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Wilton Course – Photo Essay

Posted by Annita on July 11, 2007

Finally I completed all the 4 courses in Cake Decoration by Wilton.I’ve taken it in a nearby Hobby Lobby store,each course comprises of 4 two -hr sessions,and its really fun and easy.In a few weeks you could amaze your family with your talents.Here’s a recap from me..

Click on the images to enlarge

Course 1 : Discover Cake decorating

Clowns Cake
Clever Clown cake

Rose flower cake
Rose Spray Cake

Course 2 : Flowers and Baskets

Two birds Cake
Floral Basketweave Cake

Course 3 : Fondant and Tiered Cakes

Giftbox Cake
Bright Package Cake


Two Tier Cake

Tier 1

Tier 2
Tiered Cake

Course 2 : Fondant and Gumpaste

Richly Romantic

Richly Romatic
Richly Romatic Cake

72 Responses to “Wilton Course – Photo Essay”

  1. Shuba said

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……simply superb…wish we were there to taste all these….

  2. Mishmash! said

    Annita….Cant believe your practice cakes also look so pretty….especially the rose spray cake…buttercream frosting looks so evenly done….no knife marks at all…Well, I have a doubt, do u think it’s wise to skip level 3 and do the fondant and gum paste..? or will I be missing out on some techniques? I loved your last one :) Congrats :)


    Why do you want to skip that course Shn??…Just do that too..I dont think you’ll miss anything by that,still i prefer to not to skip it…:))
    And i’m waiting to see your cakes..

  3. Very nice Annita. I have taken 3 courses(1, 2 and Gum-fondant). Yet to take course-3. You have done a great job with all the practice cakes :).

  4. hema said

    The cakes are simply beautiful especially the last one. I love your selection os colors. Lovely.

  5. saira said

    wow!!!its just done perfectly….

  6. Suganya said

    Looks like you have taken all the 4 courses. I took 1 and fondant, but stopped there. Too much sugar and margarine. Beautiful work you have done, though.

  7. jisha said


    annita nalla bhangiyundu..ethokkey engane cheyyan pattuvo?..congrats..

  8. Manasi said

    These are delightful!!! I am hoping to do these classes some day…. hopefully can make time after work! Congratulations of successfully decorating these cakes!

  9. Cynthia said

    Annita, I am totally bowled over my your work. I wish I was living nearby so that you could make and decorate cakes for me often :)

  10. Cynthia said

    Oh, I forgot to say congratulations! Great job!

  11. abarclay12 said

    Nice job. I like the clown cakes. Those are cool.

  12. Indira said

    Congratulations, Annita!
    Cakes look beautiful.

  13. bindu said

    too much only u r…ithu nammudey talents pagil upload cheyyanam…
    really good job di…

  14. giniann said

    What a spectacular display. I am impressed.

  15. Bindu said

    Really impressive Annita! I cant imagine having so much passion and patience to do all this:)) Hats off to you. You really are an inspiration to ‘madichhis’ like me..hahaha!!Bravo!!!

  16. Spicyana said

    Wow Annita, what an amazing display of cakes, loved them all, yet the richly romatic cake is my favorite. Hats off to you !

  17. Anu said

    Hi Annita,
    Good job, all the cakes look grand. In India we do not have like these classes, so I request next time when you make can you put step by step picturesof the cake decoration so that I can learn from the expert:)

    I tried your rich plum cake, it came out good except while cutting the cake was breaking/crumbling into pieces. YOur recipe suggested 6 eggs i put only 4 eggs is that the reason.??? for the crumbling . please let me know


    Sorry Anu,I’m not sure whether its the eggs that caused crumbling..It has never happened to me though..
    Next time i’ll try to put step by step pics of cake decorating…

  18. Jyothsna said

    Congratulations Annita! The cakes look fantastic!!

  19. Wow. They look so beautiful.

  20. Rg said

    Great Job Annita. Nicely done. Quite impressive.

  21. Swathy said

    Wow!!!!!they look fantabulous..
    Wish i could attend those courses too,I checked the Wilton site for any of their courses in our area,but I think they are not available in Oman.


  22. RP said

    Wow!! I was badly craving to see some beautiful cakes ever since archana decided to take a break. :)
    Great job, and looking forward to seeing many many more cakes from you.

  23. Inji Pennu said

    Oh WOW! Anittttaaa…I am so impressed. oh wow!

  24. mallugirl said

    wow anita! now i feel like taking a course too! absolutely great work!

  25. Emi said

    Hi annitha,
    Amazing work!am all motivated to attend a cake decorating class:-)
    keep up the good work.

  26. Annita said

    Thank you very much,my dear friends..I feel so happy and excited to read your comments…

    I’m a lil busy now with my in-laws here,and thats the reason for this blogging break..Will be back with my posts real soon…

  27. Rekha said

    Oh my gawsh! They really look amazing… hope this work gave u lots of happiness and ofcourse offers also :)


  28. Albi said

    Hello Anita,
    I just happened to see ur blog two days back.I went tro’all of ur recipes and thought really excellent.I even tried 2or 3 like Baked ginger fish,Bittergourd curry in yoghurt…etc and they came out very well.
    your cake decorations are fantastic,I too am interested in baking.Going tro’yours’ and your mom’s recipes,I thought your tastes have someting common with mine.I am from palai,are you somewhere from Kottayam region?(A mere guess from your taste!!!!!Did I guess correctly?)I know u r busy now,do reply sometime later.

  29. Albi said

    I forgot to mention that I now live in Abudhabi,U.A.E.Being far from home,feels very excited just to think another person is from my place,that’s why I asked you,hope u don’t mind.

    Thats ok Albi,I can understand you.I live in U.S now but my amma is from Kottayam only..You’re right..We grew up enjoying the taste of Kottayam..:))

  30. vineela said

    Hi Annita,
    LOve your talent in moulding those cakes.

    Thanks Vineela,How r u?
    Miss ur posts…

  31. aju said

    Hi Annita;
    You have been a real source of inspiration to me. Whenever I arrange for a party at home I never forget to go through your receipes atleast once so that I can plan for something different .Your talent is really impressive and . your cakes r simply fantastic . I wish u could give the step by step process of baking them.

  32. Very nice Anita, glad the cake decoration courses from Wilton are paying off. Very impressive indeed.

  33. Kay said

    Oh my! just beautiful!!! :)

  34. Nice work. Beautiful work.
    Someone wanted to know if sugarcraft and cake decoration are practised in India. I have compiled a list of persons who impart sugarcraft classes in India. It may help those who are interested in the art. Please visit my websites:
    You may have to copy and paste the links on the browser

    Thanks for the link,Anamika

  35. Ami said

    EXCELLENT WORK ! You are truly gifted.

    I am new to your blog and I find it really inspiring. I have a request. Please post some videos of cake decoration. All the best to your future endeavours.


    Thanks Amy..

  36. Samreen said

    Hi Anita,
    Your cakes are superb great work and congratulations;now i’m getting more excited to join the wilton class coming on feb2008,i’ll join the course 1 and maybe complete the whole course gradually,after seeing your invention.One thing i would like to ask that did you get any certificate or something after completing these four courses from Wilton?plz,do reply me,i’ll be waiting for that i know that nowadays you are off to India but after reading my comment plz reply me.So,i can plan for the rest of the courses.Thankyou so much for your time.

    First of all…sorry for the late reply…Somehow i missed ur message…sorry again..
    Yes..they’ll give u a certificate after each course.Go ahead and try your hand on cake decorating..
    All the best..

  37. Anu said

    where did u attend the cake decoration classes.Can u give me their sit address?

  38. Jayshree said

    Dear Annita

    I would like to know where did you do this course can I do this course in Mumbai,India ??


  39. Jini Santosh said

    hi anita
    i am writing from qatar. just stumbled across ur blog when i was searching for vendeka recipes. the cakes are really amazing. can u post a step by step course in decorating these cakes. theres no course of that type in this part of the world. thanks
    hope u get this mail

  40. Jini Santosh said

    hi sorry
    pls feel free to send mail to my yahoo account

  41. anju chheda said

    i stay in mumbai and have done the wilton cake deco course.i would like to start a class for the same and need someones help to give it structure.
    would u be interested to be my consultant? where are you put up?
    my e mail id is
    i await your response

    anju chheda

    Sorry Anju,I stay in U.S..So i wont be very useful for u…And also i’m not a great expert in sugar craft..I’m just a beginner..

  42. yvette said

    Hi Anita can you plz let me know if I too can learn these lovely cakes with decoration. I am residing in mumbai & wud love to learn all these tempting cakes. Plz get back to me soon. Do you hv wilton classes in mumbai too?

    I reside in U.S,so i dont know about the wilton classes in india…Can u plz post a comment in this blog and she ‘ll be able to help u i think..

  43. gayatri said

    hi annita ur cakes look absolutely amazing ……..can u please tell me where u live ……im in delhi …do u take sugarcraft classes here ?pls lemme know

    I live in U.S,Gayatri…Check out
    And u can leave a comment there,she’ll be able to help u..

  44. […] 30, 2008 Again, all credit to Annita at  I was inspired by her posts to go for a cake decorating class.  It was a four session class, […]

  45. fabiola-jg said

    online anritsu

  46. Annie Chacko said

    Hi Anita – Nice work !!! Would you mind telling me where you learnt to do them?

    Thanks and Regards

  47. Annie Chacko said


    Nice pics. Nice work. Mind telling me where you learnt to do these?

    Thansk and Regards

  48. surjeet said

    want 2 do the cake decoration course

  49. priya said

    hi dear…fantastic cake deco u have done. do u take classes. would u like to help me on the same. as i ma looking for wilton cake deco classes in india. do let me know if anythis is available in india. or may be nearest country.

    thnx n best wishes to u


  50. Priyanka said

    Heyyy….. Beautiful cakes you have got there… just wanted to know if u train people in cake-making and decoration or if u know of wilton cake decorating classes in mumbai….


    Priyanka Lucky

  51. tejal said

    hey anita ur cakes look awesome .anita i plan to do the masters course from wilton this march but an a bit confused please suggest how is it & isit worth the travel .

  52. Odette said

    Need to knw if you plan to have any classes in Mumbai .. am interested..pls contact me

  53. Iba said

    Are there any such classes in mumbai ( india) ?
    i would really like to learn cake decorating n sugar craft but havent been able to find a suitable class for the same.
    Appreciate the help.
    thnks :)

  54. harsh said

    i like the colour combination of cakes. The cakes really look yummy.

  55. zeenat said

    Hi. This is zeenat. I m trained in pme sugarpaste flower making. I m also holding a class soon for d same. And also planning to take few other cake decoration classes in mumbai. My email I’d is and I also hv a facebook page under name of sweet nothings.

  56. sheeba said

    hi, can anyone recommend for cupcake classes in Mumbai?

  57. Madhumati said

    Hi Anita

    one more petal has been inserted in the blog of yours and no words to say its simply superb. My cakes really turns good but i’m poor with decoration and it will be very helpful if you guide me for decoration or inform me the course so i could join the same.
    look forward for your decorative reply.

    have a nice day

  58. Lucy said

    I would love to learn it…

    pls let me know if you are taking classes for cake decoration.

  59. hey Annita, I am Aditi from Mumbai. I waned to know if there are the wilton cake decorating classes in Mumbai. I am looking for some good cake decorating class since a very long time.
    please help me out.


  60. Poornima said

    Wow, anita… the cakes n the decorations are just awesome… ive just learnt baking n luv to experiment with cake decorations wud luv to learn 4m the Wilton’s the art of decorations.

  61. hey superb work ………do you also teach sugar work or cake making ……..if u r based in Mumbai do get back let me know ……..i am interested ……..Richa

  62. hi aanita ur cakes awesome plz let me knw if der r any classes n mumbai(INDIA) thanx n advance

  63. vl b w8ing 4 d reply

  64. keran said

    hi…do u take classes…im interested if ur in mumbai!


  65. Agnes said

    Great work. Is there anywhere Wilton Class in Mumbai? Would like to learn it. I like baking.

  66. Mansi said

    hey..its very nice cakes..where is your classes..??

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    I don’t recognise who you are however certainly you are going to a
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