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Gulab Jamuns

Posted by Annita on May 9, 2007

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of silver foils on Indian Mitais.But till now I didn’t get a chance to work with it,and so asked my sister to get it for me from Bangalore.She really struggled to find it out,and finally got it from a wholesale cake shop.Can anybody let me know where i can find these edible silver foils in Bangalore/Kochi?

I prepared these Gulab Jamuns when my friends came over, so that i could try decorate it with my silver foils.Gulab Jamuns as you all know is a classic Indian dish,where dough prepared with milk powder/mawa is fried and immersed in sugar syrup.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun


Milk powder – 1 cup (I prefer Nido brand)
All purpose flour – 1/2 cup
Baking powder – 1/2 tsp
Melted Butter – 2 tbsp
Whole milk – enough to make the dough
Oil – for deep fryingFor the sugar syrup:
Sugar – 2 cups
Water – 1 cup
Cardamom pods crushed – 2


For Sugar syrup :

Combine all the ingredients for sugar syrup and heat it until the sugar is well dissolved in water.

For Gulab Jamuns:

Combine milk powder,all purpose flour,baking soda and melted butter in a bowl,add enough milk and knead it to make a soft dough.Divide the dough into 18-20 portions,take each portion and gently roll between your palms to make it a smooth ball.Cover the balls with a slightly damp kitchen towel.

Heat oil in a deep pan until it is hot and then lower the heat to medium.Now slowly put the balls in the hot oil and deep fry it,gently shake the pan so that the balls are browned evenly.You have to be very careful in maintaining the temperature of the oil,Gulab jamuns will slowly rise to the top if it is fried in the correct temperature.When they are browned on all sides,slowly remove it from oil and put immediately in the warm sugar syrup.

Keep them undisturbed in the warm sugar syrup for atleast 3o minutes and then serve hot/cold.I love warm Gulab Jamuns when served with vanilla icecream.


76 Responses to “Gulab Jamuns”

  1. Lata said

    Wow, these looks yummy. I really don’t like to make Jamums with the Instant mixes.

    I also don’t like instant mix jamuns…

  2. bee said

    those are beautiful. my american friends love gulab jamuns – that’s their fav indian sweet. they ask for them and eat them hot with ice ceram.

    Thank you Bee..

  3. Pavani said

    Those jamun lok delicious. I’ve never made them from scratch, your recipe looks quite simple. One Q, before you fry the jamun, do you leave the dough to rest for a while? Also how do you avoid jamun splitting in oil? Thanks for sharing a mouth watering dessert.

    yes Pavani..I left the dough for around 5-10 minutes covered in a slightly damp cloth..Jamuns dont split ,if the temperature of the oil is correct..

  4. Priya said

    Can I come over, Pleaseeeeeeeeeee !!

    You’re always welcome dear…Just gimme a call and come…:))

  5. Sukanya said

    Those look YUM!…..It is tempting me a lot…..It is mouth watering…

    Thank you Sukanya

  6. giniann said

    How did you make such perfect shaped jamuns? Where do you get milk powder from?
    They look really perfect!

    Thank you Gini,Milk powder is available in all grocery stores here..I ‘ve bought my Nido from walmart and Carnation from Kroger


  7. deepika said

    one question. which oil do u use to fry the jamuns?

    I’ve used vegetable oil,Deepika

  8. Roopa said

    those jamuns looks so delicious, loved you way of decorating it!

    Thank you very much Roopa

  9. Shilpa said


    Your site is just superb! I am a great fan of yours. You explain it so well that even beginners can make it easily. Thanks again for all your effort. Keep posting more recipes.

    Thank you Shilpa

  10. Rach said

    Lovely Gulab Jamuns.Just a query – when do you add the silver foil ? Is it at the time of making the sugar syrup ?



    I’m sorry for not mentioning that in the post Rachel,I’ve added it just before serving…

  11. Reena said

    annita, those are perfect gulab jamuns and that edible silver foil adds beauty to it. i have never used those in any food but most of the mithais have this.

    Yeah,Reena..While i was in India I used to buy lots of sweets with silver foils on it…


  12. Asha said

    Looks Beautiful Annita.I aways make them fro the packet.Thanks for this recipe,I might give it a try:)

    Thank you Asha..I think these jamuns from scratch tastes better than from packet…Try it out sometime

  13. Mishmash! said

    hmm…divine looking gulab jamuns :)

    Thank you Seema…If you can drive,i’ll serve you jamuns..:)),What do u say?

  14. Vee said

    Wow, They really look good especially with the warq on them. Yum!

    Thank you Vee..

  15. Deepa said

    Very very yummy plate ….Beautiful …can wait to prepare and eat them …

    Try it out Deepa..Its really easy to preapare and you’re gonna love it..

  16. RP said

    Hmmm I have never seen such good looking gulab jamuns!

    Thank you dear…You are always kind to me..:))

  17. Reena said

    annita, why is this photo on flickr showing my blog link?

    That was my mistake Reena..I copied your blog addrees to add it to my blogroll,and i accidently pasted it to the flickr link…
    Sorry about it…I’ve corrected it now…

  18. Cynthia said

    Annita your recipe is simple and straight forward not intimidating at all so I will give it a try one day. Tell me something, must I use milk powder? Can’t I just substitute with whole milk there?

    The presentation is beautiful all resplendent with the edible silver :)

    Yes Cynthia,you’ve to use the milk powder…milk can make it watery…the prepared dough has to be solid and firmer than pizza dough..
    Thank you…Try it out and i’m sure u’ll love it

  19. Bindu said

    Hi Annita!
    I have always used the instant gulab jamun mix myself. And always wished I could try making it from scratch,but was scared to try. But this recipe looks easy. BTW,Nido brand milk powder,do you get in U.S? I have never heard of it. Any other brands you know of? I have never used milk powder ever for anything. Thankyou for this nice recipe. And needless to say,the Gulabjamuns look reeeally great! I hope your husband does realize how lucky he is:))

    Yes Bindu,you can get that in U.S…I’ve bought it from Walmart…I’ve even tried it with ‘Carnation’ brand, but i personally love Nido..
    The recipe is very simple and easy…Try it out and let me know how it turned out for u…And i’ll be showing this comment to my husband…:))


  20. Chinni said

    Your Site is simply surperb.Gulab jamuns r looking yummy….

  21. Indira said

    Gulab jamuns look delicious, Annita.
    I don’t know about Bengaluru, but in Hyderabad, both gold and silver leaves to decorate sweets are available at reasonable prices in Charminar area (old Hyderabad). It’s a cottage industry in that area and they also supply to all over India. You can find many small craftsman shops making these leaves in different designs and also in different thickness.

    Thank you for the info,Indira

  22. Dilip said

    fantastic…Jyostna often makes em…the whole famly loves them…your pics/recipe looks great…thanks for sharing

  23. mandira said

    Droolworthy pics, I want to just pick one… I’ve never tried making it from scratch, yours look delicious!

  24. Pink Imp said


    I plan trying these out this summery weekend for my desi friends here. A query: How many jamuns does this recipe yield exactly? Thank ye!

  25. Beenu said

    Hi there,

    I am planning to try this on the coming Thursday becoz it’s my hubby chubby’s birthday.Thanks a lot!

  26. shaheen said

    wowoooo annita. can i have some? awesoem looking u know the silver foil is made by flattening a piece of silver between cow’s leather skin?

    Yeah shaheen ..i’ve read abt it..

  27. lavanya said

    Anitha, this is first time commenting here, I love gulabjamuns and urs look so delicious.
    I will give it a try, thanks for sharing.

    I know silver foil is made in Hyderbad old city as Shaheen said it is made of silver.

  28. prajusha said

    hi anitha,
    woh..looks yummy yummy.i too love gulab jamuns.
    thanks for the recipe.

  29. Anita said

    Hello Annita,
    I tried the recipe. Although everything went off well, the crust was a wee bit hard. Can you tell me why it happened?
    thks for the recipe

    It never happened to me Anita,may be you’ve fried jamuns more..


  30. sumitha said

    Annita the jamuns looks like melt in the mouth ones.Nido reminds me of my relatives in Gulf,they always bring back loads of it from there:)How I used to hate tea made out of it!Its best to use it in desserts such as these.I have seen few recipes where they add few drops of rose water to the syrup too.The silver foil does give Indian desserts a lot better eye appeal.Where did your sis find it in Blore?

  31. Priya said

    just browsing thro’ ur web site & i must say u have done a good job. very nice dishes were mouth-watering.
    rgdg the edible silver foil or wark, i bought it in a bakery shop B’lore.its in Jayanagar 4th block shopping complex. i couldnt recollect the name of the bakery. have a try, good luck.

    Thanks a lot for the info,Priya

  32. I loce gulab jamuns.This my favourite among sweets. Gulab jamuns with plain vanilla ice cream is all time fav combo in Indian marriages in summer. I love kova jammuns especially.Ur photo looks too good.Thanks for sharing..but it is not fair to keep them so far from me:-(

  33. Anupama said

    Have never tried gulab jamuns with milk powder and flour. Sounds simple. Will love to try it the next time I plan to make them

  34. Rya said

    ur recipes are nice.
    can i try in nespray milk powder.

    Yes,u can Rya

  35. Viji said

    Looks Easy too unlike using milk gova. Tks Anita. Viji

    Yeah..its very easy,Viji

  36. Rg said

    Jamuns looks too good. I also make it the same way. It’s been months since I’ve made these…yr pictures are tempting me to make some :)

  37. Rg said

    Jamuns looks too good. I also make it the same way. It’s been months since I’ve made these…yr pictures are tempting me to make some :)Thanks ta!

    Thanks Rg kutty

  38. meeso said

    Those look SO good! I’ve seen so many different ways to make the sugar syrup…sometimes it says to boil the syrup till it’s thick, some till it’s just dissolved…I have done it till dissolved and it was too watery, till thicker and then it got too thick when it cooled…but they were always so tasty!!! How do you know when your sugar syrup is where it should be?

    I always boil the syrup,until all the sugar is dissolved and the syrup becomes clear.When the sugar starts to dissolve the syrup will be white in color,continue stirring it and suddenly the color of the syrup turns from white to clear…Switch off the stove at that point…
    Hope this helps

  39. Hi,
    Not to spoil ur taste about the silver foil, but i think u shud read this
    BTW- Love ur site !!

    Thanks Simi

  40. Rg said

    Annita, hope you’re doing oK. Evide poyi???? Delicious Jamuns undaakkitum + kezhichitum, ksheenichu alle? :)just kidding.

    Alla Rg,busy aayi in-laws r here now..wiill try to post something soon..

  41. sarah said

    Are you ok? Haven’t seen a new post in a while.. I usually read your blog when I miss home!

    Yes dear,I’m very much ok..Got a lil busy with my in-laws..
    See,i’m back now…:))

  42. rajab said

    hey.. good one.. CHEERS!!

    Thanks Rajab

  43. Finla said

    Hi Annita
    Once i just went to a paan walla in the street in B’lore and bought from him few sheets of silver paper.

    Thanks dear..

  44. Finla said

    Hi Annita,
    I typed the email id wrong

  45. Minouchkah said

    Those are so beautiful ! I will try to do it this week.

  46. roopa said

    Hi annita, tried making gulab jamuns using your method, came out well:) thanks….one question, the jamuns did not swell when i put in the sugar for long time. You have any suggestions?

    Was the syrup hot enough?And you’ve to put the jamuns immidiately into the hot syrup from the frying pan..Putting it in syrup for a long time wont make it swell ,but putting hot jamuns immidately into a hot boiling syrup will definitely help.
    Thanks for trying out the jamuns and for letting me know abt it.

  47. roopa said

    Thanks for the tip Annita, I guess my syrup was not hot enough, I will try it the way you told :)

  48. shaharban said

    hai annita,
    i am a new visitor of ur i really fascinated by u.ur recipes are simple even for beginners like me.ur every recipes are excellent.i tried ur fish biriyani,uppumanga curry etc.delicious….try not to disappear from us.ok?expecting more recipes….i will never forget u…gulab jamun is so tasty….i will try ur every recipes especially kerala traditional recipes.thank u very much for everything.

    Thank you very much Shaharban…Your words means a lot..Do visit my blog often..

  49. ruby said

  50. Deepthi said

    hi Annita
    first of all i shud say a biiiiiiiiiigggggggggg thanx 2 u 4 posting such wonderful recipes :)along with superb photos.The first recipe i tried ws gulab jamun n it wrkd out.’m sooo happy abt it.Nw a days i usd 2 treat my gzts also,n dey luv it,,n de credit goes 2 u ;).’m jzt a beginner n i found ur blog 2 b very useful…Thanx Annita ..n xpecting more recipes from u..

  51. chithra said

    hats off annita….wow superb decorations! looks fanstastic!!!

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  53. Ciara said

    This sounds soooo good! Thankyou for the recipie I needed a good dessert to make for my English class!! :)

  54. A well wisher said

    Tried it, & need I mention it was great!!! Btw I ve tried a lot more of ur recipes but havent ack many……..

    I’m really happy to hear it…
    Thank you for letting me know abt it…

  55. sadia said

    hi annita.

    gulab jamun looks delicious.thanx for teaching.i have a question.can i use bisquick pancake mix instead of all purpose flour?i have seen many women to use it.but i just want ur suggession.plzz reply thanx..

    Yes Sadia..u can use that too…Then u dont have to use baking soda also…
    See the link

  56. pallavi said

    did you add baking soda or baking pwder, 1st part of your recipie says baking pwder but in the method it says baking soda . please clarify .thanks in advance.

    It is baking powder only,Pallai…Sorry for the mistake

  57. sheulicooks said

    Try another recipe at for Gulabjamun. It is quite yummy.

  58. sheulicooks said

    Try another recipe at for Gulabjamun. It is quite yummy.

  59. sheulicooks said


    I am interested in a 3 way link exchange with your blog. My blog is http:/ Kindly let me know if you’re interested.

  60. Linse said

    Hi Annita,

    I tried this today.. but jamuns were not so soft and properly cooked.. no it was only semi-cooked inside.. i did maintain a medium temparature while frying.. any tips on how to make it like u do?

    Please reply.


  61. […] hasil modifikasi dari resep gulab jamunnya Annita serta RecipeDose. Air sirup mereka bagiku bakalan terlalu manis, jadi ku modifikasi juga, dan […]

  62. Ayesha said

    Hi…….. mam i liked ur jammuns very much it looks too tasty an there is problem i dont find nido powder can u please guide me where can i get nido powder in bangalore

  63. jasdev said

    i want to make the gulab jamuns from khoya.
    i have tried it twice.
    1 cup khoya
    1 cuo all purpose flour
    a pinch of baking powser
    sadly my jamuns, though firm and round, do not puff up when put in the syrup
    what am i doing wrong?

  64. Darren said

    Hello Annita,

    How you been.. Hope everything is fine with you and your hubby..

    I suddenly decided to make Gulab Jamuns using the instant mix and give a surprise to my mum when she returns back from school after her work.. But my bad luck , i made the Jamuns and the syrup too.. I fried the Jamuns and at once socked it in the syrup.. At that time it was really tasting good.. But after a few minutes the syrup became hard and i was not able to take out the jamuns without breaking them and also the syrup was hard n crispy too.. :( :( :(

    So can you please help me and let me know what should i do now to make the Syrup again normal and enjoy my jamuns.. Also tell me what should i do to avoide it happening again annita..

    Thank you very much for taking your time in reading my comment..
    Take care


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  76. Jiz said

    Hello! Thank you for the recipe. Is it baking powder or baking soda which is used.

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