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Sharjah Shake

Posted by Annita on March 13, 2006

Banana Milk Shake with a twist…. “Sharjah” which is famous for its taste as well as its name is considered to be the King of all fruit shakes in Kerala.This is an ideal mini meal at Manachira Square(Calicut) which is the Home of Sharjah Shake.Due to the rising heat of summers,now it is getting popular all over Kerala .
Another fruit shake which is famous for its Arabic name is “Saudi”.It is also a milk shake with dates as its main ingredient.

Sharjah Shake

My recipe for Sharjah milk shake goes like this…

Bananas -2
Chilled Milk – 1 cup (Keep milk in freezer until chilled)
Boost or Any Chocolate Flavoured Drink Mix -1/2 tsp
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Cardamom crushed – 1
Water -1/2 cup.
Add Bananas,Sugar,Water,Cardamom and boost to a mixer and blend well .Now add chilled milk and blend for just 2 seconds .Sprinke 1/4 tsp of sugar to the mixture and mix it lightly using spoon.The occasional crunch of chilled milk and sugar makes it more interesting.Serve immediately.
Posted by Annita

33 Responses to “Sharjah Shake”

  1. Hi there! I came across your blog today. You’ve got a nice blog going !! Your little one looks cute and naughty!!

    I like kerala cuisine and will check out your site for recipes to try.

    Drop by my blog sometime.


    Thanks for visiting my blog..I’ll definitely try yours..


  2. shilpa said

    Hi Annita,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    This post looks amaging. I will try it out. First when I saw the name, I felt it is a pakistani drink :).

    Hi Shilpa,

    Try it out and let me know whether you like it or not.I’ve visited your blog..I’ve found some great recipes out there.Good work.Keep it up..


  3. reshma said

    wow! hey I remember the place where they sell it, ‘kalandans fruit stall’ isn’t it? girlohgirl the late summer nights rush at kalandans for a glass of sharjah or chikku!!!

    Yeah..I like chikku better than sharjah..I can still feel its!!..Are you from Calicut


  4. Sailaja said

    Thanks for this recipe.Goes to my toddler’s food “must-try” list..:)

    Even my toddler loves this!!


  5. giniann said

    Hi Annita..I have seen Sharjah shakes at almost all fruit drink stalls in Kerala. Didnt know what it contained..Lovely blog. How do u find wordpress? I think it is really cool. Btw,which part of Kerala are you from. Just curious.

  6. Dr Tharun said


    I had enjoyed Sharjah shakes since long, and have often fancied to having it made at home. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I shall check out for more such simple and humble recipes that’s ideal for greenhorns like me,at your site.

    Thanks Tharun,I’m really happy to know that it helped u..


  7. lakshmy said

    Again which banana did u use for this…sorry to keep asking!!bt do u hail frm calicut ??u know so much on kalandans and sagar…i am frm calicut:)

    Usually you use ‘Palayankodan’ pazham for this …But here i use the local Chiquita bananas.
    No,I’m not from Calicut,but i’ve so many relatives there and used to visit Calicut quite often.Also i’ve done my final project in CDET,Calicut…where’s ur place in Calicut?

  8. Dr Sushant said

    Hi,got here while searching for this recipe in google.Could u tell me what kind of banana/plantain is used in it??Is it “Ezathapazham”??


    No,its not ethappazham..Usually in Kerala we use ‘Palayan kodan’ pazham..But here in U.S i use the local bananas which is available

  9. julie said


  10. Najmah said

    HI Annita,
    I am from Bangalore Myself and husband had been to Kerala last month and loved the place. We ate parotta in a hotel near Kochi and fell in love with it. Since then i have beenn searching for a good recipe for it. Thanks so much, i found it on your site. I am so glad and excited to try it out!!I will surprise my husband with it.
    Not just parotta , your website has a wealth of other recipes and im absolutely LOVING your website! Please keep up the good work!

  11. Najmah said

    Forgot to add in previous comment. Butterfruit means Avocado. Its widely available here in Bangalore.

  12. RJ said

    OMG THIS LOOKS SO GUD..IVE BEEN Craving for this..and thank god i found this..i won’ tbe going to india for a long this will help…is there crushed cardamom in the U.S? it’s funny i never even heard of it..lemme noe..thanks alottttttt..

  13. Kolayali said

    In sharja shake,NEVER use other bananas.
    what is used is called “Njaalipoovan” “Poovan” Pazham.

    Palayamkodan smells and tastes “eeeks” :p

  14. ragi said

    hi annita…was looking out for ths recipe…..tried it out… was yummy…thanks ..

  15. deepak said

    thanx for ur recipe….

  16. deepak said

    wow,gud taste,thanx…

  17. Rockx said

  18. Vishwas said

    Looking for the recipe since i came back from Kerala…will try out soon.

  19. this recipe will be easy and I think it will not yield a real thick sharjah(saarja as they call in bengalooru) shake.
    My recpie, also common in Cochin,Calicut areas used by Reputed Bakeries/Shops.I am giving a recipe for 2 FULL Glasses of Sharjah Shake.Adjust According to Your Need:
    1.Njaali Poovan Pazham(Common Banana) – 2 no
    2 Sugar – 3 Tea Spoon Full
    3 Boost or Horlicks – 2 Tea Spoon Full
    4 Freezed Milk – 500ml packet(if uses packaged milk, only use Milma or a reputed brand as others can cause health hazard due to spurious “milk” mixture”

    5.Cashew(Kajoo) – 3-4 pieces
    6.Dates – 1 or 2(Not Necessary)
    7.Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream – Small Amount to top Glasses (Not Necessary)

    Firstly, Remove the Cover of the *FREEZED* Packaged Milk(Assuming) by putting it in running water for a minute.Take the Freezed Milk to a Wooden Table with Cover or If You Don’t Mind use a Steel Vessel and Crush the Freezed Milk evenly or into medium pieces.

    Add the Crushed Milk to Mixer Jar,Add Bananas,Sugar,Cashew/Dates and Switch ON Mixer for 1.5Minutes in Medium Speed.Stop and Use a Spoon to Mix the Concentrate inside Mixer Jar.Make Sure No Thick Freezed Ice is Found.If Yes, Mix for few Seconds More;But Make Sure to Not to loose the Thickness of the Shake Concentrate.

    Next, Add Horlicks(Preferably) or Boost(No Bournvita) or Milo to the top of the Concentrate,Followed by Another Slight Layer of Sugar(for extra taste) and Swith Mixie ON For 1 Minute.You Can Open and See to Make sure the Concentrate is EVEN.If Reached to this Point, Switch off the Mixer. Pour the Sharjah Shake to Two Full Glasses(It is 300ml Glasses If Iam Not Mistaken).
    You Can Add Small Scoopes of Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream to Top up the Glasses.Server As Soon as Possible.

    Store the Remaining Shake in Freezer of Server again, pour the Freezed Shake to Mixie and Loosen it.

    Hope You All Like the Recipe.Do Give Feedbacks here.

    Thank You.

    • Forgot to Mention:
      You Can Make Malayali/Malabari Shakes as in Above Method Replacing Bananas by Hershey’s Syrup(Chocoloate,Strawberry etc) or Chocoloate,Strawberry,Pista,Butter Scotch,Orange Flavours(Essence) or Ice Cream to Yield Respective; Chocolate Shake,Pista Shake Etc.

      **NOTE**:This Recipe was Not about loose Milk Shakes Prevalent in Other Parts of India and Pakistan.This Recipe is for the Malwari/Malabari/Malayali Version of Milk Shakes.These are Thick Shakes and are Served With a Wider Straw and Spoon.As You Drink, You need to use Spoon or even the Straw itself to Stir the Concentrate Properly.This is How Sharjah or Any Malayali Milk Shakes are Taken.

      Sabba Khair.

  20. rouf said

    anita i think something u forgot
    mean peanuts or cashewnuts

  21. rouf said

    anita did u heard abt fried ice creams

  22. Desijew said

    I’ve heard about fried ice is available at panampilly nagar ernakulam.

  23. Hi there, I love your photos and all the drinks and food look so appetizing.
    The avocado shake that I tried out from ur recipe was awesome.
    When you get a chance check out my blog recipes

  24. hi friend

    this is one of the uncommon content articles that you choose to encounter that actually is wise

    i’m sure thrilled to realize that you appear to be travelling up the google search rankings also

  25. mint simple syrup recipe…

    […]Sharjah Shake « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  26. bravo said

    hey u miss a ingre:ice cream
    anywa thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. bravo said

    @ madhyakeralakaran
    dis is de best receipe

    thnx dude

  28. dear madhyakeralakkaran, your recipe is the best one. but, there is a unhealthy habit of bakery workers beating the freezed milkpacket which is a plastic cover with wooden block to crush the freezed milk. this is very bad and poisonous. because, tiny plastic particles and strips enter the milk and these idiots don’t seems to care about it.
    To crush freezed milk, better use some portable crusher(not easily available). if not, use a sharp sterile tool to cut the freezed milk. or even better, use normal milk and ice pieces…first put milk into a bowl. and put ice pieces into it enough to cool the milk(40:60 ratio). put these into mixer along with what @madhyakeralakkaran suggested. it will be better. yes, thick milkshare is great compared to other recipes.

  29. Aron said

    use a generous amount of sugar with sharjah shake. also, it is not really a household drink. it needs freezed milk been crushed and use mixie.

  30. nisha said

    wt type of banana is gud for making sharjah shake?

  31. anwar said

    hii anitha do u knew how did this one got its name… SHARJA SHAKE

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