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Dry Flower Arrangements :

Dry Flower Arrangement

Dry Flower Arrangement

Dry Flower Arrangement

Dry Flower Arrangement

Dry Flower Arrangement

Dry Flower Arrangement

Fabric Painting :



55 Responses to “Handicrafts”

  1. wonderful dry arrangement
    did u do the first two also
    looks lovly
    applause to u

    Yeah,I did all of them Jaya..
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. prince said

    Just want to say that I love your recipes.My family and I live in missouri and used to use recipes by Dr. P.K. john’s website from several years ago. But now I type in meen peera in google and I am amazed at the amount of results.Please continue doing what you do.God Bless.

    I’m delighted to see your encouraging words,Prince.Pls do visit my blog again

  3. rp said

    I need the recipe for making this. :D

    Why not? I can give it to u..:))

  4. Rg said

    All 3 looks amazing especially the first two. It looks very professional. So you’re an all-rounder, huh? Good work Annita! I wish I could do something like that. Please, please share this talent recipe too with us :)

    Actually theres nothing like a recipe for that Rg,Just get some dry flowers from your surroundings and paste it on a cardboard according to your idea..And if you wish i can explain you some methods for drying flowers and leaves..
    And many thanks for noticing those pictures..

  5. Vibha said

    HEy ! U are awesome..Post a closeup of the baby atleast :-)
    U sure have a lucky hubby :-)

    Thanks Vibha..I’ll surely show this to my hubby…

  6. ontario said

    I see we share a common interest! Excellent job on the website!

    thanks Ontario

  7. sheeja said

    I am damn sure you have a very rich husband and veetill vere pani onnum illa….lucky you!!!Keep GOing it helps me with eating good at home…..

    veettil pani illanjittonnum alla..i love blogging and cooking…and i’m doing what i love to do…


  8. Bhakti said

    Dear Annita,
    Love your work with the dry flowers and the food. Would love to try out something with the dry arrangements myself. I am presently living in Mumbai, India.
    Do you have any suggestions about how to go about this here. How do I dry the leaves and flowers and not have them crack and break apart and then glue them all on cardboard.
    Thanks and keep going.
    We are all enjoying this.

    There are different ways by which you can dry the flowers,bhakti..What i normally do is hang the fresh flowers upside down in a cool and dark place for 2-3 weeks.Thus way you can retain the color of the flowers.Another way is to press them between books..there are some chemical processes also,which i’m not so sure about.they don’t crack very easily,so just be gentle to the flowers and then you can glue them neatly on the cardboard..


  9. Radhika said

    Hello Annita,

    I was looking for a recipe of Chinese Fried Rice, without using Ajinomotto and came across your posts… its wonderful. And the best thing that attracted me is the pain you take to present it, thru a series of snaps. Excellent work.. !!!

    I too have a similar kind of taste towards dry flowers. But i usualy fetch dry grass and paint them. I didn know the method of drying them. Can u suggest me more tips on the same ?


    Thanks Radhika
    just visit this link for more tips on drying flowers


  10. mom2am said

    I really enjoyed the dry flower arrangements.
    Lovely site for recipes as well.keep up the good work!

  11. Sheena said

    Hi Annita,

    Just wanted to let you know that you’re such an inspiration! For those of us who are just learning to cook, leave alone traditional malayalee food – your blog is a treasure trove!
    Do keep posting your recipes!!


  12. Rachel said

    before framing do u apply any coat of varnish or anything for prevention against insects..

  13. renuka said

    I think you are an allrounder

  14. Deepthi said

    The first arrgmt looks wonderful and very professional..Good job Annita

  15. chithra said

    wow! u r such a talented person..hats off my dear friend!

  16. […] – Colored Pencil Sketching Jacob (The Painted Chef) – Sketching Annita (My Treasure, My Pleasure) – Dry Flower Arrangement Easy […]

  17. adiya said

    hey ..i was looking for egg roast recipi n goturs but it didnt show went to ur handicraft… wow u r one of a kind.. great cook n great artist,….hey i too wann be like u.. but i knwo cant be….hahaha
    but would love to know how u made the first dry flower arrangement n that basket..??? will u pl

  18. Neeti said

    i enjoyed your art work with dry flowers…esp. that one featuring trees in snow …its amazing…kp it up :)

  19. Lakshmi said

    Good Job! Loved all your work :)

  20. rose said

    Hi annita,
    oh..god…u r an all rounder….huh?i did see this craft part just now….u r simply amazing….
    infact a role model to see and inspire for people like me who simply waste time around…..
    good luck for all u r future work….
    i will miss u ,

  21. These are just brilliant, they look so gorgeous and seems as if you have bought it from the shop, they seem to be done by proffessionals. Hats off to u.

    Thank u very much.,dear

  22. pubali baruah said

    hey anita u r allrounder. i am from assam but i love south indian food. thank u so much for the lovely recipes.

    Thank you pubali

  23. reena said

    Great Anita!!!

  24. Meena said

    Annita u r so talented.. gr8..
    I hav one doubt regarding this.. after sticking this to a card borad,do we have to do anything else??I mean before putting this into a frame?? anything to preserve this?? any warnish or something??

    If you can put some warnish it’ll be good..Also You can give colors to the flowers using spray paint ,if you wish.spray paints comes in many natural can buy it from walmart.but here i haven’t used anything on it.

  25. Meena said

    And one more doubt.. how did u make that basket in first picture??

    I made a basket frame from using thick cardboard pieces ..and with a ribbon i weaved it to give a basket kind look..

  26. Rafeeq achi said

    annita, onnum parayanilla vallathum parannal tikayattilla ningal oru sambhavm alla oru samuhamaanu.

  27. bestes online casino glcksspiel said

    Very good webpage you have here and best greetings to all your visitors.

  28. dr.sujatha said

    Hi annita,
    excellent art work.
    could you share some tips on how to dry flowers and leaves and twigs etc and also maintain the colour?Is there any website on this?
    Good luck.

    All the tips i know is already shared in the comments…i dont know much about it and i’m not a pro in it…i just did with my little knowledge…There are many methods to maintain the color and selection of flowers…Check out these :

  29. priyanka said

    hi annita,
    i am so happy to find in your blog. You are simply amazing in eveything that your doing, let it be cooking , art work or anything, your are superb. I was really missing so many of my favourite kerala “nadan” recipes that i loved to have when amma made it for me, i tried out your “meen vatti pattichathu ” it was soooo tasty, thanks a lot, i came to US on 1st of january this year after my marriage, and missed my home a lot, by seeing your picz of kerala made me so happy. Thanks a lot, looking forward for more and more recipes.
    with regards and wishes

    Thank you for your sweet comments…and pls do visit my blog often..

  30. viji said

    Hi Annita

    I like your dry flower arrangements. Can your explain how u did the basket & snow with sticks how u did pls tell me.


    Basket is made of ribbon…I used the ribbon and weaved it in the shape of a basket and place it on a cardboard.And the snow is made of white sand from Walmart….It is available in the crafts section…
    Just spread the glue on the cardboard and sprinkle sand on it…

  31. elcy said

    hi annita really very beautiful talent ……i too love doing such things.. but no time nowadays due to my office workk.. :(

  32. prabha said

    it is just happend that my daughter who is in Uk introduced me to ur blog. great work . keep it up

  33. viji said

    hi Anitha,
    how are u? what happened? no new recipes & crafts? where are u?
    see ya

    • Annita said

      i was not well Viji…I’m expecting a baby and was suffering from the pregnancy issues….:))will be updating the blog as soon as possible…
      Thanks for asking…

  34. Smitha said


    Recently only I started visiting your blog. Great work, traditional receipes wonderful, handicrafts excellent. I too share similar interest.Because these days I am too busy with work and family I seldem get time for any handicraft but I do enjoy the the work done by others, ideas for future – day when I will find time for my little interests.

  35. AM said

    Hey Anita,
    What are you!! Amazing! Cooking, decorating, painting!! hmm.. I am jealous ;). Great work Anita!
    You must have a happy husband!

  36. abi said


    I became hero in my room ..just because I tried ghee rice and chicken curry…

    Thanks….Plz do continue…

  37. Sreeja said

    Dear Anita,

    currenty i am in Dubai and i never miss my home because of your receipies. I have tried lot of your reciepie’s and it is very tasty. I was wondering why you are not posting anything. but just now when i read your reply to viji, i came to know the reason. how is your health. When is your delivery. i am eagrely waiting for your receipies. Come back soon.

    With Love


  38. jameela said

    hi Anita keep it up.god has gifted u with allaround girl.very soon i am going to try ur receipes.

  39. Hi,

    Anita I’ am regular reader of all your recipes but now a days I ‘am very dispointed that you are not updating your recipes since 1 year what happened to you I thing you r ok.

    Expecting your reply, at the earliest

    Thanks & Regards
    Priya Suresh

  40. sreeja said

    Dear Anita,

    Hope you are doing well. how is your new born baby. Reply us, we will be happy to know that you are fine.

    With love


  41. najimudeen said

    hai! annita wonderful dry work. i want your more work photose album. i am in norway. i am waiting at see your dry work photos. contacet my e-mail id. wish you merry chiristmas. piriyathodum… pirarthanaiyodum… h.najimudeen, norway, oslo.

  42. Pratik Jain said

    heyy! anita..great work this is i must say.
    even i have started dealing in handicrafts and hence found your link on the web..i am seeking many people’s advise for the business and would really appreciate if u share some of your ideas and views, that would be of great help.

  43. raheela said

    what an excilent idea you have dear .

  44. ramarianty said

    Nice Handicraft…….
    i also want to introduce another nice handicraft
    please follow this link :

  45. haseeb said

    nice but mushkil hai

  46. Chandan said

    This is the best blog for hand made paintings.

  47. Chandan said

    This is the best blog for hand made painting.

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  49. Enviato said

    Paintings are good. There is this firm called grama , Traditional Indian Handicrafts. They do have a socially responsible attitude towards production. All of their products are handmade and are made by villagers.

  50. Nice blog showing different arts at the same place , really appreciable work , keep it up.

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  52. Charu said

    That’s a really good read.

    You can now buy Indian handicrafts online at

    Do check the store out and give us your feedback!

  53. KlientUp said

    I must thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this site. I’m hoping to see the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal site now ;)

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