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Kid’s Cake (Thomas & Friends)

Posted by Annita on October 19, 2007

This is the cake I decorated for my son’s 3rd birthday.He is a great Thomas fan and so I had to do something with the theme Thomas.It was a 2 tier cake covered with buttercream frosting,first tier was a white cake and the second one a chocolate.The pebbles were made of fondant and the Thomas track set is bought from Walmart bakery section.

Thomas Cake
Click on the above picture to see it enlarged

Thomas The Tank Engine

I know the pictures are not so good,I completely forget about taking pictures while struggling to put together the birthday party.So these are the only pictures I have with me now.So sorry guys,please bear with me for time being.

Checkout this too: Thomas the Tank Engine Tutorial


46 Responses to “Kid’s Cake (Thomas & Friends)”

  1. Happy cook said

    Wow I have no words to write about youe wonderful cake.
    Don’t apologise the pic looks great. I am sure your son was very happy with them.
    It is a Fantastic Thomas Cake.

    Thanks dear HC

  2. Kaykat said

    Wow! This looks awesome. And a lot of work. I’m sure your son was super happy :)

    Yes Kaykat…he was happy to see Thomas on his cake…

  3. Ohh amazing..looks so professional. You are a pro Annita.

    Thank you Shilpa

  4. Bindu said

    Hey Annita!
    Are you kidding me? These pics are great..the cake looks Fantastic! I m sure it involved lot of hard work..but I am also sure your son must have loved it and boy… is he lucky to have a Mom like you! Hats off to you yet again Annita. You are the best:-)

    Thank you again for all these kind words Bindu

  5. Dhivya said

    wow! this is amazing! and so into baking ..have not yet reached such levels…

    Thank you Divya

  6. Richa said

    wow! that is one gorgeous looking cake! those pebbles lining the boundary look too good! wonder how long it took you to complete it!!

    The whole process took more than a day’s time..Richa

  7. meeso said

    This is a really cool cake…pictures are fine :)

    Thanks Meeso..

  8. Laavanya said

    Very nicely done… Must’ve been a lot of work though but am sure it made your son very happy.

    Thank you Laavanya

  9. Puspha said

    Wonderful!!! Great job Annita.

    Thank you Pushpa..How r u doing?

  10. kalva said

    Spellbound!! very creative.. i can see how many hrs it took!

    Thanks Kalva and welcome to my blog

  11. Suganya said

    I can see how much time you must have spent putting that together. Wonderfully done!

    Thank you Suganya

  12. Roopa said

    wow… i better not show this to my daugther … this looks excellent and am sure he would have loved the cake as well as mummy too :)for baking such a beautifull cake for him

    yes…He loved the cake very much..:))

  13. RP said

    Amazing! You became a pro in a very little time. I remember you started out with your beginner cake posts. Congrats, and hats off your patience to assemble such a complicated cake. Happy birthday to your son.
    Yummy erissery coming up, eh?

    Thank you very much RP….

  14. Mishmash! said

    the amount of time and effort and patience gone behind this cake is quite admirable…..dont worry about the pics….the enlarged version gives quite a good idea.Belated b’day wishes to your son :) Am sure young man was happy with the cake :)

    Yes Mishmash..he was so excited…

  15. Rg said

    fantastico! belated b’day wishes to your son.

    Thank you Rg

  16. jisha said

    wahhh..nice cake..balated happy b’day to little milan

    Thank you Jisha

  17. Cynthia said

    You are amazing!

    Thank you Cynthia

  18. Anu said

    Hi Annita,

    The cake looks fantastic.. it looks so professional and neat work. Would love to learn more cakes from you. Can you post if possible :) the white cake and chocolate cake recipe.. so that we could try it tooo:)


    For this cake i’ve used cake mixes available in boxes..Thats why i didn’t give out any recipes…

  19. Rachel said

    Hey! Lovely cake! the amount of work that has gone into it is evident and the pics aint bad..the lil flowers look very nice..amazing colours too!

    Thank you Rachel

  20. remya said

    Perfect cake ..ur a professional :-)i can imagine hw many time ane effort u took for making such amazing cake for ur little buddy….thankz for sharing

    Thanks Remya

  21. Anila said

    Hello Annita,

    Wow ! this is really sensational. Very creative. Pebbles are superb, is it black current and tell me what are the sands made up of !

    Also this is first time I am visitng your site, recipies are simple and look very delicious. i will keep u posted.

    Best regards,

  22. Hi Annita

    I keep visiting your site often and you amaze each time..The cake really looks great…Nice colours and neatly done…you deserve a pat on your back.


  23. As ever, your site inspires me to do more

  24. Ami said


  25. Patrick said

    nice cake!
    maybe you would get more ideas for cooking here

  26. d said

    annita, i am a regular reader of your blog and enjoy it very much. we are not from kerala – but we have a lot of friends there and we go there very often and we love kerala food. i tried your fish curry in coconut milk – it turned out yumm and was so easy too. i also tried your paalappam and naadan egg roast, both came out very nice. thanks for sharing your recipes with us.

  27. Carnation said

    awesome, awesome, awesome…

  28. Shella said

    First things first – belated happy birthday to your sonny boy!! God bless him

    Secondly the cake looks fantabulous!! I mean the pebbles look lovely & the whole cake looks just perfect.

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  30. SREE.KALA SUNIL said


  31. Mudd said

    The cake decoration is very nice.

    Would you please contact me on my email address? Thank you.


  32. Hi anita
    just recently did an experiment and made the english classical cake for the indian wedding in Botswana. do have a look whenever you can.

  33. Nisha Ajai said

    Hi annita,

    Iam a regular visitor of ur blog and thanks a lot for the variety of recipes.

    This cake is really mouth watering and i would need your kind help in my experiments for baking a cake.I live in Japan,we bought an oven.But it is Microwave and has power and time settings .No Option for temperature adjustments.In all the recipes I have seen it is is said to preheat the oven to 170 degrees.Could you please tell me ow to bake a cake in microwave using power settings.

    It would be of great help for me.

    Thanks in advance,
    Expecting ur reply soon,

  34. theresa said

    dear anitta,
    i’m so excited to see that awesome cake .
    My hearty congratulation to you .

  35. nisha said

    this is such a wonderful…can u please teach me how to do this

    thank u

  36. Hetal said

    Visitinf your blog for the first time.Thats a lovely cake and the pics are good dear…wonderful decoration.would love to see u on my blog.

    You’ve a great blog out there Isha..Nice job..

  37. varsha said

    Awesome !!!..I came in search of some spinach dishes here,,must say that u hav got a superb space here n u r really professional.amazed to see this cake..hats off..:)

    Thank u ,varsha…

  38. ligi said

    plz teach me how to make a cake!!! i want to learn cake making before iam leacing from US!!!

    You can join for a wilton cake decorating course…They r doing it in every hobby lobby/michael stores..Just check out with them…

  39. KittyCat said

    Hi Annita – that’s a perfect cake for a Thomas fan! I was browsing for cake ideas for my 3 year old when yours turned up first :-)

    Your son must have been too excited for words!

    Now, I wonder if someone could make a similar one in Malaysia???

    That would be my toddler’s most memorable birthday, I’m sure!

  40. You have done a really nice job of the cake a great disign for a kids party. If your son is a Thomas the tank engine fan please see my site.

  41. Arjun Raj said

    A two tiered Thomas and Friends theme birthday cake: $250
    Annita’s patience and care in setting it up for her little one: Priceless.

    So your son must be 7 years old now, head to and mail me for discount of 15% on any purchase over Rs.1500.

    All the best!

  42. sana said

    nice one dear … great job
    may i know the fondant recipe and butter cream recipe u used for this cake … can u pls email me at as i have my kids birthday this april really looking forward to hear from u soon

  43. sana said

    is it the same wilton s buttercream recipe and wiltons fondant u used in this recipe if its some thing else pls email me dear really looking forward to hear from u

  44. sana said

    did u use this buttercream recipe for spreading on the cake anitha pls let me know dear

    can this be used to cover the cakes and can it be used for making decorations like flowers , and making borders on the cake ..

  45. visit this…

    […]Kid’s Cake (Thomas & Friends) « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  46. hobby said


    […]Kid’s Cake (Thomas & Friends) « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

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