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Posted by Annita on November 7, 2006

Kallu means Toddy in Malayalam,and Kallapam is a kind of rice pancake ,traditionally prepared using ‘Kallu’ and tastes almost similar to lacy edged Palappam.As toddy is not readily available nowadays,its closest substitute yeast is used instead.This can be taken with any type of stew or spicy veg/non-veg curries.

Kallappam served with Chicken Curry

Here goes my Amma’s recipe for Kallappam..


Raw rice soaked in water for 6 hrs – 2 cups
Cooked rice – 1 cup
Grated Coconut – 1 cup
Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
Shallots – 5 (Optional)
Yeast – 1/2 tsp or Toddy – 1/2 glass
Sugar – 2 tsp (You can add more if you like it to be more sweet,But adding too much of sugar can cause the appams to stick to the pan)
Salt – a pinch(just to adjust the sweetness of the batter..use it accordingly)

Combine sugar and yeast in 1/4 cup of luke warm water and keep it aside for 5-10 mts.It’ll rise to almost double in size.Now grind together all the above ingredients except salt and yeast adding very little water to a smooth paste.Mix in yeast mixture,stir well and allow it to ferment for 8-10 hrs.Here I always keep it in an electric oven,after heating it for 15-20 seconds.

Just before preparing add a pinch of salt and stir well.The batter should be similar to the consistency of iddli batter.


Heat the tawa/pan and apply 1/2 tsp of oil,just like you do for preparing dosa.Pour a ladlefull of batter into the tawa.It’ll spread by itself,no need to use the ladle bottom to spread it.


Close the pan with a lid and allow it to cook inside.

After 1 or 2 minutes,turn the appams and cook the other side too until it is lightly browned.


Always cover it with the lid.Serve hot .


63 Responses to “Kallappam”

  1. paati said

    wow! would love to try out this one:)looks yummy, but why adding just a pinch of salt?
    will it be enough?

    It is just to adjust the sweetnes..You can even omit the salt..or if u don’t like it to be sweet,add more salt..I often make it sweeter

  2. Hi Annita,
    Thanks for a wonderful recipe.I have the same question.Will a pinch of salt be enough? Does this taste a little sweet? Can I substitute onion for shallots?

    This is kinda sweet,Lakshmi ammal..You can always substitute onion ..

  3. Nalini said

    Hi Annita,
    a great recipe! the method is so simple and the end product very tasty!
    Thanks Nalini

  4. Susan said

    Amazing lively snaps …….And nice recipe too

    Thanks Susan

  5. shaheen said

    ooh. I love this. Thanks a lot! another treasure from u.BTW, I did see what u meant by the page acting weird in 800X600 setting..U have to increase the central section’s width, but I don’t know how to manipulate it in wwordpress. Will let u know if I come across something.

    Yeah,what u said is right..I need to increase the central section’s width,but i donbno how to do that..Pls let me know if u come across something..

  6. maheswari said

    delicious..had this dish once long time ago..would love to try it home..thanks for this authentic recipe..

    Thanks Maheswari

  7. MenuToday said

    I think the texture of Kallappam will be spongy!!! Nice Pic. Thanks for sharing.

    Its kinda spongy,menu today..Thanks

  8. Krithika said

    I have never tried this. Looks like Uttappam. I am gonna try this. Thanks for sharing

    Thanks Krithika..Try it and let me know about it..

  9. Asha said

    OMG! Looks like heaven. I have come to LOVE Kerala food and ordered a cook book too! You guys eat weel and how!:D Beautiful dishes, both of them..

    Glad to hear that,Asha..Even i started loving Coorgi food..:))

  10. looks very delicious yummy!

    thanks for visiting my blog Ituloy

  11. Arul said

    Thanks for very nice recipe…I’ve tried and it’s come very hubby priced me lot..Thanks a lot

    Thanks for letting me know about it,Arul

  12. Rg said

    Will be trying this one out very soon. thanks for this recipe.

    Thanks Rg

  13. Nidhi said

    This recipe is very new for me. To me its just like an uttapam which is sweet. Thanks a lot for some new.


  14. Nidhi said

    This recipe is very new for me. To me its just like an uttapam which is sweet. Thanks a lot for something new.


  15. Zerin said

    I had some doubts about the recipe.
    We use ponni rice to cook for “choru” can I use it for the cooked rice part of the ingredient? If yes then do I have to put additional amount of it? (I am asking you this coz wen I made appam the other day and added this cooked rice it didnt come out so nice)
    You can use the ponni rice,Zerin.No need to increase the amount also..I don’t think it’ll create any problem..I noramlly use rosematta rice/kerala rice for the cooked part..What happened with ur appam..Did it ferment well?
    Can u pls explain what was the problem in it..

  16. Ann said

    hii annita,
    just wanted to know if u can use the brown rice to make this appam.

    I always use rosematta rice/kerala rice for cooked rice, and sona masoori for raw rice.Brown rice can be used cooked,but some kind of white rice(other than Basmati) is usually used for raw.I’m not sure whether u can prepare the whole thing with brown rice,Sorry about it,Ann


  17. Beena said

    Annita, we’d kallappam (using yeast of coure, since I dont get ‘kallu ‘ in Kuwait!) for breakfast today. It was good. My hubby and kiddo enjoyed with chicken curry.
    I usually make this appam without shallots and cumin seeds.
    I think I have read this recipe in Vanita before. Never tried then.

    Happy to hear that u all liked it,Beena..And thanks for letting me know about it.


  18. Zerin said

    Hi Anita,
    thanx for the reply. wen i made the appam with the recipe my sister told me, the problem was that it did not ferment well, inspite of using all the ingredients as it was in the recipe. the only change that i made was using the ponni rice for the cooked part. but my sis says her recipe is really good and has worked for her all the time. now i haven’t tried your recipe yet.letme try it then will let you know how it turned out.

    Your sisters recipe might also work Zerin..Just find out why your batter didn’t ferment..I don’t think its the ponni rice,it can be the yeasy or you might have added more water.


  19. sunitha said

    Hi, i had a question , can we use coconut milk instead of grated coconut like palappam ? thnx.

  20. Priya said

    Hi Annita

    I just started browsing ur website 10 days back till now i have done 5 receipe from ur cooking everything is good …my next target is the cakes(which i am scared to start becoz months back i made a real bad cake) …really for a starter like me ur site makes me look like a real good cook because of my husbands appreciation … thanks and keep up this good work

    Really happy to know that Priya..Try the cakes too..i bet you could it..Failure is the stepping stone to success…isn’t it?
    So go ahead buddy…and let me know how it turned out .


  21. shaheen said

    Annita, i made ur appams twice in the last week! everybody in my house is a big fan of it now. Thanks so much. I always make the other appam and so these kallappams were such a delicious change!Love ur recipes!

    Really happy to hear that u all loved it,Shaheen

  22. jisha said

    hi annita..

    i am going to try this kallappam today ..onnu prarthicheru ketto nannayi varan..thanks in advance

    Nannayi varum..dhairyamaayi try cheytholu..

  23. sonia said

    dear annita…

    thnx a lot for the kallapam recipe…since long i wanted to make this…we used to get this item in school boarding…but didnt knw how to make… i’m gng to try out this today itself…i’m sure my kids will luv this…hmm..let me go n’soak the rice..

    thanks again…

    Pls let me know how it turned out for u,Sonia..

  24. shivapriya said

    Hey Annita
    Wonderful recipe. This is little similar to aapam recipe which I prepare. YOu have a wonderful blog and lovely recipes. I will keep visiting your’s.

  25. Anita Christy said

    For the Appums to be wider and to get a “lace” – I normally use a small nonstick wok – and pour the batter and then twirl it around then remove from fire – it is lovely. If you want it to be more crisp – blend in 1 -2 eggs to the batter and add a little sugar

  26. mini said

    Hi Anita,

    To make 75-100 kallappams, what proportion of ingredients should I use? I like your blog and have tried few recipes which turned out well. Thanks.


    You can prepare around 25-30 kallappams with the quantity i’ve given in the post..So you might have to increase the ingredients by thrice for 75-100 .

  27. Meena said

    just wanted to let you know that I tried this and came out very well, thank you for a wonderful blog

    Thanks Meena

  28. Anu said

    Dear Annita

    I just came across your website and looked at this recipe for Kallapams. Now being a North Indian, you can well imagine I am not very good at cooking your lovely recipes. One big question is you mention the use of cooked rice in the recipe. Does that mean the rice that has actually been cooked before or something else? Would you be so kind to let me know? Since the recipe looks scrumptious, I can’t wait to try it so would love to hear from you as soon as possible.

    No,i mean the rice that is cooked can cook sona masoori rice and use it as the recipe suggests..
    I think i’m a little late in replying you..I’m sorry ,was busy for last 2 weeks..

  29. Juny said

    hi Annita
    being away from homeland,it was my long cherished dream to prepare appam some day.the picture of kallappam itself was very tempting.the very next day i tried it and it came out so well that it had the same taste as the one prepared in my was a wonderful experience.
    the recipe was so explict that i didn’t have any any doubt about it.thank u so much for posting such an excellent recipe.

    Thank you very much Juny,for taking your time and letting me know about it.

  30. Jyothi Anand said

    Kallappams were delicious. Could you give the authentic recipe for the stew (veg) which goes with Appams?

  31. Baskaran said

    Can we try these appams using rice flour cooked in hot water instead of cooked rice

    Yes you can do that ,Bhaskaran..

  32. Annie said

    Anita, please tell how to make vatayappam and palappam. Your kallapam is very tasty, thank you for good contributions.


    Here’s a link for Palappam…
    I’ll be posting a Vattayappam recipe real soon..

  33. merin said

    anitta,i am a frequent visitor of ur blog…which yeast have u used for making dry of rapid rise????i usually use the fleischmann’rapid rise yeast.but at times it doesnt rise properly..also is there any problem if the water we use to mix the yeast is hot instead of warm???

    I use active dry yeast…The water should not be very hot,as it can cause the bacteria die…Sometimes even if it does not rise properly when adding into warm water…it’ll rise when mixed with the batter…

  34. Thomas said

    “…I use active dry yeast…The water should not be very hot,as it can cause the bacteria die… ”

    Hi Ms. Annita,

    Please don’t take it as an offense. Yeast is not a Bacteria, but it is a Fungus, a living organism.

    To the lady asked about hot water, Yeast can multiply very well at the optimum temperature in the range of 30°-37°C (86° -99° F) and it will die above 50° C. So, don’t use hot water.

  35. laxmi said

    hi annita.. iam a regular visitor of ur blogandi tried ur kallappam 2day and it was really really good..we usually make paalappams but this was very good..thanks a lot an keep posting wonderful recipes as u do always..take care..

  36. Riya said

    Is there any substitute for YEAST Plzz let me know.

  37. reena said

    hi annita,

    thanks for the recipe- I followed it – except for soaking the rice for quite long – but struggled to get the appam off my pan – any suggestions for preventing this in the future .

  38. roz said

    appam was so tasty and soooo beautiful.thanx a lot..
    just wud like to know if yeast is derived frm toddy???

  39. sarina alexander said


    this appam came out so well. i loved it infact i prefer this better than the lace appam. However when i made the kallappam i substituted the grated coconut with ellapan thenga(the coconut which is slightly about the tender coconut stage but not the complete coconut)and added some more sugar i had seen my amma do this long back and thats how i tried it and it came out great.

    I think you may also like this.


    wow…that’ll be soo tasty..i may not get good tender coconuts here..But i love to pass this info to my amma too..Thank you very much for the suggestion…

  40. Rg said

    Annita, finally I tried this recipe. This was in my must-try list for very long time now. It turned out great. Very easy to make, soft and yummy. We all loved it. Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe.

  41. Rg said

    Annita, when possible, could you post Achappam recipe too?

    Rg,I dont have the mould for achappam….Let me see if I can borrow the mould from someone,ok..




    My late aunt used to make kalla appam with toddy, and the batter is steamed, just wondering, is the recipe the same?



  43. Thanks anita, i was looking for this recipe..want to try it for the buffet soon.

  44. Shabs said

    Hi annita, very nice recipe. I too make with same proportions, but dont add jeera, cumin and onion. …and i dont proof yeast as well. i grind it all together…Loved ur version…Love the way u present things and how you make it looks so simple. But we call it paalappam instead of kallappam….ur paalappam we call it as vellayappam!!!for me this appams are always confusing.

  45. Sameera said

    Hi Anita,

    Looks yum yum….
    pls tell me….2 cups meaning 2 cups of mota chawal or 1 cup mota n 1 cup long grain?

  46. Magpie said

    Hi Annita
    Thank you so much for your wonderful treasures! I always head over here when I’m looking for authentic mallu recipes like this Kallappam I have been meaning to try! Ria of Ria’s collection and I are hosting an event celebrating Kerala cusine called Kerala Kitchen.
    We would be honoured to have you over for it!

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  51. sonam eldho said

    lovely my husband loves it thanx 4 ur recepie

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    on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about,
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  53. Hi Anita, this Kallappam looks yummy! thanks for the recipe.

  54. Lucy said

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    could I get that kind of info written in such an ideal way?
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  56. Cedric said

    I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this!

    Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again

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  58. John said

    I wanted to hold a party for my Indian buddies some of whom are vegetarians. I will be having this appam with vegetable stew and chicjen stew as one of the items, can you suggest some more items, please. Will vegetable Pullav with paneer tikka masala (for veg) and chicken hyderabadi go we’ll with it? Suggestions for the menu are welcome.

  59. Shonda said

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    but typically people don’t speak about these subjects. To the next! Cheers!!

  60. […] palappam using raw rice, some semolina, grated coconut and yeast. I used the kallappam recipe from this blog. You need a spicy curry to go along with it. I depend on my same old faithful chana masala you can […]

  61. Cibichen M L said

    to make 250 nos of kallapam howmuch will be ingradients qty will be?

  62. hosting said

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