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Chakka Kozhukatta

Posted by Annita on August 16, 2007

Kozhukatta,another traditional sweet from my home state Kerala is simple rice flour dumplings filled with a mixture of coconut and sugar/jaggery. Chakka Kozhkatta is a variation to the popular sweet Kozhukatta.Here jackfruit jam(Chakkavaratti) is also mixed along with the rice flour to prepare the dough ,and rest of the preparation remains the same.

Chakka kozhukatta


Rice Flour -1 cup
Jackfruit Jam/Chakka Varatti – 1 cup
Boiled water – as needed
Ghee – 1 tsp

For the Filling:-
Grated coconut – 1 cup
Crushed Jaggery(Sharkkara) – 1/4 cup
Cardamom powder (Elakka podichathu)- a pinch


For the Dough :Mix together rice flour,ghee and jack fruit jam,and add hot water(if needed) little by little until a smooth dough is formed.

Chakka kozhukatta

Chakka kozhukatta

When cooled,knead with your hand to make the dough very soft.

Chakka kozhukatta

Divide the dough into lemon sized dumplings and keep it aside.

For the Filling: Mix grated coconut,cardamom and jaggery together,or else heat the mixture slightly before filling.

Take a dumpling and flatten it thin with your hands.Place 1 tbsp of filling in the middle,close it and shape it again to make a ball.Repeat the same with all the dumplings.Then arrange them neatly in an iddli cooker and steam it until it is well done.

Chakka kozhukatta

Chakka kozhukatta

19 Responses to “Chakka Kozhukatta”

  1. Mishmash! said

    hmm..chakka+kozhukkattta….njangale kothippikkuvanalle :) I have never tasted this version !

  2. Jyothsna said

    Wow! it sounds so delicious Annita. I’ve never had this combination, pakshe vaayil vellam varunnu!!

  3. Asha said

    Looks delicious Annita. Like the filling for Obbattu/Holige, steamed.YUM!:)

  4. meeso said

    You really have some of the best looking dessert pics!!!

  5. jisha said

    humm..i havn’t tasted this..but kumpilappam is my favorite..chakka varattiyathu kittiyirunnenkil…kothiyayittu vayya

    thanks for this

  6. Lata said

    Never heard about this and feel like trying it but where can I find the Jam?

    I’m sorry..This jam is not readily available here.
    If you can get fresh jackfruits you can prepare it at home..The link is there in the post itself..

  7. Pravs said

    Drooling out here,seeing the kozhukatta. i am a bit confused here.. is the dough prepared like pathiri ?

    Yeah..its almost like pathiri only…Now only i noticed the similarity between them…:))

  8. Bindu said

    very nice..Annita…my Ammomma used to make ‘elayappam’ with chakka varattiyathu..which i think is similar to ‘kumpilappam’ Jisha mentioned…whatever it is, my mouth waters….ithu nammudey naattil ninnu thannay venam konduvaran..ividey chakkavarattiyathu kittan oru vazhiyumilla:-( but thankyou for the recipe…atleast i can look at the pics and be happy..hehehe

    Yeah..i got this Chakkavarattiyathu from Kerala only…
    Btw i tried your kadai paneer was a big hit…
    Thanks a lot for the recipe..i’ll be posting that very soon…

  9. Cynthia said

    Anita, I thoroughly enjoy the culinary journey everytime I come to your blog. Great job.

    Thanks a lot Cynthia

  10. RP said

    Annita, you have an award waiting for you in my blog. :)

    Chakka kozhukkatta is something new. My aunt makes chakka ada.. Same ingredients are mixed together and spread onto banana leaves to make ada and steamed..

    Thanks dear…
    We too prepare Chakka ada the same way…thats super delicious…

  11. jasmine said

    i cannot wait to try it

  12. rv said

    wow , what a nice combination,….engane kittunnu inganathe super ideas? :) loved ur blog, each and every recipe looks super cool :) and the explanations are also good :) …..i had also posted kozhukkatta with rice and jaggery, but yours looks like a perfection:)

    Thanks a lot dear…
    Ithu vaayichu njan angu pongi poyi ketto…:))

  13. Nags said

    wow this looks quite unique. i looooove chakka varatti. this looks like an interestin variation!

  14. Looks delicious… and as an added bonus this dessert is gluten free!

  15. shynee said

    As usual you have got a wonderful array of very dear recipes….visiting your blog is like going back to ‘tharavadu’/ancestral home for a vacation and enjoying a huge spread of traditional grand ma recipes….brilliant work…onathinu ready aakan thudangiyalley…happy onam…in advance…

  16. mallugirl said

    initially it looked like the stuffing was chakka. this looks good but where did u get so much chakka from? just envious!i am still living on canned jackfruit!

  17. Dhanya said

    Good one Annita! I was looking for dishes with chakka varatti other than payasam and ila ada (I don’t like the former and vaazha ila is very hard to come by here, u know that) and some inspired googling got me to your post. I’m going to try this and see how it shapes up ( though kozhukkattas have historically been my waterloos :(, may be I am just a bad cook). Do you think we could make a fried item with chakka varatti??

  18. Have you ever thought of adding more videos to your blog to keep the readers more hooked? I just read through the whole page and it was very good but since I learn visually, I find videos to be more helpful. I dig what you guys are always up too. Keep up the great work. I will return to your page daily for some of the latest post.

  19. shruthi said

    I have tried most of the recipes from your blog…they were awesome!!!Thanks
    Waiting for new posts !

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