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Posted by Annita on March 7, 2006

Palappam is Kerala’s own divine breakfast .It is also known as Vellayappam in some parts of Kerala.Appam is usually served along with a coconut-flavoured stew.But it goes well with egg roast or Kadala(chick peas) curry.Here goes my Amma’s recipe…..



Raw rice – 2cups
Grated Coconut – 1/2 cup
Sugar -2 tbsp
Cooked rice – 1 cup
Yeast – 1/2 tsp
Egg -1(Optional)
Salt – a pinch(to adjust the sweetness)

Soak the rice in water for 5-6 hours and drain it. Grind this with grated coconut and cooked rice adding enough water to a smooth paste.Combine sugar and yeast in luke warm water(around 1/2 cup) and keep aside for 5-10 mts.Add this also to the grinded mixture .Stir well and allow it to ferment for 8-10 hrs.

Ingredients for grinding Fermented Batter

Separate egg white and yolk.Just before preparing ,beat egg white and salt well and mix it with the fermented batter. This is my amma’s tip to make appam more soft.

Usually appam is prepared in a shallow appam steamer called appachatti.(See the pic)If you can compromise the appearence of Appam,use any non-stick pan you desire :)

Appachatti Appachatti with lid

When the pan is well heated,pour a big spoon of mixture into it.Spread it well by rotating the pan holding both the handles.It’ll give a lace like structure on the edges.Cover the pan and let the appam cook in the steam for 2 minutes.(Note :-If you are using any pan other that non stick,apply oil well to prevent sticking.)

Cooking in Progress Appam

Last Sunday we had Appam & Naadan Egg Masala.

And with that leftover egg yolk…just pour it above the appam batter and close the lid.The egg will also be cooked along with appam.This is something my kid loves to eat…and an ideal way to make him eat the egg.

Egg on Appam Bulls Eye Appam

Posted by Annita

66 Responses to “Palappam”

  1. Puspha said

    I’ve been missing this for almost 4 years. What a treat for (just) my eyes early in the morning!! I love the plains ones eaten with coconut milk. Super duper yummy ;)

    Very nice blog. Keep up the good job.

  2. Annita said

    Thanks Pushpa.As I am new to blogging your gentle words are a real inspiration to me.

  3. Annita: Came into yours thro Indira’s, wow what a great picture of appam! I make the exact version, only varation is adding coconut water (collect the water while breaking coconut) and use it for grinding the batter, also use a bid spoon-full left out idli/dosa batter to aid in fermentation. I serve with sweetened coconut milk/stew/theeyal. I was planning to post this sometime. A pleasant surprise:) Will post mine sometime later!
    You got a great blog going:)

    My amma used to add yeast and sugar into coconut water and allow it to ferement. It’ll be more tastier by that way.But i never  buy coconut here as i am lazy to scrape it :),thats why i am doing like this.Adding dosa batter is completeley new to me..Will try this next time..:))Waiting to see your post,Karthi.


  4. alamelu said

    this is justtt superb..
    where did u learn this all from?
    were u an expert in cooking before marriage also?
    ur husband is really lucky to have u!

    Thanks for all those gentle words alamelu .


  5. Sailaja said

    Welcome to the food blogging world!Neat layout..
    Look forward to learning some traditional Kerala dishes from you..:)

    Thanks a lot Sailaja.


  6. Indira said

    I’ve never had appam before, Annita. Now I can get a taste following your recipe. Thanks!

    Hi Indira,

    Try it out and let me know whether you like it or not.


  7. jishin said

    itrayum kidilam recipe website undaayittaano njan lokam muzhuvan anweshichu nadannathu?

    annoose, y dint u tell us about this earlier?

    looking forward to having some nice food from now :)

    Athinu ithu thudangiyittu kurachu naalalle aayollu…Do u cook by yourself ?


  8. Rose said


    We tried appam yesterday.. It came out really well..We made the
    batter on saturday and then bought the appachatty that night.. but amma
    told we ll be adding sugar and salt only just before cooking appams…
    is it?? but anyways it was very yummy.. have taken the picture of it..
    will show you when you are at home.. :-)

    Good..:)So now u've
    learned to prepare appam,rt? Now start preparing one by one….and let
    me know how it turned out for u..Yeah..amma adds sugar also just before
    cooking i think..But i usually add it while grinding..I think that
    doesn't matter much…


  9. sindhu said

    hi Annita,
    really great work clap!!!
    ellam nannyi explain cheyithitundu.ividethe kurachu recipes annitaude sammatham undekil ente website add cheyithukollatte pls!!!!


    Annita says 

    Thank you Sindhu.. Sammathamanu…dhairyamayittu add cheytholu!! 

  10. Divya said

    Hi Annita,
    Appam looks so yummy. I want to try it . Can I use any raw rice like Basmathi or any particular rice.?
    Waiting to make appam.

    You can use any rice,except Basmati..Basmati is not good for making Appams.You can use long grain rice or sona massori rice.

    Hope this helps,Divya.And thanks for visiting my blog.


  11. Divya said

    Hi Annita,
    I made Appam last weekend.It came out well.
    Thanks a lot.


    Really happy to hear that it came out well for u,Divya


  12. […] For appam made by grating coconut and rice, and better pics see Annita’s version. […]

  13. Bindu said

    Hi Annita!

    I am living in California, U.S. Well, we dont get variety of rice here. We get Basmati mostly. And also since I dont have a coconut grater, that has slowed down my experiments with authentic Kerala cooking.But I love kerala food and feel ashamed that being a Malayali I dont try different dishes. But I mostly get frozen stuff from the Grocery store. I recently tried “Vellayappam” and loved it. My mom used to make it your way you know sides crisp and centre all puffed up. But this one I had recently looked like Uthappam, thick all over. And it was more sweet and you could eat it without any curry. You know like a snack. Very delicious also. Can you tell me how I can make this one? Also, we get only canned coconut milk here. Can I make appams with that? What about Rice flour? How do I make it with Rice flour? Woild really appreciate your help. And I have to say your method of illistrating is fantastic. With photos of every step and so detailed. Keep up the good work Annita.

    You can buy Coconut powder,Bindu.I guess this is available in your Indian grocery stores. I normally use this for everything,even for Appam.I also sometimes prepare that ‘sweet Appam’,u’ve mentioned.We call it ‘Kallappam’.You can use the same method for ‘Palappam’,but make the dough a bit thick and add more sugar.Use a dosa skillet instead of Appachatti,and prepare it just like dosa.But do not spread it with ladle,just pour a ladlefull of dough into the skillet,it will spread by itself.And i’ll send u a link of preparing Appams with rice flour

    I haven’t tried with rice flour,so i donno how’ll it come out,ok


  14. Bindu said

    hey annita,
    hope you are doing well. i tried making appam using rice flour and frozen shredded coconut. i think i goofed up somewhere,since the batter didnt ferment as it shud’ve. i did use yeast. but will keep trying till i get it right:) but i have become a regular visitor of your blog and have a great time going through such a lot of authentic recipes…yummmm!! i crave for these food so much (since i am expecting my 2nd one too), and i wish i had a friend like you living nearby..then i cud’ve had everything i crave for:( thankyou for creating such a wonderful blog Annita.

    Normally it won’t create any problem in fermenting.Just check whether your yeast is good.Put some yeast in luke warm water,stir it well and keep it aside for half an hr.If your yeast is really good,it’ll surely rise up.Also try keeping your batter somewhere it is warm.I usually keep it inside my oven,after heating it for 20 – 30 seconds.
    When is your due date and where do you live?

  15. Bindu said

    Hi Annita!
    Actually your recipe says soaked rice and also cooked rice with grated coconut. you said i could also use the coconut powder that we get in indian grocery stores. and you did forward me a link to where that guy uses rice flour and coconut and also coconut milk. now,i cant grate coconut and take out milk,thats too much work:) so i used rice flour with frozen grated coconut. could that be any reason why it didnt work out? also, when you put pinch of yeast in luke warm water, how much quantity of water are we talking about? i am sorry if i sound dumb..i really have never cooked authentic appams or anything before. but i looove them!!!so help me out please dear. I live in San jose, California and I am due in end of December. where do you live? and thanks on the tip on where to put the batter. thankyou. you are great!
    No Bindu,I don’t think adding grated coconut with rice flour can cause any problem with fermentation.I am almost sure,its bcoz of the yeast only.Try increasing the quantity of yeast from a pinch to almost 1/2 tsp.I’ve even corrected it in the recipe also,anyway adding a little bit more yeast wont cause any taste difference.My yeast was so good,so a pinch was enough for me.And about the quantity of luke warm water ,1/2 cup would be enough.
    So we r staying too far from u.No way I could prepare these dishes for u..:)).I am at Cincinnati,Ohio.And you might be running your 6th month now,rt?

  16. Bindu said

    Aww..Annita that is so sweet of you to even think about preparing them for me. God bless you:) Well, it is my loss that I dont have a friend like you staying nearby. but thanks a lot for your kindness. You are not just a great cook, but a great human being as well and it is great knowing people like you. Will try adding more yeast next time. and will surely write to you when my experiment turns successful:))Thanks again.

    Try it out ,u’ll surely get it right.Thank you very much for those gentle words,Bindu

  17. Liz said

    Hi Anita,
    I was looking through your recipe. I recently made appam and it didnt turn out right. can u tell me what cold be wrong..this is how i did it..
    2 cups long grainrice…1/2 cup cooked rice..1 tsp yeast…1 cup milk and about 3-4 tsp of sugar.
    I made the batter and the yeast i put in about 1/4 cup of milk and 2 tsp of sugar and left it for about 10 minutes.
    did i have to put the yeast in warm milk?
    anyway after the batter was done…once i started making it…the appam started to crack..and the lace didnt not form…and it was hard. any idea why?
    also… if the batter is thick after it rises ..what can we do to make the consistency right?

    I normally dont use milk in appams,but that definitely should not cause any problem.Did your batter fermented well?If you keep it overnight in a warm place,the batter will almost rise double.Don’t even make an attempt to prepare appam,if batter is not fermented .If the batter is too thick,you can add little water to dilute it.

    Cracking can happen if the batter is not fermented,or if it contains too much of water.Also if your appam pan is not hot enough,it can crack the appams.Hope this helps,Liz.Pls let me know if you have any more doubts.

  18. Liz said

    Thanks Annita,
    I think the batter did ferment because it did rise and then come down again when i saw it the next morning. probably..the water was a little too much. i did dilute the batter with water because it was thick. funny thing is , the first time i tried cracked. then i put it in the fridge and the next day made it again nto see if it was ok..and it made the appams but they were hard and very sour. so lot of things happened to that one batter..but not sure what!

    Yeah..thats what i also think.You might have added more water.Also don’t keep the batter outside for very long,bcoz that can increase the sourness.Again adding more yeast can also increase sourness.Anyway i’m sure you’ll get it right by next time..

  19. Liz said

    what about in the winter…where do u keep the batter..?

    Inside the oven only,after preheating it for 20 seconds.Hope this helps,Liz


  20. jisha said


    anitha i tried appam with rice flour and coconut (shredded)it was coming nice for me earlier..but thelast 2 times it didn’t comes out well..the shape is not coming ..and appam becomes too watery “kozhakozha” i was following the pachakam receipe..i have a doubt..if we add the cooked rice (sona massori cooked rice)is there any need of ‘kurukku’ and insted of coconut paste can we use the coconut milk..please do reply to me

    Jisha,actually i haven’t tried with rice flour yet..I always go for grinding only..But my amma used to do this..I think coconut milk also works..And she don’t do that ‘kurukku’ thing.But she always kneads the dough with hand for a long time.I haven’t seen her adding cooked rice ,when using rice flour.What she does is,she’ll mix the rice flour and coconut milk with hand till it is very smooth and then add sugar & yeast mixed in coconut water.Again i’m not sure about the procedure.And which brand of rice flour you’re using..It wont work with some brands..I think ‘Swad’ is good..


  21. Pushkala said

    Hey Annita,

    Njan oru plum cake recipe anweshichanu ivide ethiyathu. I really love your detailed recipes and the pictures!!! The plum cake turned out very well, thanks so much! Nale try cheyyan pokukayanu, vellayappam!

    Once again, thanks, and keep up the great work!


    Thanks a lot Pushkala,and happy to hear about plum cake..

  22. Pushkala said

    BTW, ithinu matta ari mathrame upayogikkan padullo?


    No,pachari aanu usually upayogikkunnathu…


  23. Geena said

    Hey Annita,

    I am really thankful to you for this blog you have started. I stay in TX- far away from home and have been having cravings for kerala food since I am pregnant now. I really wanted to eat palappam so I started searching online and that is when I saw this blog. I tried out the palappams and it came out really great. I just used the Great value rice from walmart since I didnt have any other rice(My craving was really strong and hence couldnt go and get the rice u mentioned above), and also I used shredded coconut since I didnt have fresh grated coconut.Believe me, the palappams were awesome! it tasted very good and was too soft. I also had a chance to try the fish patichuthu and the uzhunnu vada(I used the food processor to grind it-hence I didnt required water at all)-I tried all these items and all of it came excellent(this was the first time I ever made these items:)-I never have made them before).I am glad this site is helping me with my nadan food cravings!!I really appreciate you taking time to contribute to this blog.God Bless you.Take care.

    I’m really happy to read these Geena..Thanks for dropping by..
    God bless u too.

  24. Preena said

    Egg white to appam batter?really new to me.But I tried the bulls-eye appam and my son finished it in minutes that too a day after he had declared his dislike for eggs (we usually measure meal times in hrs).Thanx a lot for the tip.
    Its difficult to find yeast in Blore,so I use a fistful of urad dal for fermentation.(thats how my mother-in law makes,she never uses yeast.)And I use pachari and puzhungalari(1:1)instead of just raw rice.
    I disagree that Basmati is not good for Appam.I used to use basmati (broken /whole) when I was in London where I couldnt find any other suitable variety(that was Basmati frm Punjab/Pakistan)And the Appams used to turn out decently well.
    By the way I have to appreciate the great work ure doing.I hadnt expected this much when my brother(Jishin) recommended it.I have seen a looot of recipe sites and urs is surely among the best.Thanx especially for the naadan recipes,which are usually never found elsewhere.
    Wish you had started blogging when i was in London…

    I haven’t tried with Basmati.But someone had told me that it didn’t work well .Anyway thanks for the info ,Preena.
    Happy to hear that ur son liked the bulls-eye Appam..

  25. prema said

    your palappam is very tempting

    Thank you,Prema

  26. jenny said

    i have been tryin to make this one for a long time usin other recipes.. but never came out well.. but with your recipe, first time itself it was just superb… thank you very much…

    Thanks for letting me know abt it,Jenny

  27. Jennifer said

    Hello Anita,
    Thank you so much for your palappam recipe.For years my mother has been trying to make palappam but she was not able to. For some reason something always went wrong either the batter became to watery, or the shape just wouldnt come. So many people have tried to help my mother but they were unsuccessful. Thank you so much for your recipe. She made very good palappam this morning and everyone loved it. She even called her mom to tell her the good news. Please continue to post up nice recipes such as this one and we will be sure to try them. Your recipes encourage people,especially people like me, and they give hope to the hopeless! Although one may have never cooked in their lives,they now have an oppurtunity to learn how to cook good malayalee food because you have made it simple for them!
    Thank You.

    Thanks a lot,Jennifer..I’m so delighted to read ur comments…My regards to ur mother..:))

  28. Suni said

    Hi Annita,

    I am reading your receipes on a daily basis and All your receipes are of high standard. Therefore i refer your sites for doubts. “Good work”

    Tried your Avcado Juice, it came out well. But i made a change by adding one plantain and One spoon of ice cream for more sweetness.

    Another one i tried is Gobi manchurian and i have got a satisfactory sign from my family members. Thanks.

    Can you post recipe of “vattayappam” both by suger and jaggery.

    Why are you not trying any type of deserts using jelly, cream, fruit pulp etc.


  29. Tia said

    Hello, I love Indian food and I am new to your blog, got directed here from a web search and I am excited to try some of your recipes. I had one question on these palappam, what do you use to grind together the ingredients? Can I use a food processor or blender? Thank you!

  30. anjana said

    thanks ani…

  31. chithra said

    annita ur palappam looks soo yummy…i like ur recipe…i didnt hear abt this time i am going to try with tht…thx!

  32. shine said

    I tried your recipe exactly and it was runny in the middle. It just didn’t work out for me. Maybe I did something wrong…

  33. sneha said

    helo Anita.. thanks f the recipie.. and am trying to make it tomorrow morn

  34. Sonya Z Ahamed said

    Hi – thanks a lot for posting this great recipe. Before i make this, can u pls help me regarding the raw rice. I live in London, and we have srilankan shops where we get to buy indian groceries. Wat should be the kind of rice i buy for this?

  35. rose said

    tx fro the recepies…now am looking for recepies only in this …u got almost every thing here…u made my daily menu planning so easy dear….keep up the good work…

    Thank you rose for ur nice comments..

  36. shameena said

    thank you a lot annita.i was searching for this receipe for a long time. waiting for ur naadan egg roast reeipe.

    Thank you and egg roast is already blogged ,Shameena

  37. Elisha said

    hi annita,
    the appams look great! I am planning on preparing appams for 7 guests on christmas and i want to make them a little before they arrive instead of having to make it then and there as it takes time and dont want them to wait. How do I keep it warm if prepared earlier? they tend to stick a lot to each other when kept one on top and it gets cold if kept for long. any ideas on how to keep them warm?

    The sticking is bcoz of the quality of rice ,I think…I always keep it in a casserole…and it can be kept good for a day…It’ll not be warm though..but it wont get dry…Always use the good quality rice…Now i’m using rice land long grain rice…It works for me…

  38. Zarina said

    Hi Annita,

    I love ur appam pics! I’d like to try with rice flour and grated coconut.
    1) How much rice flour should I use in place of all the rice in your recipe?
    2) Also, if using coconut powder instead of the grated coconut, how much should I use for this recipe.
    3) Do I need to adjust the amount of water in the recipe if using the above ingredients?

    Thanks! Hope you can help!

    Check out Maria’s recipe :


  39. Manju Ranjith said

    thank u sooooooo much.i always wanted to make appams which r so soft..but always failed.thanks to u..i tried ur recipe and u wont believe my husband liked it so… much dat he had appam for all the 3 meals….again thank u thank u and thaaaaaaaaaaank u


    Nice to hear that your family liked it..Again thanks for letting me know…

  40. Jay said

    Hi Anitha,

    I am planning on preparing appams for 10 guests and i want to make them a little before they arrive instead of having to make it then and there as it takes time and dont want them to wait. How do I keep it warm if prepared earlier? they tend to stick a lot to each other when kept one on top and it gets cold if kept for long. any ideas on how to keep them warm? Any suggestions from anybody is appreciated.

    Thank you,


  41. ragi said

    hi annita..
    In making appam which raw rice shd v use…. Is it ok with long grain rice…and is ther a need to use papad khar(soda salt)?..plzz suggest..
    ur recepies r great!!! thank u soooo much…

  42. rashmi said

    hey anita

    thnk u so much for the appam recipe.. i had tried diff methods and i was at a loss
    Tried ur way of doing it and it came out beautifully… even my other frnds who used to hesitate to make appam has been inspired to try it out , thnks to ur recipe.. i ve even made kachiya mor frm ur website… wud look fwd to more stuff… i even chked marias blogs nd liked d recipes thr too..plz post in more recipes… even i m inspired to strt a blog looking at u people. i love to cook and would love to shar my recipes with u.

  43. rashmi said

    by the way even the naadam egg masala turned out awesome

  44. Rashmi said

    Hi Anitha,

    I loved your appam recipe….It came out so well….I couldn’t believe it coz I tried it for the first time and it was beautiful….Both me n my hubby love appams….Now I have a request to make….Can you please post the recipe for dosa and idli? I am a disaster when it comes to both of these breakfast dishes….I have tried almost all possible proportion combinations but they never turned out to be good…..I donno if there’s a problem with the rice I use….I use the medium grain rice and split urad dal and yes the fermentation is a major problem here….So, please post the recipes with tips for batter fermentation.

    Thank u


  45. sabitha said

    Hi Anita..
    First of all let me thank you for this wonderful recipe.

    I had a few doubts to clarify with you. Thats abt the rice you are using. U mentioned it as long grain. Can you specify which brand?(if you are living in US)..I have tried one available here in local store and the appam came out as sticky..
    And I used matta rice for cooked one.

    I have tried using double horse appam powder available in indian store…but it was also not perfect…

    Please help.


  46. Amita said

    Hi Annita…

    I have no words to thank u for this recipe of palappam which is considered as “The Traditional food of Syrian X’tians in Kerala”.I have tried making appam just once following the hardcore recipes of my mother & mom in law which they used to make with a lot of effort.. But for me adding of coconut milk made the whole process very tedious which made me reluctant to try Appam the 2nd time.Luckily I came to read ur version of Palappam , tried and was fantastic…

    The best part of your recipe is that it is very easy and demands only grated coconut (instead of squeezing coconut milk )which makes foodie and lazy people like me to make appam and enjoy the traditional taste of kerala…..I’m going to give the same recipe to my mom & mom- in law and tell them that how much of their effort has been wasted all these years by their difficult recipe

    Hats off to u…..Thanking u again from the bottom of my heart….



  47. smitha said

    adipoli annita

  48. Gayathri said

    Hi Annitha,

    I have tried palappam. but the middle portion is not puffed .I used cooked boiled rice (boiled rice from indian store).wud that be the pblm? wat kinda rice shud i use for cooked rice while grinding?plz reply..


  49. Shalma said

    Hi anita,

    Thank you for your recipe….
    I want to know where i can find yeast.I asked in Indian grocery store but I didn’t find it. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Gayathri said

      hello Shalma, you can even find it in perssian stores like “wholesome choice” . I live in california and gt yeast from the same store. If u don find yeast , jus add baking soda , a pinch.

  50. Shruthi said

    Awesome recipe.I tried it, came out really well.Thanks !

  51. Hi Anita..
    I’m writing from Malaysia.. and just last week I accomplished making dosai from scratch.. been pampered by my mum and after she died, no one at home was able to do what she’s done for us and since that turned out superbly, I was asked by my eldest brother to make Palappam for him. He’s coming back from Germany next month and wants it on the 17th. I googled Palappam recipe and got ur website and it looks easy.. all i’m praying is that my hands will do justice to your recipe. Wish me luck.. and will let you know how it went. Thanks for this page.. God bless you : )

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  53. […] There is a traditional way of making it and obviously I didn’t  do that but I will do something as good as my recipe. I will give you the recipe as recorded by my favourite blogger Annita […]

  54. […] Farm Eggs – San Francisco Bay Area – ChowhoundEaster dinner: Mimosa HamMary Lee RecipesPalappam « My Treasure…My PleasureAayi’s Recipes | Indian and Konkan Culinary […]

  55. Teena Sheen said

    Hi Anita,

    Just wanted to know if the batter should be kept closed with air tight lid or left it open or partially open?


  56. Cathy said

    Hi Anita,
    Is Idli rice good to make appams?
    Waiting for your reply ,

  57. cool kitchen tv review for your home…

    […]Palappam « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  58. sheena said

    Did you make it using electic stove ?

  59. Moly said


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  65. Sheena said

    Hi Annita,
    I have electric stove and cannot get good lace for palapa am Are you using electric or gas? How do you adjust the heat( medium , high)

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