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I’m back !!!

Posted by Annita on May 16, 2008

I’m back in the U.S.I reached here yesterday only,now staying in a hotel and we’ll be moving to Pittsburg next week because of my husband’s job change.

I am very excited to see many messages and emails from my friends.I couldn’t check my emails or blog for a long time as i was travelling most of the time.I was very busy attending the marriages and other functions in Kerala.I’m so sorry for not letting you know about extending my vaccation for 6 months.

I hope i can start blogging again after 2-3 weeks,right after settling in the new city.Once again thanks a lot for thinking about me.Luv u guys…

50 Responses to “I’m back !!!”

  1. Asha said

    Welcome back to US Annita, can’t wait to see your blog up again but do settle down comfortably first!:))

  2. Mishmash! said

    Hello Annita….nice to have you back :) that was quite a loong vacation :) anyway, travel safe to the new place and take time to settle down.


  3. sumitha said

    Hi Annita!appol vacation adichupolichu alle?Lil Milan would have had a great time!Like Asha said,take your time!So glad you are back.

  4. ranji said

    hi annitha!!!i have visited ur blog many times before i started my own blog..i just started it 4 months back….used to make lots of recipes from it:) happy to know u r back and will be back to blogging soon:)..looking fwd to seing ur recipes..

  5. Kalai said

    Wow! I found your blog by chance some months back and have tried out some of your recipes. Especially loved your parotta recipe!! It’s great to know that you’re back. Take your time to get settled and looking forward to more awesome recipes! :)

  6. Rg said

    Wow! 6 months vacation???? You’re making me jealous now :(

    Welcome back Annita. Hope you had wonderful time in India.


    Nice to hear from u,Rg..How r u doing?

  7. prinson said


    Welcome Back!!

  8. roopa said

    Hi annita, that was a very nice surprise!! welcome back! I had posted a lot of comments on your last post, hope you didnt mind ;) seriously missed your posts here!! glad to have you back :) …..Take your time to settle down , I hope you had a wonderful time in Kerala:)

    Thank u for checking on me Roopa…Yes..I’ve had a great vaccation there..

  9. TBC said

    I’ve been coming here occasionally for inspiration especially during Onam and Vishu. Good to have you back.

  10. Purlycues said

    Hi Nice to see you back.

  11. Srivalli said

    Its good to see you back!…looking forward to your posts!

  12. Mamatha said

    Welcome back Annita! I live in Pittsburgh, you can contact me if you need any information etc.

    Thank u Mamatha..Where r u in Pittsburgh?

  13. Bindu said

    Welcome back dear. 6 months in kerala? WOW…how terrific is that? Lucky woman you are :-) Good to have you back. My best wishes for a new beginning at a new place. I tried some of your recipes when you werent here. Needless to say all came out good! Thanks agian…and ALL THE BEST to you and your family!

    Nice to hear from u r u?Howz ur kids.?

  14. jisha said

    welcome back annita.we all missed u a lot.happy to c u again

  15. Priya said

    Welcome back Annita! Hope you had a wonderful vacation, looking forward to all the yummy recipes now :) Hope to meet up in Pitts sometime..

    Thank u Priya,U live in Pittsburgh?

  16. Jyothsna said

    That was a long break! Settle in, and we’ll wait for your wonderful posts! :)

  17. princyyohannan said

    hey anita,
    welcome back.
    i enjoy your recipees..they are really easy to make & yummy tooo

  18. Shabana said

    hi annita,
    this is shabana, was ur senior at cusat.. dont know if u recollect!!
    i came across ur blog just few weeks back, but didnt post a comment as u were on vacation. u r doing a gr8 job annitta… hats off to you!!
    i came across ur teddybear cake just a wee b4 my boys’ bdays. i tried it and came out very well… lost the perfection as i used whipcream instead of butter icing. otherwise it looked good. thanks a loot…
    all ur recipes are really good and simple too. hoping to see more here.

    Thank you Shabana..I really do remember u…How r u doing?
    Do drop a line when u get time..:))

  19. Welcome Back Annita!! This is my first comment on ur blog, eventhough I’ve been a fan for a long time..Missed your posts terribly!!! Hope to see more of your fantastic recipes soon!!

  20. RP said

    Welcome back!! Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  21. budding kitchen said

    glad to c u back……wishing u great days ahead

  22. Nita said

    So good to have u back..Missed ur recipes:)

  23. reya said

    hey anita!
    welcome board!
    hoping to see more delicious recipes from you.
    good luck!

  24. Hi Annita , I do have started blogging, and will be happy if you can kindly enlist my blog link to your blog roll. Check out my blog at :
    Hope to catch u up again . till then happy blogging

  25. Mahima said

    Hi Annitta,

    I was waiting for you to get back, to drop in a word of praise for your culinary skills. I moved with my husband to UK right after weddng, n its from your recepies i learned to cook :) Thanks a lot for the pictures n clear explanations. Starting with Pesaha appam n paalu, I have tried kappa, kaalan, oolan, sambar, aviyal, thoran, chicken varattiyathu n so many things from your recepies, n everything turned out so well. Now im trying to make the fish pickle :) . Keep blogging Annitta.
    Good job :)


    Wow..Thats a great list …Thanks a lot for letting me know ,Mahima..

  26. Ashish said

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  27. Anitha said

    Hi Annita,

    This is for the first time I am writing on your site. Your site has become my reference site whenever I make something for guests, especially your biriyani recipe. Welcome back!


    Thank u Anitha..:))

  28. Ashima said

    Hi Annita,

    I really like your blog … infact your blog inspired me to make my blog active again …. waiting eagerly for your new additions to the blog :)


    Wow..Thats great..Now keep it going..Ashima

  29. A well wisher said

    Hi,Like all me too use this site for reference in cooking :)! Just would like to congratulate you on this great effort. I have tried many recipes from this site, some turned out good others ok :). Guess dont have the kaipunniyam like you. Take care & looking forward to see more recipes.

    Thank u dear..Do visit me often

  30. Divya said

    Hi good to see you back.

  31. pintoo said

    Welcome back. Expecting more gud recipes

  32. Jubi said

    Hi Annita…

    Welcome back…..

  33. dipali said

    Nice to have you back…missed u…cant wait to try ur new recipes

  34. Leena said

    hi annita

    weelcome back. i was eagerly waiting for ur arrial and i am expecting new delicious receipes from u.we missed u alot yaar

  35. Rafeeq said

    Hi Anita, Welcome back and hoping u will give a reply for my “CHAKKA” request.

    rafeeq,I dont have any chakka varatti with me now…:))
    will sent u when i get some,ok…

  36. Anu said

    Hi annita
    welcome back I tried ur gobi manchurian and other recipes and all came out to be good.Thanks da

  37. Rashmi said

    Hey hey.. thats fantastic… I am a regular at ur blog. Gr8 to have u back

  38. srija said


    I missed u a lot. I have been trying ur recipes and other recipes but ur recipes suited best for me and my family…I am so happy. whenever i browse i check for ur come back. i am very excited u r back.


    Thank you for such a loving message,Srija…
    do visit me again…

  39. MR said

    welcome back,
    hope u had a great time back home.


  40. Happy Cook said

    Welcome back

  41. Nisha said

    Hi Anita,
    Glad to see u r back…Hope u get settled down soon..Cant wait for ur blog….Hey, I tried ur Christmas cake recipe…used a couple of my own methods…It came out really nicely….The only prob was that I used a little more brandy at the end….But my hubby and friends who ate it had no complaints :-D…Thanks a lot!
    Keep blogging.

    happy to know that u all liked it,Nisha….Do visit me often..

  42. f117 said

    It’s nice to see your cookery. Some of them wanna fill up their blogs by putting “how to make boiled water?”. Sounds weird? Isnt?. Do you travel in the same track of putting “how to make a juice?”. Ofcourse I am not admonishing, perhaps please maintain a value to your blog.

  43. sasdin said

    hi annita,

    this is the first time i saw ur blog, good one, neat way of presenting things, great cake for ur son’s birthday, u said u r moving to pittsburgh i live in pittsburgh too, so once u have settled down i hope to read a lot in ur blogs.


    thank you,where are u in pittsburgh?

  44. ur praiser said

    Hi Anita,

    I used to look at your blog every week for new recepies and till now you haven’t put any new receipies from the day you went for holdiays.

    Please do keep posting as I am loosing interest checking each week. At least tell us from which date you will be posting new recepies.


    Blog is updated…

  45. pintoo said

    Waiting for new traditional recipes.

  46. Sonority said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Sonority.

  47. Annita said

    Nice to hear from all of u ,friends..
    I’m almost settled here…and i hope my blog will be active really soon…


  48. Mamatha said

    Sorry fot the late response Annita. Hope you’ve settled down in Pittsburgh. I live in Wexford.

    Thank you Mamatha…Yes..we’ve almost settled here…we live close to bridgeville..


  49. Jobin Jose said

    Thank you annita for your valuable recipies…..

  50. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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