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Vaazhakka Upperi/Plantain Chips

Posted by Annita on August 19, 2008

Vaazhakka Upperi or Plantain chips is a popular snack from Kerala and is an important item in a traditional Sadya.The preparation is quite simple,raw green plantains cut into thin slices are deep fried in coconut oil until crispy,adding only salt and turmeric.

Here goes the detailed recipe..

Ingredients :-

Raw green plantains – 2
Turmeric powder (Optional)- 1/4 tsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Oil – as needed

Method :-

Peel the plantains,wash them and immerse in water for sometime.Now take a bowl with 1/2 cup of water and add turmeric powder and salt into it.Mix well and keep it aside.

Heat coconut oil in a medium heat.Please make sure that you fill only the half of the wok.

Take 1 plantain out of the water,pat them dry using a clean towel and then cut it into thin slices using a knife or a kitchen slicer.Gently seperate the slices and keep it aside.Alternatively you can slice it directly into hot oil with a slicer.

Throw one slice into the wok and see whether the oil is bubbling.If so ,then throw the rest of the slices into it.Do not overcrowd the pan, you can fry them in batches depending on the size of the wok you’re using. Gently stir them inside the oil using a slotted stainless steel spoon.

Alow it to cook for 2-3 minutes stirring in between.It will start to make a peculiar sound when it turns crisp.Now sprinkle the reserved turmeric water into the oil.It will make a bubbling noise and the oil might come up a little(this is why you should not fill the wok fully with oil),dont be scared,just move away from the stove.Also you can cover it with a lid if you want to.

When the bubbles are almost settled,you’ll hear that crispy sound again.Gently stir it and carefully remove them from oil onto a paper towel to drain the oil.Check for salt and yellow color ,and if needed you can add more to the turmeric water accordingly. Repeat the same procedure for other batches too.

When they are completely cooled,store them in an airtight container.


18 Responses to “Vaazhakka Upperi/Plantain Chips”

  1. banana chips are my weakness since childhood when it comes to snack. I always used to wonder where you need to add the salt and turmeric when you deep-fry the chips. I guess you must have learned it from a pro.So you sprinkle this turmeric-salt water each time when you fry a batch?

    Thank you Rajalekshmy..I learned it from my amma only..
    yeah..u need to add it every time when u fry a batch.

  2. Jayashree said

    Looks crisp and perfect. I usually add only salt water – no turmeric, it still turns out yellow, hg

    Yeah..thats justs an option..even my amma doesn’t add that always.

  3. pria said

    Its all yummy and crispy.

    Thank you Pria..And welcome to my blog

  4. reminds me Onam is round the corner.
    but ( sniff sniff boo boo)fried stuff-a big no no for me, the weight watcher.
    yes. no cooks like ammas. i regret that i didnt note down her stupendous recipes. I have a post on “How amma made appams :

    yeah..u said it…ammas hands that special ‘kaipunyam’ which is very hard to acquire.

  5. Maria Jose said

    hey annita, I so feel like grabbing a few from there :) it looks so crispy!!

    Thank you Maria..And thanks again for linking my idiappam .

  6. nags said

    homesick :(

    hehe…have u started preaparations for Onam?

  7. Anna said

    Hi Annita,

    I am a silent reader of your blog, though I haven’t yet posted any comments i keep reading them from my office very regulary.

    This site brings in a confidence for me to cook when Im gonna run my family.[well i just need a computer and a good connection so i can peep into it when i need it]

    Well ofcourse my mother is a great cook, but its sheer laziness for me to learn cooking from her when she is all ready with a box of tasty yummy food when i get ready to go to office.

    Anyways keep adding more to your blog.

    All the best

    Cheerio :)

    Thank you very much ,Anna..I really appreciate ur time for writing to me.Do visit my blog and keep commenting often..:) BTW,r u getting ready to start a family soon?

  8. kumudha said

    I love banana chips, both sweet and spicy. Thanks for sharing so many traditional recipes!

    Thank you Kumudha

  9. Just Perfect!

    Thank you..

  10. Sandy said

    Hey guys I was just trying to fry mine when I saw your recipe. My problem is that mine never STAY crispy regardless of what I store them in. I thought they were thin enough but could THAT be one reason why it did not stay crisp (mind yu it was crispy coming out of the pot).

    Please help me with all the reasons why it could be that thye never stay crisp (coz I wanted to make a lot and store for everyday snacking).


    The chips has to be cooled well before storing.If you put it in the container while its hot,it can get soaked up..And try cleaning the plantain well before frying.My amma sometimes scrape the plantain with a ‘Chakiri'(outer hairy skin of cococnut) to remove all the ‘Kara’ (stain) from coconut.
    Thats all the reasons i can think of.
    And sorry for this late reply.

  11. Simple said

    This is how my mom makes the chips.I do feel homesick :(
    Thanks for the recipe :)

  12. Cherryflower70 said

    Can coconut oil be replaced by other vegetable oil? I would love to try it but we don’t get coconut oil where I stay.

  13. Priya said

    Hi Annita
    I got this nenthram pazhyam ( plaintain ) from the store. Im from mumbai, newly married and moved over to the US. Here there were 2 or 3 types of plaintains or banana that i didnt know if it was kaya or pazhyam.
    Anyways i was initially for pazhyam puri which my hubby loves and i ran into you chips recipe. I made them last night in batches and they look and taste yumm.
    Im looking forward to visiting your site more often & trying your veg recipes.
    warm regards

    Happy to hear that u both liked it,Priya…And i really appreciate your effort for letting me know abt it…
    Do visit my blog often…

  14. Jupi said

    Hi anita i tried your plantain chips and it came out very well. Thanks for the recipe. I really appreciate all your hard work. I have a question, why do you sprinkle the turmeric water when frying the chips?

    Thanks in advance.


    Turmeric is added to get the color…you can omit that if youi dont want it…And adding salt to the oil is the best way to apply salt evenly onto the plantain slices…


  15. Zain said

    Hi ANita,
    I tried this recipe, unfortunately the chips turned out to be very soft and soaky kind instead of crispy. Do u have any suggestion?

  16. Jerry J said

    I have made dozens of batches of plantain chips using a deep fryer and a wire basket. After the chips turns crisp, you can lift the basket, hold it for 10 seconds to dry and dump the chips into a cookie sheet padded with paper towels, and then sprinkle iodized salt over it. There is no need for tumeric, and adding a liquid mixture of salt and tumeric into hot oil could spell disaster, it can burst and burn your face and arms, also the salt and tumeric contents in the oil will limit its further usage.

  17. Shalini Gopakumar Nair said

    Hello Anitha,

    Do you have the recipie for Sharakara Peretti ,I think I got the spelling Wrong.
    Its usually the fav combi on Onasadya-Vaazhakka Upperi and Sharkara Peretti.Please post this recipie.

    Thanks in advance.
    Shalini Gopakumar Nair

  18. Hello, my group is just establishing our first website, searching and working out what is needed. This blog stuck out right away. Im fired up about this, and adore the design of your site. Are you able to let me know what theme it is?

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