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White chocolate cake

Posted by Annita on April 17, 2007

White Cake

White Cake
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Here’s a cake which i decorated recently.It is a white moist cake frosted with Wilton buttercream icing and decorated with grated white chocolate and Indian cherries.


14 Responses to “White chocolate cake”

  1. jisha said

    the cake looks fantastic..congrats

  2. wow…cake looks wonderful…are you going for Wilton cake class -course II or course I???

  3. Rg said

    Looks good! recipe please…..:)

  4. Miguel said

    Hello from Belgium!

    My wife would like to have the recepy, can you please mail it to us?

    Thanks in advance,


  5. Wishy said

    We adopted our daughter from Kerala! We love to cook Indian food, especially food from Kerala! Please keep posting traditional Malayalee dishes!



  6. Swapna said

    These cake decorations are beautiful. I just finished dinner and am longing for dessert..wish I could grab a piece:)

  7. Anna said

    I am Anna from Trivandrum, Kerala. I frequently visit your blog to
    check mainly for kerala recipes.

    I want to send my child to preschool, and was planning to bake something for her as snacks. I don’t like to give her too much biscuits or chips.
    So I am planning to start baking. I have never done that before, and so have a lots of doubts.

    First doubt is what type of an oven do u use for baking?
    I am planning to buy a microwave oven, and the sales person tells me it can be used for baking also. I am a bit apprehensive of using microwave oven for baking.
    Can you please help me on this?

    I dont prefer baking in microwave ovens,Anna..You can bake cakes in microwave ovens too..but it wont come that good when compared to other ovens specially designed for baking purposes .You can ask for ovens where you can do the baking only..But its your choice ,bcoz microwave ovens can be used for various purposes like grilling,heating,defrosting ,baking etc where as special baking ovens can be used for baking only..
    Hope this helps

  8. Sha said

    Hi Annita,

    I was looking for the recipe of a snack called “undakkai” (thattukada in malabar side ) or sweet bonda. it is a fried dish. looks golden brown in color and sweet. it should be made out of al purpose flour, i guess. do u have any idea what iam looking for and do u have the recipe by any chance…

    thank you,

  9. Swati said

    Hi Annita

    Nice work…will try out the cakes…do visit my blog too!!
    Do you use shortening in your buttercream icing?


    Yes Swati..I use shortening in my cakes..what abt u…?

  10. Hazlina Asaruddin said

    Hi Annita

    The cake looks good and fantastic. Can I have the receipe please??

    Thank you.



  11. pras said

    yummy …can you email the recipe please

  12. sharon miranda said


  13. recipe cooking guide…

    […]White chocolate cake « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  14. Very inspiring. I really like this.You tried something is fantastic to see a useful blog.

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