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Roses on Raita

Posted by Annita on March 16, 2006

When I thought of posting something different other than the usual recipe stuff,these tomato flowers came into my mind.Presenting a dish in an appealing way is also an important aspect of cooking.Rose flowers using tomato skin, is quite easy to make and looks great.You dont need any extra talents for making it..its really that simple.As in the “LA Weight Loss ” commercial ad “If I can do it ,you can do it”.

All you need is :-
One Tomato
One Sharp Knife &
A Little Patience…
1.Just peel off the whole tomato skin like a ribbon ,starting from one end to the other.You have to rotate the tomato for doing it.Its fine if it breaks a little,but try to peel it without any breaks…just like a long ribbon.

Peeling Ribbon

2.When you reach the other end ,cut the skin a little thicker and wider ,almost in a circular shape.This should be the base of the flower on which the petals has to rest.


3.Now just roll the tomato skin till the end,like rolling a ribbon.This is considered to be the rose flower petals.


4.Allow the petals to rest on the circular base .

Flower Flower

And that’s it..Rose flower is ready …..Now arrange it along with mint leaves stem.

I’ve preapred raita with onion,tomato,green chillies,beaten curd,salt and 1 tsp of Mayonaise(I like the flavour of Mayonaise in the raita).
Sprinkling a pinch of chilly powder along with the flower decoration adds extra beauty to it.What do you think?

Raita with Roses
Posted by Annita

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