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Butter Chicken Masala

Posted by Annita on August 14, 2006

This is a popular chicken dish,which entomizes almost all the Indian flavours.
People seem to love this preparation of chicken,when cooked in ground spices,butter and tomato paste and can never have enough of this dish.It goes very well with naan or roti.

Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken Masala

The recipe is from this month Vanitha edition and it is quite different from original butter chicken recipe.

Here it goes..


Chicken cut into small pieces – 1 kg
Finely chopped Onion – 3
Tomato Puree – 3 or 4
(I’ve used store brought tomato paste)
Chopped Cilantro – 1 tbsp
Butter – 4tbsp
Oil – as needed
salt – to taste

For Spice Masala:-
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Garlic cloves – 12
Kashmiri Chilly Powder/Paprika – 2 tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
Whole Pepper – 1 tsp
1″ sized Cinnamon piece – 2
Cloves – 3
Cardamom – 2
Jeera seeds – a pinch
Grind these together to a smooth paste.

For Cashew Paste:-
Cashews – 6
Milk – 2 tsp
Make a paste of cashews and milk.

For Garnishing:-
Heavy cream – 1 tsp
Chopped Coriander/Chopped spring Onion – 1 tbsp
Grated Cheese/Butter – 1 tsp


Heat oil in a pan and saute onion till brown.Add ground spice masala and salt, fry it well until oil starts to seperate.Now add 2tbsps of butter and pour tomato puree into it.Simmer it till the gravy thickens.Now throw in the chicken pieces and cook in medium heat.(Add only hot water if needed).Just before switching off add 2 tbsp of butter,ground cashew paste and 1 tbsp of coriander leaves.Simmer for 2 more minutes .Garnish with heavy cream,grated butter and chopped coriander.Serve hot with roti/naan.

Butter Chicken and Roti
Butter Chicken Masala served with roti


29 Responses to “Butter Chicken Masala”

  1. shynee said

    divasavum chicken adikkukayanalley!!Njanum kurachittillatto!!Enthu cheyyana ithu nammudey weakness aayippoyi!!hmmm…your chicken looks very tempting…

  2. Puspha said


  3. Rg said

    Annita,ugran recipe. I still have your other chicken recipes in my must try list but haven’t tried yet simply because I’m lazy. appozhekkum idha verre oru delicious recipe-yum koodi. Now I’m in a big dilemma which one to try first???? anyways, thanks for sharing.

  4. Pamela said

    Ohhhhh, yeeeeeeessssss. That looks so amazing!!!

  5. Tina said

    wow.. that looks yum…

  6. Archana said

    Super duper good, will try this out soon.

  7. RP said

    looks really really yummy!!

  8. Tanuja said

    Hi Annita,

    The dish looks yummy,have to try this with out delay:)

  9. Anupama said

    Annita, you are a girl after my own heart. That is the one and only chicken dish that I ‘love. Thanx for sharing

  10. Annita, Butter chicken Masala was my all time favorites during my college days. I always order this when I go to the resturants and my friends will get so bugged of me always odering the same dish:) your recipe looks yummy:)

  11. Riniko said

    Made this last night, it was excellent. I didn’t have heavy cream so I added some coconut milk powder with water and it served its purpose.

    Thanks Riniko..Welcome to my blog


  12. maria said

    tried this – very tasty

    Thanks for letting me know about it,Maria

  13. Jayasree said

    It was the first time I tried making Butter chicken and it came out sooooo… good !!!! Everybody loved it. Thanks Annita for sharing this recipe.


  14. ian said

    I recently came back from Kerala and have been scouring the Internet for something approaching the Butter Chicken Masala I had out there. This recipe seems to be the only one that does it justice. I still have it cooking on the stove as I write this, but after tasting it, I could almost be back out there. Going to try it out on my friends and see if they like it as much as I do.

  15. Shubha said

    Hi Annita,

    Tried this recipe yesterday for a get together at home. It came out really really good and the comment I received was that it was “AWESOME”. Thanks to you………..I visit your blog for different and authentic recipes. This week also tried your veggie pasta and kerala porotta. The pasta tasted very good and so was the porotta but the texture was not as flaky as the ones we get in restaurants here. Probably it will come with practise……Thanks a lot……..

  16. A well wisher said

    Hi..I tried this out, I guess I didnt do somethg right………I didnt add too much butter coz I ve cholestrol patients @home :) mayb thats y it didnt come out that well.

    Oooh…I’m sorry to hear that…:(
    Pls try it out again and i’m sure u’ll get it right…

  17. michealle said

    hi annita.i tried this was excellent and very easy to make.i tried it with paneer too.very nice.
    made a slight variation which i feel looks more appealing.after sauteing the onions i ground them with the masala.

    Thank you very much for letting me know abt it,Michealle…and i liked your variation tooo…:))

  18. heloo said

    hayeee!! gies, u noe wat??? i tried a lot to make it but it waz reallyyyyy hard. so i went to a restaurant, then it waz so yummyyyy. nayway it waz cool. i wish i could make it… and thanks 4 the ingredients.

  19. heloo said

    and i forgot one thing i luv dis website

  20. heloo said


  21. heloo said

    looks really really yummy!!

  22. hayeee said

    hey shynee wat language is dat???? reply!!!

  23. kahkasha said

    how many tsp tomato paste you added in butter chicken masala

  24. Priya said

    Hi Annita! I just made this and my husband’s exact words were…”it tastes just like the butter chicken from the restaurants in India”! It was super easy to make. I didn’t have any cashews so I left them out…and I also added kasuri methi and 1 tsp. of garam masala. It was perfect!

  25. Pavitha. said

    I will surely try this really bored with my chicken recipies.

  26. nags said

    i am craving this so badly now..

  27. Kavita D said

    it looks kidilam :) i m trying it today itself………….

  28. Hostel Stockholm city…

    […]Butter Chicken Masala « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  29. yuthika said

    I loved it… it was superb! Nd fab fantastic… so simple so easy nd recipe t make a definitely tasty dish!

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