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U.S Photos

Icy Valentines Day (February 2007)

A major snow-storm hit our region today,heavy snow accompanied by freezing rains made the condition worse.Ice coated tress were falling down,thus causing power failures everywhere,planes were delayed and schools were closed.!!!


Ice Trees

It’s snowing here(January 2007)

We were eagerly waiting for a snow fall here,and finally it happened yesterday.Lil’ Milan had lots of fun playing in the snow,infact it was his first experience in life.






Crescent Springs (Fall 2006)

Here are some of the photos which I took recently.

Fall Photos

Fall Photos

Fall Photos

Fall Photos

Fall Photos

Fall Photos

Fall Photos

Put -In -Bay(August 29 2006)

We went to Put-In-Bay,a small village located on South Bass Island,Ohio.The island is in Lake Erie,and is only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide.We hired a golf cart to get around PutinBay,did some water sports like para sailing and jet skiing,spent some time in a small beach,saw a crystal cave,winery etc etc..Altogether we really had fun and my little one enjoyed the beach most.He was so happy that he got more than enough Mac Chicken (from McDonald’s)also,his favorite.


Put in Bay Island

Perry's Monument
Perrys Monument

Crystal cave
Crystal cave

Para Sail

Grape Wineyard

Apple Garden
Apple Orchard


Put In Bay
Gibralatar Island

Chicago(August 29 2006)

We also went to Chicago,to meet some of our friends.We didn’t get much time in Chicago,but somehow managed to visit Millenium Park, Navy Pier and ofcourse Devon Street,and did some shopping in mallu grocery stores.









Devou Park,Kentucky(March 2006)

Last weekend when the weather was good,we just went out to our nearby Park.Milan was also very eager to go out,after 3 months of indoor living.Devou Park looked beautiful on that day.Devou Park contains 550 acres of beautiful grounds which include a 9 hole golf course, tennis courts, museum and amphitheater.There is also an overlook which offers a spectacular view of Cincinnati downtown.Here are some photos which i took on that day.

Devou Park

Devou Park

Devou Park

Devou Park

Devou Park

Devou Park

35 Responses to “U.S Photos”

  1. Rg said

    Amazing pictures Annita!

    thanks dear

  2. Deepa Nair said

    came across ur Blog while searching for chinese recipes.I usually dont leave messages or comments but these pics are truly amazing.Especially the last one..I was wondering how you managed to click it??its has a kind of awe inspiring feeling to it…
    Deepa nair

    Thanks a lot for noticing those pictures Deepa,and i’m glad u liked it…

  3. roshni said

    hi annita!
    i really enjoyed the pics u’ve posted of the scenic views!they are too spectacular for words!!!!!!they certainly are a feast to the eyes of anyone who appreciates beauty at its best!!!!!!

    I’m soo happy that you noticed the pics,Roshni

  4. Hi

    Can you please inform me where these kerala vegetable items like Chakka, raw Mangos etc from kerala are available at Illinois.

    if you could send me the area & any shops where these items are available, would be fine.

    Vijay Kumar
    Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care
    New Delhi

    i’m not so familiar with illinois,Vijay..But i’ve been to devon street in Chicago ,there are many Indian stores there.I remember a store named ‘Maveli’..its a Mallu grocery store where you can get frozen jack fruit seeds,uppumanga etc..

  5. Olga said

    good blog

  6. bullseye said

    Wonderful blog. Lots of interesting recipes. Kudos

    Thanks bullseye

  7. Hi Annita, how r u today? Plz say hi to Deepak bro and Abhi mon too for me :) Before I saw yr family photo, I expected a very ‘fashionable lady’ probably in mini-skirt from usa, lol. U r so nice and doing a wonderful job (unpaid). Thanks again, and again and again…!!!

    Please include my site address in yr blog. It is a CLICK-BOARD FOR MALAYALI – PooNthoottam Online Club and url is

    Sure Dhanya…I’ll add your site address to my blogroll

  8. shaharban said

    hai annita,
    ur photos are nice.Now i am living in Dubai.i want to visit those places.i also like to see ur photo…if u do’nt mind………pls…..

  9. neena said

    I like all the recipes, I am yet to try many of them.. But I love to look at your website often ..
    Just want to know, where can i find that bamboo putt stand and other one also.. did u buy from kerala. I am from Ernakulam, do u know any place where u can find it.. I have one typical steel puttu stand..
    keep the good work

    My amma got that bamboo puttu stand in some exhibition,Neena..So i’m not sure abt it..And that chiratta puttu mould is available in most of the shops i think..I got it from Varkeys Supermarket,Palarivattam…

  10. K.J.Sibichan said

    Greetings from Delhi.

  11. wow, my kids are pretty impressed dear and one of them is even duplicating your scenic view to a painting too. great snaps

  12. Sreeraj said

    Great shots. I tried Orotti, Thank you very much.
    Here is some shots from kerala.
    Best wishes Sreeraj & family.

  13. meenakunnath said

    Annita gr8 snaps.. U r in true words an all rounder.. Me becoming a fan of u..

    Thank you Meena

  14. Biju Abraham said

    I just completed reading your kerala recipies and it is mouth watering. I have been missing the real kerala taste for the last 12 years in Canada. Thanks so much for your entries. I still remember the Christmas Cake (raisins)taste that my mom used to get it for us around 20 years ago, but now a days most of the cakes are made with plum fruits etc. Do you have the traditional raisin cake recipe.
    biju abraham

    I don’t know what u’ve meant by a raisin cake..We usually bake rich fruit plum cake efor christmas.Eventhough its name is a plum cake,we dont add any plums in it..It has soo much raisins ,nuts,cherries etc…Here’s the link : Christmas Cake
    Thank you for writing to me.

  15. babi said

    hei can u give me some pulav receipes ..i mean the easy one i can make in cooker..u know i am not a great cook ..learning so many things from ur site ..

  16. Lina said

    Hey, stumbled upon your site looking for a recipe from Kerala using plantain… and instead found my home in your US photos! I am from Port Clinton, Ohio, which is the mainland connection to Put-in-Bay. Glad to see PIB made a positive impression upon you, to take photos and put them up here… my family has been involved in the promotion of the area for tourism, so I love to see it being enjoyed!
    I’ve been to Kerala as it’s my husband’s home state, and it was nice to see your photos from there as well… although the transition from warm Kerala photos to the shots you took during the ice storm in the US were literally chilling!
    I love all the Kerala food blogs out there… always attempting new recipes, so thanks for sharing yours!

    Thank you very much Lina…Thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words…
    Put-in-Bay was indeed a beautiful place..we enjoyed it very much…


  17. nisa said

    i was just lukng fr kerala cookng blogs an am sooooo happy to c ur blog its so intrestng an lots of kerala dishes thanks an keep it up

  18. Lekshmi Priya Nair said

    U r just awesome! Be it cooking, craft or photography :)….u r blessed! i have tried ur Palak Paneer and it was i will try appam and stew :)….will let u know!

  19. Leela suresh said

    Hi Anita,
    since december 3rd, you have not posted any receipes. Everyday morning, I opened your site and I am very much dissapointed. Do you still post receipes or you stopped it for ever? All your receipes are excellent, detailed and very tasty. I know that you were on vacation and now you are back, right? Hope I can see your new receipes soon. Thank you anita once again. Looking forward for more yummy and tasty receipes.
    may i know your email id?

  20. swapna praveen said

    Hi Annita,

    your site has my 2 favourite items. delicious looking food blog & beautiful photos uploaded.
    reading about insirational cooking & clicking captivating photos are my hobbies too.

  21. Hi,

    I been through your blog earlier when I was setting up my own named
    Now I was tracking Pazham Pori, a post on your blog. You have done a wonderful job. Your blog is amazing. Please visit mine. My wife Reeja is the host. Right now we have some appetizers only. No recipes. We are coming up with some Kerala style health food especially salads. But the pictures will bring back the nostalgia of home. Just double click and your mouth will automatically widen. Please add our blog on yours if possible. Let others (who are hungry and thinking of food..)also enjoy the pictures. Do not miss my last post which is the typical adukkala of a poor home in kerala.

  22. Vibha said

    Nice pics and thanks for the recipe.


    All cakes made in Kerala contain raisins. You have to season/mellow the raisins at least for a month before they are added to the cake-mix. Seasoning is done with run or brandy. Prepare some caramel (blackened sugar). For this, fry a cup of dry sugar in a pan. As soon as the smoke comes out, pour boiled water into it- little by little- so that the caramel does not become solid on getting cooled. To this, add the cleaned raisins and transfer to a bottle. Pour rum or brandy to cover the entire mix. You can also add orange peels- cut and boiled- for taste.

    Regards. Sibichan

  24. Nehas said

    fantastic blog… u r so talented. not only are ur recipies amazing but ur photography is also lovely.. keep up the gud work

  25. Aswathy said

    Hai Anita,

    Good contributions. Its great that you are able to find time for all these. I mean with a kid. Anyways its very helpful for girls like newly married (beginners in cooking & house keeping) especially u r giving the pictures also. so. Thanks a lot. when we start doing alone hundreds of doubts come. any ur blog is a relief. Please give tips for selecting good vegetables & brands of masalas. is eastern masalas good. this sambar, rasam, chicken, meat, fish masalas. i am confused, which one to select. for chicken curry the chicken masala will do, na. My doubts never stops. & u will not be having time to reply also. so . stopping.

    Thanks again. thanks a lot.
    Take care. God bless.

  26. MINI said

    Hi Annita,Ialways enjoy your receipes.Your blog is wonderfull.Iwaiting more receipes from you.Regards Mini,Atlanta.

  27. sweety said

    Hai annitta,yr recipies r really amazing……..God bless u.

  28. Shalini Gopakumar Nair said

    Hi Annita,

    I live in New Jersey and I am new around here,I am trying to find a Kerala Grocery store ,are you aware of any stores in this area,also do you know where I would be able to buy a Puttu Kutti and Cheena Chatti—->the ones I get her are not deep enough.

  29. Shalini Gopakumar Nair said

    Hi Annita,

    I live in New Jersey and I am new around here,I am trying to find a Kerala Grocery store ,are you aware of any stores in this area,also do you know where I would be able to buy a Puttu Kutti and Cheena Chatti—->the ones I get her are not deep enough.

  30. rania said

    now a days we ‘re not seeing u, no recepie post, what happened.we liked ur all recepies

  31. rania said

    hai, very nice blog, we go through all ur recepies. all are very good. but now adays we re not seeing ur posts. what happened.

  32. mimz said

    pics are copied from some site which i have seen before..anyway keep it up!!!

  33. elizabeth said

    Your blog is so so good.And it is very professional too…..loved it……

  34. sinora said

    your blog give more inspiration to us in cooking..keep updating..but Im not that satisfied wth ur pics as I hve seen it in some other sites..

  35. Sreeja said

    Why are you not posting any new recipies anymore.

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