divya Anne Joseph said

      Hi kripa..

      Do u know Annita personnaly.. ??
      I mean is she in US now..?
      Just wanted to knows whats happening in her life…
      Pls let me know of any way i could support her…


      • Pam said

        “I think Annita is going through a divorce the influence of western civilization”

        That is a very rude conclusion:\ She had taken a maternity break and then god alone why she has stopped completely. Maybe it is not easy managing 2 kids and a blog !

  26. i love your blog…….

  27. kavitha said

    hi annita,
    i simply admire your blog. i’ve tried most of your dishes and they taste ‘yummmmm’. i really look forward to it.. but i find that you have stopped posting recipes for nearly 2 years now.. i really miss your wonderful recipes..


  28. Priya said

    Anitta,tried your chilly mushroom yesterday..was a big hit..thank you so much!Love your blog.The best I have ever seen..I have bookmarked almost all the recipes.

    But where are you?Have you stopped blogging?..Missing your posts..please please do come back soon.

  29. Hi Annita,

    Hope things are fine with you. I’ve been following your website for a while now but you haven’t posted for over two years! You are an inspiration and source of comfort to Malayalees everywhere. So keep up the good work and please keep writing.


  30. LEKSHMI NAIR said

    Thanks so much for these awesome recipes. :)

  31. Actually having an SEO optimized website is probably more important than having an all singing all dancing aesthetically pleasing website to begin with. As long as you have good content and people can navigate it they will be happy. The great look can come later when you are getting traffic. Good copy writing is important as well if you want to sell something, solve problems and answer questions and people will come.

  32. neena said

    dear anita’
    i have tried all your recipes .now i am ur fan pls dont stop pls keep posting new recipes

  33. Hi Annita
    I love your blog. I’m so interested in cooking and like you try to utilize my free time in a useful way. I too blog and would like to know when new blog events happen. Please do include me in your upcoming blog events.

  34. Ana Maria said

    I love Cheera?Kerala red Spinch. Please let me know where I can get seeds. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and it has been impossible to get seeds.
    Thanks for all the wonderful info & recipes.

    Ana M.

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