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Sugar Frosted Flowers

Posted by Annita on February 16, 2007

These delicate decorations are simply fresh flowers preserved using egg whites and sugar.Once dried,they will last for several weeks.If you don’t want to use it immediately, store them betweens tissue paper sheets in a box and keep in a warm dry place.

Choose small fresh flowers for this,i prefer using edible flowers.If you ask a florist ,they’ll help you in selecting edible flowers.This can be done with small fruits,herbs or fruit leaves.

Sugar frosted Flowers

What do you need :-

Fresh flowers/fruits
Lightly beaten egg whites
Caster sugar
Small paint brush


Dry the flowers and leaves with kitchen tissues,and leave a small stem intact if possible.Place some caster sugar in a plate.Using a fine paint brush,paint both sides of the flower petals and leaves and stems with lightly beaten egg white.
Spoon the sugar over the flower petals to coat them evenly on both sides.

Sugar frosted Flowers

Carefully shake the flower to remove any excess sugar and gently arrange the coated petals on a wire rack covered with kitchen paper.Store in a warm dry place until dry.

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Posted by Annita on November 20, 2006

Caramel is such a useful medium in cake decorating.It can be drizzled to form abstract shapes or used in dipping fruits and nuts which gives a glossy glass like coating.Caramel when allowed to set hard can be crushed using a rolling pin and can be used in decorations.Praline is a delicious alternative to plain crushed caramel.



1.Line a baking sheet with foil and apply little oil over.
2.Dry toast the almonds/cashews until light brown.
3.Prepare caramel and when the bubbles subside add the browned nuts into it and mix well.


4.Pour the mixture thinly onto the foil and allow it to set.
5.Peel off the foil ,crush the almonds into pieces and then grind in a food processor/mixer .

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Piping Designs

Posted by Annita on November 3, 2006

This can be done using caramel or any type of icing like glace icing ,buttercream,royal icing,melted chocolate etc.

Piping Designs
Piped Designs using Glace icing

1.Draw any design of your choice in a paper.
2.Place baking parchment paper or run-out film over the top of this and secure the corners with a tape.
3.Fill a piping bag with icing,fold down the top and snip off the end or use tip #1.
4.Pipe fine threads following the outline of designs,or pipe free handed designs.
5.Leave to set.
6.Carefully slide a thin knife under each piece to loosen it from paper and use for decorating

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