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Hot and Sour Egg roast

Posted by Annita on February 20, 2006

A new version of Naadan Egg Roast..The recipe source is again Leelamma Aunty only.She is my Amma’s elder sister.She used to try out different recipes and they all turned good.I think she’s born with talent.

Hpt & Sour Egg Roast
Hot & Sour Egg Roast

Back to the recipe..

Boiled eggs -4
Chopped Onion -3
Chopped Tomato -1 and half
Ginger-Garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Kashmiri Chilly Powder /Paprika – 1tbsp(This gives a bright red color to the curry.You can use normal chilly powder also,but then reduce the amount to 3/4 tsp..otherwise the curry will be too hot)
Coriander Powder -1/2 tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
Curry Leaves -a few
Coriander Leaves chopped – 1 tbsp
Tomato Ketchup -1 tbsp
Salt – to taste
Coconut Oil – 2 tbsp

Boil the eggs and break the shells.Cut the eggs into two.Keep aside.
Pour oil into a heated pan.When the oil is heated add chopped onion & curry leaves and saute for a while.
Add ginger-garlic paste and stir.When the onion turns brown add salt,chilly powder,coriander powder and turmeric powder.Saute till the raw smell of the masala goes away.Then add tomatoes and stir well.You can add water if needed.After sometime the oil starts to seperate.Add Tomato ketchup and stir for a while.Then add coriander leaves and egg pieces and let it simmer for 2-3 mins.Garnish with Coriander leaves.This goes very well with Porotta or Roti.


7 Responses to “Hot and Sour Egg roast”

  1. Mary said

    Hey Annita ,

    I tried out your Hot and Sour Egg recipe and I must say , it was simply yummm..yummm..yummmmmmy !

    Leon was really impressed and it was great with appam :-)

    Way to go !


    Hi Mary,

    Glad to hear  that you both liked it.And thanks for dropping by .


  2. Riniko said

    I tried this! It was excellent. Very easy for an unexperienced cook like myself. Impressed my mother in law :)

  3. Leela suresh said

    Hi annita
    I am bothering you again. You have mentioned that plum cake should be kept in the fridge. does it get hard once we keep in the refrigerator?
    When we go to pizza hut there is a salad which is with macaroni and it is sweet(macaroni salad). it has some sultanas and mayonnaise. Can you please explain t me how to make such a salad? can get hardened,then you can thaw it for few hours before using it..
    Other alternatives are steaming and microwaving..I always prefer steaming.
    And i’m really sorry about that macaroni salad…haven’t tried it yet…so i’m not sure about it..sorry again leela..

  4. roopa said

    Hi annita, i tried out this and both me and vijay loved it so much that I was preparing it almost everyday to go with roti for lunch for vijay, oh god just loved the taste a lot. This was the first time i liked an egg curry, usually I dont like egg curries, but vjay likes it, so i decided to make your version and it turned out superb! thanks a lot!

  5. Surya said

    Hi annita….
    The egg roast was yummmy….my husband liked it very much….i always try to prepare egg roast but it goes in vain,after reading this recipe , first time my egg roast has came gud.Thank you very much..and a like a lot of ur recipes like palapppam(thanks 2 u now i am palappam expert and hus says amma undakunna pole undennnu)..gobi manjurian,tomato fry..thanks ..keep on posting

  6. Omana Ravi said

    Why you are not adding any spices in this curry.

  7. nazrina said

    chilly powder 3 teaspoon
    lemon juice 100 ml
    grinded chilly 5 tablespoons
    assam a small amount
    tomato puree 5 tablespoons
    pepper a dash
    curd 3 tablespoons

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