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Rich Fruit Plum Cake

Posted by Annita on March 30, 2006

Rich fruit Cake or Plum Cake is commomly known as Christmas Cake. In India,Christmas can never be complete without Plum Cake. I swear,its one of the best found in the Indian bakeries. It is a moist,dark brown cake with plenty of nuts and dried fruits in it.Fruits and nuts are soaked in rum or brandy several days ahead for the plum cake.Freshly baked Plum cakes served with wine on a Christmas eve..hmmm..Deliciously rich and tempting!!!I know its quite early for the recipe..but couldn’t wait till Christmas.

Cake with wine
Plum Cake & Wine

Just go through my Amma’s treasured recipe for ‘The Good Old Christmas Cake’…


Dates – 3 cups
Raisins- 2 cups
Cherries(Preserved in Indian way)- 2 cups
Broken Nuts-2 cups
Orange & Lemon Peel- 1/2 cup
Tutty Fruty or other candied fruits (Optional)- 1 cup
Brandy or Rum – 1/2 cup
Chop the fruits fine.Soak them in the alchohol along with nuts and peels and keep in an air tight container for a couple of week.I didn’t use cherries or any candied fruits,but adjusted the quantity with the ones i’ve got.

Dried Fruits & Nuts
Dried Fruits & Nuts

All Purpose Flour/Maida – 2 cups
Powdered Sugar – 3 cups(1 cup for caramalizing the sugar)
Butter – 250 gms
Baking powder – 2 tsp
Eggs – 6
Vanilla Essence – 2 tsp
Salt – a pinch( to adjust the sweetness)Powdered Spices – 3 tsp
(Cardamom,Cloves,Cinnamon,Nutmeg,Dry ginger)
Orange juice – 2 tbsp


1. Caramelize 1 cup of Sugar.
It can be done by heating a medium sauce pan with 1 cup of sugar and 1 tbsp of water.Stir in continuosly and use only medium heat.The sugar will melt first,then gradually becomes a molten syrup.As it gets hotter,it’ll turn into a dark colored caramel syrup.Now slowly add 1/2 cup of water and stir well immediately before it crystalizes back.(Be careful while doing it,for it can splash and may cause severe burns.).Stir it well to dissolve completely and allow it to cool.

Caramelized Sugar
Caramelized Sugar

2.Preheat the oven to 350 degree F.
3.Sift the baking powder and flour well,2 or 3 times.
4.Now mix the powdered spices and the soaked fruits to the flour.Mix well with a spatula and keep aside.
5.Beat butter and powdered sugar till light and fluffy.
6.Now add the eggs one at a time to the beaten sugar butter mixture with a teaspoon of flour after each egg.Beat well.
7.Add the flour mixture alternatively with the cooled caramel and fold in.Remember do not whisk,this can break the fruits.
8.Lastly add vanilla essence ,orange juice and 1 tsp of brandy.Mix everything well using a wooden spatula preferably to one side.

Flour with fruits
Prepared batter

9.Pour it into a lined baking pan.(Lined with parchment paper or brown paper).
(As i didn’t have the parchment paper with me,I just butter sprayed the pan and sprinkle some flour on it.)

In baking pan
Ready to be baked

10.Bake it in the oven for 45 minutes.
11.Check by inserting a tooth pick and if it comes out clean ,the cake is done.
If its not done reduce the heat to 250 F and bake for another 10- 15 mts or until done.
12.When the cake is baked,remove and immediately sprinkle 1 tbsp of brandy over it.This can enhance the flavour and increases its life span.

Plum Cake
Freshly baked plum caked

13.Let it cool .Cut it and serve.

Cake Served

14.If storing,remember to keep it in refrigerator in an air tight container.This is my entry for Anthony’s 12th Weekend Curry Mela.

Here’s a useful tip from my blog reader Anna(in her own words):”From the picture, I notice the fruits have sunk. What you could do to prevent it is, after soaking the fruits and before you add it to batter, toss all fruits in a little flour. WIll not sink but will disperse evenly through cake. “

Thanks again Anna for sharing this tip with us.

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  1. santhi said

    Its a torture not being able to just pick a piece and pop it into the mouth……….Great job annita

    Thanks a lot,Santhi


  2. Hi Annita,
    Thats why iam thnkng why madam didnt post today anythng
    MMMMMMMMMMMMM Yummy Lot of Effort any special!!!
    Nice cake.

    Nothing special Vineela..just had a desire for having it..:)

    Thank you


  3. mmmm…… i love plum cakes… count me in this game buddy :)

    Thanks Karthi


  4. Puspha said

    Very delicious looking cake, Annita.

    Btw, what is indian cherry? Never heard of.

    Sorry for the confusion Pushpa.I just meant the cherries preserved in indian way..The preserved cherries what we are getting here in U.S is having a bitter taste,..Thats why i added like that..Will correct it now itself.


  5. Kavitha said

    My husband is a big fan of this cake and has been asking me to somehow find a way to make it !!! Thanks for the recipe and the visual treat !!! I am going to try it soon

    Thanks Kavitha,Try it and let me know how it turned out for u.


  6. sailaja said

    Oh that is a wonderful rich plum cake.Just love it and I generally do bake a lot during winter times.Right now in India the summer is on and you know how the heat is….:)

  7. sarah said

    That cake really really looks good.. I want to eat now!
    Temptations are stronger when you observe the lent I guess..
    BTW.. if you are storing the cake, try pouring 2 tbl spn rum on keeps the cake moist and get the kids tipsy

  8. Sonali said

    The cake looks good ! My husband loves fruit cake and I was looking for a good recipe. Would love to try this for Christmas…& before :). Is there any substitute for the brandy or rum ?

  9. RP said

    Looks yummy Annita! Check out my version

  10. Hey Annita, the name is Anthony or Tony .. Not antony lol.. no no I don’t mind… just correcting… Thnks

  11. Annita – that is one rich cake! It is one of my favorites too… looks magnificent!

  12. Annita said

    Thanks Shailaja,GM and RP.And ur cakes looks delicious RP.Thanks for sendiung me that link.
    Soory for the mistake Tony..I’ve already corrected it..:))
    Thanks Sonali,and sorry I can’t give a proper answer to ur question as I haven’t tried it without rum.I think the taste may vary lightly if you didn’t use it..
    Thanks for ur tip Sarah,

  13. reshma said

    Annita, this one looks so tempting! do you think orange juice will be a good substiture for the rum?

    Nice suggestion,Reshma..It may work..

  14. LALITHA said

    I cannot decide if I should wait for christmas or make it now. thanks for the recipe and the great pics

  15. Rg said

    I love this cake. I wanted to try it out long back but then gave up as it looks like lot of work…wanna try but kind of lazy. I'll try though…thanks Annita for sharing this yummy cake recipe.

    Try it out Rg,And i'm sure you are gonna like it..Its worth trying..


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    Thanks Monica


  17. Nandini said


    I have a question about your yummy fruit cake. Do we need soooooooo much nuts&fruits(approx 9 cups as per your recipe)? Is this much required for 2 cups of all purpose flour? I’ll appreciate if you could clarify my (silly)doubt. This cake is my favorite and i would love to give it a try. BTW, Great site and lot of recipes for me to try it.


    If you’ve to make very rich fruit cake,u have to add lots and lots of fruits.The cake has to be full of fruits.You can also make light fruit cake by reducing the amount.In my pic,you can see that the cake is not so rich in fruits ,as I didn’t add the exact amount of fruits.


  18. Priscilla said

    I must say..your recipe for plum cake is good. Thank you for explaining every step in detail. It did help a lot.
    Have a lovely Christmas!!
    Priscilla, Bangalore

    Thanks for letting me know abt it,Priscilla


  19. Sunita said

    The recipe looks very easy for a beginner. You had written the quantity of fruits/ dry fruits in cup.I would like to know the measurement of the cup or what kind of cup do you mean?

    I always use a standard measuring cup,Sunita


  20. Anu said

    I was searching for plum cake recipie and thats how i came across your site, the site is awesome! i was pretty impressed and happy to see all the kerala recipies. Being a keralite i was too happy to get the recipies, wonderfull work
    I am going to try the plum cake and let you know how it is.

    Thanks Anu,

  21. Leela suresh said

    Hi annita
    I happened to see your few receipes. I went through few of them. Really you have given everything in detail. May I ask you a good receipe for a sponge cake (a fluffy one). If possible please send it to me. May God bless you. Thanks

    Hi Leela..
    See a nice recipe for a butter sponge cake here
    Hope this helps.

  22. Leela suresh said

    Hello Annita
    Do we use baking powder and soda bicarb for plum cakes? In what cakes we need the combination of both baking powder and soda bicarb. Please advise. Thanks

    No Leela,I’ve just stated baking powder only in my recipe,rt?I haven’t seen any cakes which uses both of them..Learn more about baking powder and baking soda here

  23. Brinda said

    Hello Annitha
    I was searching for plum cake to bake this christmas and found ur recipe. I have already baked twice and its simply delicious !!! Its just too goooooooodddddddd.

    Thanks for letting me know about it,Brinda

  24. Swathy said

    I tried out your plum cake and it has come out quite good, only thing i think for me the time that i baked was not sufficient, the cake was not as fluffy as the chocolate/cream cakes. and also , most of the fruits sunk to the bottom,is it the size of the fruit pieces or something ?
    one more question, how long can we store this cake ?

    Thanks a lot! Swathy

    Fruit cakes don’t usually becomes so fluffy like a plum cake bcoz of the embedded fruits in it..Did u add enough fruits,Swathy?There has to be lots and lots of fruits,such that there should not be any space for it to sink.The size of the fruits also matters..You have to cut it into small pieces.It can be stored in the refrigerator upto 2 months.


  25. Lynn said

    I’ve been looking for a plum cake recipe for a long time. This looks really good. I just had a question. Where do you get tutty fruty? Is that the same as fruitcake fruit you get in a little plastic tub with green and red bits in it? Can you give the name of a good brand. I bought one once and it wasn’t soo good.

    Yeah..its the same,Lynn..I use Paradise Old English Fruit& Peel Mix…I cannot say it is the best..but its ok..and this is what available in my local grocery store..

  26. Swathy said

    Annita, yeah i had reduced the quantity of fruits to almost 6-7 cups.thanks for all your tips! will try out once more soon…, even with the small issues i had mentioned, the taste was simply superb, thanks again:-)
    And wish you a wonderful Christmas!

    Thanks a lot,Swathy..I’m very delighted to hear that..

  27. Lynn said

    can you give me a ratio or approximate measure of the individual spices for the powdered spices?
    Thanks very much.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    You can take equal quantities of all the spices,powder it and measure 3tsp out of it.Hope this helps
    Sorry for the delay in response.Lynn

  28. Michelle said


    This receipe looks like what I was looking for. There is an Indian man I work with who who in a conversation he mentioned plum cake so I thought I would try and make it for him and his family for Christmas. What kind of wine is served with it? How long do I have to wait when soaking the fruit and nuts – how many days? I wanted to put all this together for Christmas so I am trying to figure out if I have time.
    From the responses it looks like I will be able to make it so it resembles an authenic Indian plum cake to remind his family of home.
    Thank you

    Usually it is served with grape wine,but you can use anything u wish…And about the soaking time,ther’s no such time restrictions..You can soak even for 2 days,1 week,2 weeks etc…Also you can prepare it without soaking…but if you soak more,the more tastier the cake will be..
    All the best, can start soaking the fruits now…you have one week time…
    And pls let me know how it turned out for u..

  29. priya said

    Hi Annita,
    Nice recipie.Me planning to make this cake for X-Mas.But i have some doubts.
    Is it necessary to soak the broken nuts along with the dried fruits in alcohol in that air tight container??
    Should we referigerate this
    Can we use whisky or orange juice for soaking or only rum gives good results?
    Appreciate your replies.

    I always soak the nuts too.But you can add it seperately also…
    No,u dont have to refrigerate the fruits soaked in alchohol…just keep in the room temperature
    Rum/Brandy gives the best results,Priya.Whisky is not used usually..I haven’t tried orange juice…If you’re using orange juice,i think it’ll better to refrigerate…
    Also you might have to finish off the cake soon..It might not last too much like using alchohol..
    Hope this helps,Priya

  30. preeth said

    great recipe…all set but have a doubt-can i use brown sugar instead of caramelised sugar?
    anyways have a great x’mas…

    Haven’t tried it that way,Preeth..But i think caramelised sugar will be the best…

  31. Anna said

    Anita, I wish you lived closer. i would invite myself over to your house at regular intervals. I do not like visitng your blog but do so faithfully because it makes me so nostalgic for all I miss and love. (Do not like visitng your blog because you are so good a cook and makes me realise what all i do not know!!).
    With this cake–it looks YUMMM.
    Only one thing. from the picture, I notice the fruits have sunk. What you could do to prevent it is, after soaking the fruits and before you add it to batter, toss all fruits in a little flour. WIll not sink but will disperse evenly through cake.
    From one cook to another–HAPPY COOKING>

    Thanks for these lovely tip,Anna..I really appreciate it..I’ll surely add it to my post.
    And thanks for all those loving words..

  32. preethi said

    Hai Anitha,
    We have some doubts.In the ingredients contains the nuts,orange and lemon peel.I never seen where it used.When these things have to add.

    these things have to be soaked together with dry fruits..I’m sorry if i confuse you..will correct it right away.

  33. Bibina said

    Hai annita,

    Thanks a lot for the GREAT recipe.
    I tried it out y’day .It has come out excellent!!!It was for the first time
    I was making a Fruit Cake.I got appreciations!!!!!But I just made slight variations in the quantity of fruits& nuts and eggs.Also instead of rum I used Grape wine.

    One thing I want to know is, though I used caramalised sugar, my cake was not that brown.Why it is so?

    It took 1 hr 5 mts.I baked 45 minutes at 170 deg and rest 20 mts at 150 deg.

    Any way thanks a lot….


    Baking time can vary depending on your oven,Bibina..
    And about the must have not caramelised it to a dark color..At first when i tried,mine was also light brown in color.When you caramalise,wait till it turns really dark…

  34. Indu said

    I wish to try out a cake for loong time, but didnt find a suitable recipe..TThis is very clear Thanks

    BTW can we replace something for this brandy/rum?

    You can use orange juice instead of brandy,Indu

  35. tanushree chatterjee said

    i love cakes pastries chocolates pudding .plese mail me the following receipies on my mail

    best wishes

  36. Preethi said

    Hi Anitha,
    Superb Receipie. We make this cake greaaat Taste. Thanks. We need more Cake receipes like banana, pineapple,birthday cake. (with out butter and egg-this for our friend’s son has food alergy). If u can please mail to me.
    Thanks lot preethi.

  37. out4fun said

    OMG! It looks heavenly. Thanks for the recipe

  38. Roslin said

    Hai Anitha,
    good recipe you have given.Since i am going to do it first time,i have some doubts..How much alcohol we need to soak?fruits and nuts should be just wet with alcohol or they should be dipped in alcohol?Is it necessary to preheat the oven before baking?please reply me.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Yes Roselin,You can use alchohol just to wet the fruits..
    And you have to preheat the oven before baking..Thats a must…do not skip this..

  39. jee said

    Hi Anitha,
    I am very tempted to try this recipe straightaway..This would be my first attempt..Have a query -How do i bake this in a microwave oven-Is it ok to put it in the microwave glass bowl and leave it uncovered..and also can you give me a fair idea as to the baking time and temperature!
    luv to hear frm u soon!

    Sorry Jee,I dont know how it’ll turn out in microwave..Can anybody help pls…

  40. Rose said

    This is an excellent recipe. This kerala bakery staple is very much missed.
    I wasnt able to caramelize the sugar, it crystallized 2 times I tried it.So I poured 1/2cup water and dissolved the sugar sculpture.Also I think I measured my sugar wrong and put an extra cup in.Still the cake turned out to be good.I blended the sugar/butter mixture for half an hour.The dry spices adds a nice aroma and flavor.

    Thanks very much for sharing!!

  41. roslin said

    hai Anitha…

    i made this recipe last day…it was excellent…my husband was shocked by having this much tasty cake and gave me a good complement…

    thanks yar..

  42. Sunita said

    Hi Anita,
    Really a nice recipe.I tried it last week for my daughter’s 1st month Birthday and it came out really good.

    Thanks a ton.

  43. jessy said

    Dear Annita,
    when Iwas searching for a rich plum easy plum cake happened to see your recipe. Iam going to try. Ihave a doubt sounds silly but could you please explain to me.though the cake does not contain PLUM usually called as PLUM cake, any reason.beautiful site Iam going to take recipes regularly,could you tell me how to start a webblog
    thank you, jessy,

  44. priya said


  45. Annie said

    I was not confident in baking,but my husband loves it,couple of weeks ago i took the bold step in buying a cake whisker, I tried making couple of cakes like carrot and choclate but never raises up and it’s not soft as i expect it to be, i read somewhere that all the ingrediants used should be at room temperature, is it true(I live in England)

    Also is that the exact quantity of eggs and butter you used in your receipe.Can i tissue dry the soaked fruits and then toss in flour.

    Also in whisker what is the speed level Low(1-5)/High(1-5) i should maintain.

    Thanks a lot for much sort after receipe.

  46. Annie said

    sorry i forgot to ask before, can I use self raising flour if yes should I add baking powder.

  47. Deepa said

    Hi Annita,
    I tried this one it turned out gud,my hus liked it .Thks for the recipe.



  49. Vineeta said

    how do i store the soaked dry fruits??? Where? How? Do i have to refrigerate it

  50. Leena said

    Where can I find nutmeg powder? Is it an essential ingredient?

  51. meenu said

    I like plum cake. Is red wine is a substitute for the rum?

  52. sunitha said

    The fruits appears to have gone to the bottom of the can either marinate the dried fruits in brandy for a week /mix the fruits in flour before adding to the mixture.Also you can heat butter and sugar in low flame and add the mixed friut to it. Please make sure the mixture need heating not boiling.

  53. Sonia said

    Tried ur recipe and after trying out different variations,the cake was awesome. My variations I mean I mixed it with my mom’s recipe. No major changes except that I cooked the fruits in Rum for 5 mins and then soaked it again and use dth enext day in cake. I seprated the egg whites and yellow and added the yellow first. Beat the whites until fluffy adding some powdered sugar,all the spices,1 tbsp lime juice and orange extract and vanilla extract before mixing with batter.
    BUt with all the measure ments and rite temp and time,the cake came out really well…thansk for sharing the recipe..Happy Holidays

  54. jayashree said

    Hi Anita,
    iam beginner and by chance stumbled upon ur recipe ,after reading it iam eager to give a try.but iam living in a middleeast country which has a ban on alchohol,so soaking them as per ur recipe is not possible,but still iam going to try ..thanks in advance & wishing u a merry christmas!

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  56. Manjula said


    the recipe was too good, i tried but the caramel did not come well , it became thick crystal and it did not melt in the cake..

    all your recieps are really good.

  57. Tomy said

    Thanx for ur nice recipe. I have a doubt. Shall we use something else like grape juice/wine instead of rum/brandy for soaking the dry fruits ?


  58. preeth said

    that’s indeed a great recipe…
    all at home and friends just luuuv it..i keep checking the site too regularly.i don’t see ur replies these days….just wanted to know if you are ok.

  59. smitha said

    Hi, the recipe looks good and seeing all the comments, i cant resist myself and baking this plum cake. Can i use Grape juice instead of rum. so, i use grape juice should still use orance juice and what should be the sugar measurement as it will be already sweet due to grape juice and other fruit? Thanks, kindly reply.

  60. Manju said

    Can the soaked fruit and nut in alcohol be left outside? Or should they be kept in a fridge?

  61. Manju said

    Sorry I din’t notice this question being answered already. Just so no one misses it..the author says no need to put it int hte fridge.

  62. rakhee said

    I remember eating this cake during christmas in India. My only conern is it ok to give this cake to small kids with the rum in it……


  63. Hema said

    Hi Annita,
    Both me and my husband are great plum cake fans.I was trying to find a good recipe for that since we are not satisfied by the storebought ones in U.S.Yours looks so delicious,soft and great.Going to try it next weekend!

  64. rakhee said

    I am going to try this reciepe next week. I have one question what do you do with the Rum that is left over or is supporsed to be totally absorbed by the all the nuts and fruits?


    It’ll be almost absorbed..But if there’s any left over you can pour that too into the mixture if u wish..

  65. Fiona said

    Hi Anita,

    Your cake looks delicious. I have question Normally when you buy plum cakes from outside. the color of the cake inside is mostly dark brownish black. can you tell the difference why your plum cake is light brown inside while those from outside is dark brownish?



    The brown color depends on caramelising the sugar.

  66. Prasanna said

    Hello Annita,
    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Does the traditional recipe contain plums. Is that why its called plum cake? Thanks.


    Hi Prasanna,I dont know the exact reason for why its called a plum cake.But i dont think the original recipe had plums in it.


  67. Aditi said

    Hey there,

    so i just wanted to let you know that this is the perfect recipe!the cake turned out absolutely delicious.My grandfather was visiting me in the US and he’d been craving the “Christmas Cake” for the longest time…so after searching and searching for the recipe i found this one.
    Anyway the cake was hit,my grandfather actually said it was the best plum cake he’d ever had….and he’s quite the food critic.haha.

    anyway,i do have question that alot of people seemed to have asked.Its about the color of the cake..mine too,was light brown.I was wondering if using brown sugar would help.
    I’d really appreciate if you could give me your input on that.thanks alot =)

    Thank you very much for letting me know about the results,Aditi..I think the brown color depends on how much you caramelize the sugar.And i dont think adding brown sugar is a good idea as it can make a difference to the traditional taste of the plum cake.

  68. Roopa said

    Hi Anita,

    I have been looking for this receipe from a long time, I am so happy i found, the cake looks delicious cant wait to eat it, iam going to make it soon already soaked the dry fruits and nuts in brandy.
    Thank you so much,

  69. lena said

    hi annita,
    .u got a nice blog here..
    can i use red wine instead of rum/brandi? i dnt have rum or brandi.u got a nice blog here..
    thank u..

    Sorry Lena..i dont know how it’ll be….I think it can alter the taste…but I’ve heard that people use orange juice instead of alchohol…then red wine also should work….Anyway can u pls lemme know the result…

  70. Srini said

    Hi Annita,
    The visual looks GR8!!! Will try it this weekend. What needs to be done in case of using Microwave oven?


    i dont think this can be prepared in microwave oven…anyways not sure…and havent heard about cooking this in microwave

  71. Beena said

    Hi Annita,
    I have tried this recipe, and you know what. Whoever has eaten it didnt believe that it was home made! Thanks a lot for this, esp with the visuals… that was really captivating. Please put up even more special recipes like this. We have been buying plumcake for christmas all these years. From now on, we will be baking them! Thanks again :)

    Happy to hear thata u liked it,Beena…Thank you for letting me know ..

  72. shiney said

    hi annita,

    i have a doubt. do we have to soak the fruits completely in rum? i thoght i would use a fairly large quantity of fruits. so according to your recipe is it enough if i add only 1/2 cup of rum?i love trying out your recipes. do keep on posting such excellent recipes.


  73. biji said

    hw ru?writing to u after a very long time…i tried out ur plum cake last xmas n it turned out really well…my husband likes it d best.
    n for this xmas u know for sure am gona make it…
    y dont u put some recipes of yummy brownies…

  74. biji said

    cud u help me wd stg?am planning to buy a new oven since my oven is of small baking capacity…which brand wud u suggest?

  75. nisha said

    hi anitha ,

    this is a nice cake recipe , I wuld like to know how to prepare cream (cake topping) for sponge cake.

    thank you

  76. Nisha said

    Hi ,,,,

    I was searching a tryable recipie since long time and this one really look like that…. Though i will be tring ur recipie tomorrow…. ..
    One question
    I have a microwave oven and able to make all other regular sponge cakes perfectly in it….
    How can i make this cake in Microwave oven..I have a combi model with convection and micro…

    Thanks for your wonderful recipie

    Check Debasmita’s comment in this comment section…

  77. Debasmita said

    Thanks for dis luvly recipe……….I made it yesterday and it really tasted nice……..I did it in microwave oven at 6400 micro power for 9 minutes………those who have microwave oven can try out……….

    Thanks for that tip…It was really a help..

  78. nisha sandeep said

    hi annitha, i tried ur plum cake,it came very well. we cant wait untill xmas. its really wonderfull.i have one doubt, can we make this without egg using milkmaid?

    I’m not sure abt the results ,if you are avoiding eggs..Sorry..

  79. Veena said

    Thank you for the recipe. It turned out very well. I used less fruits and 4 eggs + 1/4cup oil. The only pblm I had was w/ caramelizing the sugar, and the cake was abit 2 moist,so it fell apart when i cut it. But the taste was great. Can you tell me what makes the cake too moist? The outside was well cooked (abit overcooked,to be honest ;)

    I’m not ery expert in baking cakes,eena…So honestly i dont the answer of your question…Can anybody here answer her question,pls?

    • preetha said

      hi veena, looks like the cake was not fully baked from the inside . if you feel the top crust is coloured too much or burning before the cake is baked fully.. cover the top of the cake with a sheet of brown paper or if your oven has various height levels inside the chamber.. try lowering the cake tray so that it is away from the top grills. You can even keep a baking sheet on one of the upper levels to reduce the heat from the upper grills of the oven.. .ALL THE BEST WITH YOUR NEXT ROUND OF BAKING

  80. Deepa said

    Hi Annita,

    Could you please get me the size of the pan you used?? thanks,

    8 inch X 8 inch


  81. pixink said

    I have a question – the spices to be added- 3tsp of each spice or 3 tsp all together?

    3 tsps altogether

  82. Pavithra said

    Hey Annita,

    Thanks for the recipe. The cake was appreciated by all.

  83. Pavithra said

    Oh…. and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  84. arpit said

    hi this is chef arpit i wanna know why it is called plum cake

  85. Radhika said

    Hi..I just baked this cake. Its awesome. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe. Was just wondering, do I need to put in the fridge right away or can I keep it out for a day or two? I read so much about the cake “maturing” so was wondering if that happens even if its refrigerated.

  86. antony said

    Need more caramel.Colour is less

    • preetha said

      too much caramel to add colour may make the cake bitter… maybe you can use some cocoa and coffee powder too…10 gms cocoa for 100gms flour and about a coffee spoon full of instant coffee. try it you might like it

  87. Neer said

    Did anyone try substituting Rum with Rum extract??

  88. silvia said

    I suggest add little caramelled sugar to give it a lovely colour.

  89. silvia said

    sorry its already in the recipe. I overlooked it….

  90. arp said

    Thanks for posting the recipe. i liked it and im gng to try for christmas

  91. anju singh said

    hi annita, ijust baked this cake its awesome. thanks…..

  92. Ann said

    Hi Annita – I made your fruit cake this year – with some minor changes (I soaked the fruit in some warm orange juice as well and substituted flax seed for 2 eggs) – Your recipe is amazing! This is the first time I made a Kerala -“style” fruit cake – I got many compliments. Thank you for sharing!!

  93. preetha said

    hi annita, was looking for a theeyal recipe and chanced on your web site…. very impressive collection of recipes !!! your plum cake looks Yummm!! My recipe has a few more additions…thought i will share… i add a little lemon essence, orange essence and sweet almond essence also. And adding a little cocoa powder along with the maida would give the cake a nice dark colour.maybe you could try it for next christmas.

  94. Devangana said


    I have baked this cake using your recipe many times , and it has always come out well. I have pointed many people who asked me for the recipe to your site. Thank you for such precise instructions and for making it available to the public.


  95. Paul said

    Thanks a lot for this recipe.
    I make a very rich x’mas cake with lots of nuts and raisins
    I was looking for a cake with lesser fruits and nuts and locally available ingredients.
    Some of my friends were complaining that the cake I bake is too rich
    Most of the recipes found in foreign websites are for very rich plum cake
    I came upon your recipe and could make out that the nuts and fruits are lesser
    Your recipe was great !, as I wanted it to be.
    I always try the recipe as given and then I feel I have a right to correct or comment on it
    I just want to say, as someone mentioned, you need to mix the fruits and nuts with some flour before mixing it with the remaining ingredients so that the fruits and nuts do not sink to the bottom as in the picture, guess you must have forgotten about it while doing. Mine came out very well with the fruits and nuts spread evenly
    Other than that your recipe was wonderful!, easy to do and less time consuming and less expensive with a good result !
    I shall bake the same from the coming x’mas onwards

    Thank You !

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  97. reshma said

    hey annita ,
    i loved ur recipe…it was 2 easy…..but could u pls tell me how to make a homemade bread….

  98. zacharia said

    how to make cake poured with sugar syrup and decorated with icing sugar as it sold in the bakery shop

  99. Neha said


    Few questions please – I wanna make it tomorrow:

    – what if I don’t use cherries, because the canned ones are so unappetizing.. What is the substitute?

    – no plums?

    – what size pan should I use for the ingredient measurements?


  100. […] let it cool completely. You can prepare the caramel in advance & refrigerate it. Check out the caramel picture at Annita’s place, if you want to get an idea about the […]

  101. Sheba said

    This Rich Fruit Plum Cake has been the best by far that I have tried. Extremely close to perfection! I have used this for 3 yrs in a row – and it has been the most-loved favorite amongst my family and friends. Thanks for such precise instruction!.
    Merry Christmas!!

  102. Sheba said

    The best and closest to our traditional Christmas Cake…I’ve used this recipe for 3 yrs in a row and it has been the biggest hit amongst family and friends!~
    Thanks a lot for putting this up.
    Merry Christmas to you all!!

  103. […] Christmas in India is incomplete without plum cake – I can eat huge quantities of it in a single sitting! This year, how about trying out this divine looking German plum cake – a new twist to an old tradition – or then try baking an Indian plum cake. […]

  104. Catherine Arun said

    Hello Annita,

    I have being using for Plum cake recipe for 4 years now…
    Its a awesome Post.
    You will be suprised to now.
    Visting your weblink for any new tip is a main task on my christmas checklist every year since 2006.
    Thanks to all with great tips .

    Wishing you and your entire family A Merry Christmas & Happy NEW year

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  106. durgesh said

    Hi Annita,

    I am single and staying away from my family because of job location. I always missed my mother’s made plum cake here.. Thanks for sharing this recipe.. I will definetly try this..:)

  107. George Arangattu said

    Good receipe

  108. zeenat said

    Thanks alot for a detial recipe

  109. Sneha said

    A very nice recipe.

    i have soaked the nuts today.

    1) Should we drain out the rum before adding it to flour/batter?? (i mean the rum which we used to soak the nuts and fruits)

    2) i have only one cake pan/vessel. it is heart shaped. i routinely use it to make chocolate cake (recipe includes 2 cup flour, 3 eggs. 1.5cup milk, half cup cocoa powder). will dis plum cake recipe fit into my pan/cake vessel??? or i need bigger or smaller vessel.

    3) how much times will the flour rise in oven? usually my choclate cake will rise 2 times.

    Thanking you in anticiaption

  110. Sneha said

    can we add fresh fruits like papaya, mango, pineapple to the rum (alongwith soaked nuts)??

    one recipe on internet saying so . Ref.:

  111. Dr.Swapna said

    hello annita mam,


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  114. Jimmy Mathai said

    done this many a times now. I am nil at cooking but strictly followed the receipe. well done Anita. will some of the other ones too. this site is a treasure. good work.

  115. cherry said


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  116. vaibhav said

    nice cake

  117. shwetha said

    thank u soooooooooo much!my cake came out perfect…my first ever cake thaT i made from scratch..

  118. Dephan Pinheiro said

    I referred to it last and it was great. I’m doing it this year also and hope to get it right.

  119. Shyamala said

    Hi, the cake came out well………. the family really loved the taste…..thanks

  120. ani said

    I made the plum cake as given above in a micrrowave oven… the cake was good when it was hot moments after baking,but it became hard like biscuit after it cooled. do.

  121. noel said

    sorry i said last it was good but it was the worst cake i had ever had

  122. nihal said

    I hate the plum cake it was so bad that I SPAT iT OUT

  123. SHAJI said


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    I always prefer simple method. Thank u for the simple method. I liked it

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  135. […] at class this evening. I wondered aloud if we should buy him a gift. Maybe a rum and raisin or a plum cake from the local […]

  136. Neha Soraiyur said

    Hey Annita,
    we have to soak the fruits and nuts in rum for a couple of weeks right?? Then do we discard the rum?? Or add the fruits alongwith it to the batter of the cake?? It is not mentioned above.

  137. priya said

    hey annita
    i’m priya.r u d same annita who studied in ST.Mary’s school,kayamkulam??sorry if i’m wrong.
    by the way ur blog is interesting,sometimes i come across ur site while googling for recipies..good work…keep posting.

  138. sunil Fonseca said

    I tried this last year and I can say this is the best and the tastiest Plum cake I’ve ever made.

  139. meryl said

    Thanks for the awesome recipe. I have been looking from the orange peel without much luck. can you tell me where did you buy it in US. I find the tootie frooti in the indian store. The paradise brand in the store is mixed fruit and peel appears to be soaked in sugar syrup. so I was’nt very sure about using that.

  140. Sneha nair said

    Which kind of rum have you used? I read about Gold rum somewhere. And is there any specific type of brandy or any can work

    I have seen some really dark brown coloured cakes available in south indian stores. Are they different from this fruit plum cake

  141. Yashaswini said

    Just tried baking this… The cooking time needs a lot of adjustment.. The cake doesn’t cook within the specified time… It tastes great though!

  142. I tried this for Christmas and it was AWESOME. Totally worked for me!


  143. Sona Moshat said

    This is perfect..! I made it for my family..we enjoy its great test.! mmmm….yammy..!!

  144. Sona Moshat said

    This is perfect..! I made it for my family..we enjoy its great taste.! mmmm….yammy..!!

  145. Demirdöküm Kombi Servisi…

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  151. Sunil Fonseca said

    I bake this cake every year. Great taste. Thanks very much Anita. God Bless.

  152. bali tour said

    This article is great
    Thanks for the recipe :)

  153. I’m really impressed with ypur writing skills and also with the layout onn your blog.
    Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself?

    Anyway kep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a gret blog like this one these days.

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  156. 1 like said

    1 like

    Rich Fruit Plum Cake « My Treasure…My Pleasure

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  158. Priya Rai said

    I usually make plum cakes during Diwali. It’s great to have something different than the usual one. Here’s the recipe

  159. nishant said

    Love these Fruit and Plum Cakes. Always mouth-watering and can’t wait to taste ’em. peppertap coupons

  160. mohammed aslam ashraf said

    Nice ..superb receipe

  161. Misha said

    Thank you For sharing this amazing recipe!!
    Definitely a Christmas must…. This is my second year making it…
    Your recipe and tutorial are excellent…. Please do share more recipes…
    Mucho love & happy holidays from New Mexico, USA

  162. Padma said

    May i know how much quantity of cake would you get for the above measurements?
    Thanks in advance

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