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Help needed..

Posted by Annita on March 16, 2007

Here i’m quoting a message which i got yesterday.Please visit the link ..

Hi Annita,

This post is an appeal to help a child with cancer.If you post this on your website, I am hoping that we can see many donations going in to save the child.

Thank you for any help you can provide to spread the word out,
Rajasree Nair.”

4 Responses to “Help needed..”

  1. jisha said

    god bless u for ur helping mind

  2. anju said

    Annita and others,

    Please help this kid. These is a genuine case as my friend’s friend knows adithya’s father. i have been emailing about this to everyoe i could, but never thought of posting it on a blog. Thats very nice of you Annita.
    You can ready about his treatment updates in the googlepage link. Please help him and also please pray for him. I have never seen him or his parents, but i have a 4 year old kid. cant imagine the pain they went through.


  3. Raji said

    Thanks a lot Annita for posting it.
    Talented people like you can spread the word a lot faster. I hope more of your readers go through the appeal and make a pledge. In fact, it is very hard not to make a pledge after reading through the case.
    It is very sad to see such young children suffering. May God bring him and others like him good health and happiness soon.
    Thanks again,

  4. it will said

    my iphone flashlight wont turn off

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