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Posted by Annita on November 30, 2006

I’ve been preparing unniyappams quite often nowadays,as my lil’ one loves to have it.Whenever I’ve some extra ripe bananas,I go for this delicious snack.But this time I made it with a purpose.Can u guess what’s it?Yes…these are going to Kay’s JFI-Jaggery .I couldn’t participate in many of the previous JFI’s,so really wanted to do something this time.Happy hosting,Kay..


Here’s the recipe..


Rice Flour – 2 cups
Jaggery(Sharkkara) broken into small pieces – 1/2 cup or Brown Sugar – 1 cup
Mashed bananas/jackfruits – 1 cup
Cardamom(Elakka) powder – 1/4 tsp
Dry roast Coconut pieces(Thengakothu) – 2-3 tsp (Optional)
Roasted black sesame seeds(Ellu) – 1/2 tsp (Optional)
Baking soda – 1/8 tsp (Optional)
Salt – 1/4 tsp


Heat jaggery pieces adding little water,allow it to melt,strain it and keep aside.In a mixing bowl,mix together all the ingredients except coconut pieces and sesame seeds,adding extra water if needed to make it to a thick batter consistency.Use a hand mixer if you have one,otherwise use your hand,but be sure to mix it thoroughly .Finally add in coconut pieces and sesame seeds,stir and allow it to stand for 45 mts- 1 hr .


Heat the Unniyappam pan,and fill oil in each impression upto 3/4 full.When the oil is very hot,reduce the heat to medium and fill the impressions with the batter upto a little more than 3/4th full.Allow it to cook slowly until done.Do not cover the pan.


When one side is done,flip over to the other side and cook.It’ll come out easily without sticking,if its cooked well.


Cook until both sides are golden brown in color.Remove and drain it to a tissue paper.Serve hot.


P.S:- Unniyappams prepared with fruits won’t last for more than 4-5 days.

Check variety Unniyappams from fellow bloggers :Inji’s (with sooji),Priya’s (with both wheat rava & rice flour),RP’s ( batter prepared by grinding long grain rice),and Vizmaya’s(with all purpose flour and sooji)

43 Responses to “Unniyappam”

  1. Sri said

    Unniyappam, my favorite. This brings back my childhood memories…how me and my sister use to fight for that last piece of unniyappam. Next time for sure i am going to bring uniyappam pan from india.

    Its my favorite too,Sri…Amma used to prepare it for evening snack.Those were extra delicious…

  2. MenuToday said

    Yummy looking unniyappam Annita. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks MenuToday

  3. Sumitha said

    Looking at the picture i can smell the wonderful aroma of coconut oil fried uniyappams WOW!Delicious especially when eaten warm!

    Yeah..sumi..perfect for this weather…

  4. gowri said

    Looks so yummy. I have non stick appam pan, can I use that to make this one Nice website and apetiting pictures.

    Yeah..u can use that,gowri..And thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Looks so good.I am the only one in myhouse to like the sweet appam. My DH and daughter go for the savoury one.What a unlucky minority am I?

    Yeah…lakshmi..even my husband is not a big fan of sweet appams…luckily my kid loves it..

  6. Anupama said

    Hi annita,
    I have eaten these sweet appams very long back but I still remember the taste and remember that they were delicious. Thanx for the recipe. Thanx also for giving me a link for Plantain chips. i have checked it out and will be making them very soon .

    Its my pleasure,Anu..

  7. Hi Annita,
    I have been visiting ur blog almost daily eagerly looking forward to some new recipes… i liked ur kerala porotta the best..hav posted some pics of it in my blog :)..all the best for carrying on the gud work and inspiring us!!!

    Thanks foodie…and ur porotta looks really good


  8. usha said

    Hi Annita,
    Wonderful receipe and presentation too. First i thought it is real banana leave, it took few seconds to me to realize.
    Regarding receipe i had it twice from oneof the kerala shop, but never at home. It seems easy after reading your preparation. Sure going to try.

    It is very easy,Usha…You can definitely make it at home…
    Thanks for dropping by

  9. shaheen said

    Oh great! Annita, this time I got an unniappam pan from San francisco’s chinatown and I am seasoning it now.So i no longer need to drool while u all make unniappams. Did u see the kalthappam recipe? what a coincidence!

    Yeah..i saw that and was drooling here..added that to my must -try list…


  10. Indira said

    Thanks for taking time to participate in Jihva with this wonderful entry. Looking at the pictures, I am very much tempted to prepare sweet uniappams, Annita. We prepare a spicy version, a completely different taste.

    And u know what..Seeing your pictures of that spicy version,I’m tempted to try that…:))
    Thanks for the comment,Indira


  11. Daagh said

    Hey Annita,
    My mom makes something similar without adding fruits to it. We call it gulgule :-) she makes them along with pakore on a rainy day
    wonderful and simple recipe :-)

    Yeah..its perfect for a cold day..And i love the name gulgule…:)) What does that mean?

  12. Asha said

    Looks delicious,Anita.A great entry for Jihva:))

    Thanks Asha

  13. manj said

    Lovely blog.I see that you use a lot of coconuts in all your recipes.Do you use frozen coconuts at all?Is there a brand of frozen ones that you can suggest?Thanks.And hey,can you pls get a rss/atom feed?It’d be easier to follow your blog.Thnx

    No,I always use dry coconut powder available in grocery stores..For some recipes like appam and all,I use frozen coconut by Swad


  14. manj said

    And also,I do not have this pan.Have you ever done this w/out the pan?I wonder if the batter will hold together w/out the pan.Thanks can just pour the batter into hot oil with a spoon,just like you do for preparing baji’s..batter will hold together as it is quite thick..only thing is that it will be shapeless..


  15. Hi Annita,
    Delicious looking unniyappam . I don’t know whether I will be able to make it or not. I’ll try

    why can’t?You are such a great cook,you can always make it…:))

  16. Geena said

    Simply Delicious. Nice way to finish up over riped bananas.

    Thanks Geena

  17. Surya said

    Hi Annita,
    Thanks for recipe. Actually my recipe is by grinding the rice.I have to try this one by using rice powder.It looks so delicious!!By the way,thanks for the cake-learning is very helpful for me.

    Happy to see ur comment,Surya…Glad to see u back..
    And I’ve tried ur fish curry with tomatillo long back…It was wonderful..

  18. Mythreyee said

    oh I love this sweet. I think its called Gaarigai in Kannada.

    Gaarigai..Thats a new name for me…:) thanks for dropping by,Mythreyee

  19. Rg said

    hmmmm…I wasn’t around for quite few days and you’ve filled up yr blog with lot of deeeliiicious recipes, huh? I make those fried brinjals ,quite often, so other than that I’ve added other recipes to my must-try list. Those appams look grrrreat. I also made some last week. Usually mine turns out soft and sometimes crunchy but last week it was totally different. Our tooths had a tough time exercising, if you know what I mean :) I still have some ripe bananas left, will try out again but this time with your recipe …thanks Annita.

    I was wondering where u might’ve gone..Glad to see u back..Where were u,Rg?On a vaccation?

  20. Anitha said

    Hi Annita

    Thanks for your recipe collection. Good site for people like me who wants to learn cooking. Keep up the good work.
    I tried your paniyaram recipe.
    The paniyarams were very hard. May I know the reason for this. Where did I go wrong. How to get soft paniyaram on outside. May I know how thick the batter must be to pour into the tawa.

    Thanks a lot
    With Best Regards

    Fruits and baking soda are added to the appams,just to make it soft..The batter should be of the consistency of idli batter…
    Also u have to cook appams in medium consistent heat…Cooking in hight heat ,can cause hard appams.
    Hope this helps,Anitha

  21. Anila said

    Hi Annita,
    That unniappam recipe is great. Try adding 2 tbsp roasted rava (semolina) to the batter… follow the same recipe. You will have crispy u/appams.

    Thank you for the tip,Anila..
    will surely try it next time..

  22. Ann Jaffin said

    Hello I am living in Lexington, KY. I Feel your site is very useful to me. Tell me where are you living?

    I’m close to cincinnati..

  23. remya said

    Hii Anita,uniyappam vallarea nanaayeetooduu…nice grand ma makes in this same way…i havent tried yet…kandiitoo kotheeyavunuuu…..nice recipe

    Thank you Remya..Try it out and let me know if you’ve liked it or not..

  24. Namratha said

    Hi Annita, I tried your Unniyapams y’day..simply loved them..thanks for the recipe! Look at my blog:)

    Thank you for linking me there,Namratha..And ur unniyappams looks delicious too..

  25. laxmi said

    hi and my husband loves unniappams but i cudnt find a recipe so well explained like the one u have given…i try it very soon…

  26. Abhishek said

    Dear Annita,

    Thanks for the recipe. Actually my wife tried to make it but it did not come up well. I am sure this receipe will help her to make a sweet and yummy unniyappam.

  27. nazrina said

    fruit cocktail.2 honey dews cubed and 2 pinappple not so sweet one cubed
    papaya 2 cut into cubed
    sugar free friut juice about 250ml

  28. nazrina said

    milk dessert.1 litre milk maybe skimmed milk or any milk powder.
    rasins 5 tablespoons cashews fried in ghee
    melt some chocolate semi sweet chocolate in the pan.carrots about 2 finely grated
    2 eggs whisked
    eqal sugar to taste.brink milk to a boil.then add in rasinns and cashesws mix in the eggs
    after that mix in the chocolate and the carrots. after that you can refrigerate it for about about 45 minutes

  29. Rose said

    Hi Annita,

    Just tried your recipe. I would suggest 1 1/2 cups of banana and 3/4 cup of jaggery makes tastier unniyappams. Otherwise, I liked your recipe a lot. Thanks!

    Thank u rose..will try it in your way next time

  30. ADTC said

    Malay people have a similar dish called Jemput Jemput Pisang.

  31. Jisha said

    I tried this recipe today and it came out very good. I used 1/4 cup maida along with 2cup idiyappam flour and 1 cup jaggery. Thanks for the recipe. Your recipes are making my life easier.

  32. anup calicut said

    make a call@ 8089397327, unniyappam will reach your doorstep with in 1 hour.

  33. Nisha Pillai said


    I made it using “Appam/Idiyappam” flour of “Nirapara” and didn’t add BakingSoda. Unniyappam was very hard to eat but was tasty. Could you please let me know what was wrong there.

  34. shirly said

    wow…looks great nd mouth watering….feeling nostalgia….

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  36. Clay Vasi said

    Well I definitely liked reading it. This post provided by you is very constructive for correct planning.

  37. UGH!I wrote a very extended reply on your report but my word wide web crapped out and I misplaced all of it! Oh nicely, just planned to notify you that it absolutely was an ideal content! Properly achieved!

  38. cabinet depth refrigerators…

    Unniyappam « My Treasure…My Pleasure…

  39. INDU BABU NAIR said

    Hi annita,

    your is recipe is good. I am also a big fan of unniyappam and I also make it quite often because my husband liked it alot. I have a humble suggestion, The unniyappam will taste further good if you fry the coconut pieces in ghee and I used to add bananas instead of baking soda, banana itself can make it soft and fluffy.

  40. Bindu said

    Tried the recipe. Came out very nice. It is worth trying it. Thanks!

  41. source said

    Have you thought about adding some differing opinions to your article? I think it might enhance everyones understanding.

  42. malumol said

    Hi dear
    Ur unniyappam looks yummy..I have a doubt on ur recipe..can I use store bought pathiri podi ( brahmins brand) for preparing unniyappam or have I to use raw rice flour ( pacha podi) expecting ur reply..
    Thanks in advance..

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