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Uppumanga curry(Salted Mangoes in Coconut Gravy)

Posted by Annita on March 22, 2007

See what i’ve got from a Mallu grocery store in Chicago.It is for the first time i saw this in a grocery store in U.S,and so took it immediately.


They were not like the regular ‘melt-in-mouth’ kind of Uppumaanga which my amma makes at home,instead they were hard with thicker skin but well enough to satisfy my cravings.I didn’t know many dishes with Uppumanga,and so always went for our good old Uppumaanga chutney,which serves as a good accompaniment for rice/Kanji.

Uppumaanga chutney prepared with mangoes having harder skin

This dish was prepared by my amma,which she learned recently from her sister.Salted mangoes when combined with green chillies and coconut paste results in a classic flavourful deliccacy which goes well with rice and curd.Now we are hooked to this dish,which tastes very different from the regular curries.

Uppumaanga Curry

Ingredients :-

Salted mangoes chopped – 2 medium sized
(If you’re using soft mangoes that cannot be chopped, then use 4 or 5 whole mangoes)
Green chillies slit – 2
Shallots(Kunjulli) sliced – 5
Water – 3/4 cup
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Dried red Chillies(Unakka mulaku) – 3
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
Salt – add only if needed (Uppumaanga will give away the salt and the curry can become salty with time)
Oil – as needed

For Grinding :
Grated coconut – 1 cup
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Garlic pods – 2
Green chillies – 2

Grind together all the above ingredients to a smooth paste and keep it aside.


Mix together mangoes,green chillies and shallots along with the water and cook them till soft.Add the ground paste to it,add salt(only if needed),mix well and simmer for 4-5 minutes,do not boil it.Remove it from heat.

Heat oil in another pan and allow mustard seeds to splutter.Add in red chillies and curry leaves and fry for a while.Pour the seasoning to the curry,mix and serve with rice.

Check out various Uppumaanga dishes at Supriya’s Spice Corner

17 Responses to “Uppumanga curry(Salted Mangoes in Coconut Gravy)”

  1. Mishmash! said

    Annita, the thought of uppumanga chammanthi itself is mouthwatering…now i ‘m craving for some. But this recipe also sounds very tasty .


    This curry is really tasty has entirely different flavour

  2. sana said

    I really the uppumanga chutney and the curry my mom makes is awesome too. My mouth is watering now – I havent had those for a long time now. I didnt know you get such mangoes here in the US. I will be on the lookout now.

    Thanks Sana..

  3. jisha said


    Kurachchu uppumanga kittiyirunnenkil…..Humm will try to get it.Thanks

    Try making it at home,Jisha…i haven’t tried it yet.,..but planning to do that soon…

  4. Rg said

    Sounds good! This recipe is new to me. I don’t have a Kerala grocery store nearby, otherwise I would have tried out this recipe right away. I love uppu-maangaas too. Thanks for this recipe Annita.

    You can prepare uppumaangas with the raw mangoes available here too,Rg..just go through the link(Supriya’s) i’ve added in the post..

  5. vani said

    My mouth is watering now. When I find this in my grocery shop… i will definately try this recipe.

    You should try it,Vani..I’m sure you’ll love this..

  6. sia said

    salted mango+chilli+coconut… what a dynamic combo anita. i love this. i have got some raw mangoes put them in brine. guess i will have to wait for another few days till i make this. cant wait to taste this:)

    Just try it out Sia,and do let me know whether you’ve liked it or not.

  7. maneka nirmal said

    hmmmmm…navilu vellam varanu..we get those uppumanga in atlanta but never tried it.’ll sure give it a try.thanx annita. u get it there?I don’t even mind driving to atlanta to buy mallu stuffs…:))

  8. noel said

    hi annita,
    this wud b a different curry..thanx..i had tried whole ripe mangoes in the same that i added some curd too…its called mambaza pulishery…its simply great

    Thats a different dish,Noel..and thats another deliccacy with ripe mangoes…

  9. Rahin said

    Yumm , annita , tht looks delicious

    Thanks Rahin

  10. Jyothsna said

    Mouth watering! Raw mangoes always remind us of home isn’t it!

    Yes..Jyotsna…Who can forget mangoes and mango trees in our homeland?

  11. Pritya said

    Hi Annita,
    Uppumaanga Curry looks good in the glass bowl! I always enjoy dishes with raw mango – whether it is a chutney, rice dish or even just flavoured with salt and turmeric. Your dish has an interesting combination of ingredients and looks quite unique – especially the addition of garlic.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe with us.

    It really has a unique taste ,Pritya.Do try it out when you get a chance..

  12. DIYA said


    The mango curry looks really tasty..Can I try it out with the mangoes available in american stores…Will it come out good??

    If you can get good raw mangoes,you can try it with that too..Diya..Just put them in brine solution for 1 – 2 months and use it in the curry

  13. Prema said

    I love anydish with raw mango.. looks yummy… It would taste heavenly with curd rice.

  14. dhanya said

    ohhhh goshhh u got upumanga…i literally crave for this & was aware of only chamanthi…Thanx for sharing Annita !!

  15. tgs said

    Hi Anita,

    I am addicted to your blog… & believe me earlier I don’t used to cook but now i atleast try ur recipe… Thanks for all the recipes..

    Anita, tell me in this summer i am going to visit south India. Will I get a ready made Uppumaanga chutneys out there. I believe the taste of this chutney will only good with uppumanga mangoes and not with other raw mangoes…

  16. deepam84 said

    in chicago where is this store??iam new in this place!!!
    i got married before 4 months and came here by july!!first i find difficulty in cooking as i had no cooking experience very much!!!but when i saw ur site its helped me a lot!!!thank u dear!!

    I found this in a store called ‘Maveli’ in Devon Street…Dont know if thats still there…

  17. shyla said


    I live in Milwaukee and I have been trying to find a kerala grocery store in Chicago. Can you please send me the address of the kerala store.

    I’m sorry ..i don’t have the address of the store..I just know that its in Devon Street..

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