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Banana Jam

Posted by Annita on March 8, 2007

Here’s a delicious and interesting alternative on your toast,the recipe is again from my amma only,which is passed to her from her mother.Back home,this is usually prepared using a special variety bananas called ‘Palayankodan‘.Unlike conventional spreads,this jam is smooth and watery in texture with a deep purple color and it has a sweet-tart flavour.

Banana Jam
‘Palayankodan ‘ bananas

Banana Jam

Banana Jam
Jam made with ‘Palayankodan’ Bananas (which i brought from Kerala)

I’ve tried it with the local bananas(Chiquita) that we get here,the original purple color was not attained ,but it tasted the same.

Banana Jam
Banana Jam & Mayonnaise on bagel- my kids’ choice(made with local Chiquita bananas)


Ripe bananas cut into thick slices – 1/2 kg
Sugar – 1 and 1/2 cup (use more or less according to your taste)
Water – approx 1 and 1/2 cup


Add bananas and water into a pressure cooker,water level should be just above the banana pieces.Cover and cook the bananas until you hear 2 whistles.

Banana Jam
Banana slices cooked and cooled

When it is cooled,pour the whole thing into a clean muslin or cheese cloth , kept over a bowl.Squeeze the bananas well and collect all the juice and discard the residue.Now pour the juice into a pan,add sugar and heat it on a medium flame stirring in between.When the jam begins to get thick,reduce the heat to low and stir it consistently for few more minutes.Switch off the stove and allow it to cool.

Banana Jam
Banana jam (just before removing from heat)

Banana Jam
Jam when cooled

You have to be very careful with the consistency of the banana jam.Eventhough the jam looks watery while removing from heat,it’ll get thicken as it cools.

There are 2 ways by which you can check the correct consistency of the jam.

1)Just before switching off the stove,take little jam in a ladle and slowly pour it into the pan.If they are falling in two tiny threads,you can be sure that you’ve attained the consistency.Immediately remove the jam from the heat.

Banana Jam

2)Another method is to pour a drop of jam into a steel plate/glass.If it forms into a small pearl without any spreading, then its time to switch off the stove.

Banana Jam

23 Responses to “Banana Jam”

  1. RP said

    That looks like a yummy pancake syrup, annita. I bet kids will love it on pancakes too..
    The recipe seems a bit complicated to me… Don’t you know the latest trend is cooking simple recipes? Ask inji. :)

    Its not complicated,RP,it is simple…You might’ve felt that way,bcoz of my long description…:))


  2. Surya said

    Nice recipe Annita.I haven’t tried any jam recipe before,this will be a good recipe to try for me.It is nice that you presented each step with photos.Thanks

    Try it out and let me also know how it turned out for u,Surya

  3. Nice recipe,Phots are really good..I tried ur Kallappam and we all really enjoyed!Instead of yeast I add pulimavu…Thanks.

    thanks for letting me know about it,KF

  4. Annita,
    I never heard about banana jam before. Looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

    Try it out suma,and u’ll love it

  5. viji said

    Hi Anita, My first visit here. When i was tracking about my visitors, i came to know that i got many visits through your blog. How come i missed yours? Nice blog. Such a homely girl you are!. Wishing you a happy day and good luck. will keep visiting. This jam looks so nice. Viji

    Thanks a lot,Viji…Do visit me again..
    I’m a great fan of your blog too..

  6. Raji said

    Hi Annita,
    (I did not see your email id under the “About” section)

    This post is an appeal to help a child with cancer.

    If you post this on your website, I am hoping that we can see many donations going in to save the child.

    Thank you for any help you can provide to spread the word out,
    Rajasree Nair.

    I’ve posted it on my blog,rajasree..donno if i’m late..

  7. shaheen said

    very interesting but doesn’t it taste too bananaey? do u add vanilla or elaichi?

    No, tastes really good…i don’t add anything for the flavour…

  8. Jyothsna said

    Seems familiar. Is this like pazhamvaratti??

    haven’t heard of pazham varatti,Jyotsna…

  9. sumitha said

    Wow Annita such a lovely recipe!

    Thanks Sumi

  10. dhanya said

    No need of adding preservative?…What is the shelf life of this jam?..This is so simple!!

    No, don’t add any preservatives here..It can be kept in room temperature for atleast 6 months…

  11. Mythreyee said

    Oh wow, That sounds really interesting. I can make this and I am sure my little daughter will love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Try it out mythreyee..Its very easy,only thing is you’ve to be abit careful about the jam consistency.


  12. Dilip said

    ohhh my lovely…I have to try it…never made anything like this before…thanks for sharing…

    Thanks Dilip Uk,happy to know that u liked it…And let me know,once u try it.

  13. janjops said


    nice… ymm ymm ymm ymm

    thank you

  14. bindu said

    longgg time no seeeeeeeee

    kurachu busy aayi poyi.. cheythello..2 ennam in a strech…pore..:))

  15. Menu Today said

    Hi Annita,
    Banana Jam Healthy Jam!!!!!! Authentic Home Made Jam Recipe… Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Menutoday

  16. Laxmi said


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    I’ve already sent an email to you,Laxmi.
    Thanks again for the comment.

  17. swapna said

    Hi annita
    jam looks tasty!!lovely recipe.

    Thanks Swapna

  18. maheswari said

    Wow..that looks wonder your lil one loves it…Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Maheswari

  19. pritya said

    Annita, banana is a favourite fruit and the jam looks pretty good, especially the pictures make a great impact. The way in which they have been shot make it look very appetising. Great going!

    Thanks a lot Pritya…

  20. zarina said

    Thankyou I used it as a topping on Vanilla icecream..dunno about kids , but I loved it!! too loved it

  21. abu said


    This is truly the tastiest jam in the world. No other jam has this rich purple color. My greatgrandmother used to add a clove or 2 to add to the color. Best that we confine this recipe to the Keralites without diluting it to everybody else in the world.

    Don’t give away the recipe. I dont see Grapejelly manufacturers giving away theirs.

  22. Susie said

    Can you simply cook this in a pot instead of in a pressure cooker? I don’t have a pressure cooker at this time.

    Have you made this product without straining it and using the banana pulp and making a chunky jam? It seems this is more of a jelly than a jam as jelly’s are traditionally made from juice and jams are made with the whole fruit. Just wondering.

    I want to make it a syrup for pancakes/waffles. Can I process this in a hot water bath to preserve it longer than 6 months? Thank you.

    Yes…you can prepare this in a regular pan also…
    And i haven’t tried it with the pulp…I guess it will work too..
    I dont know anything about processing it in a hot water bath…sorry abt it..susie..

  23. smavila said

    Hi Annita–I love the way you’ve explained the recipe. I tried making it today but i think i may have cooked it too long because while it ended up quite sticky and toffee-like. It tastes great, though. Do you know if there’s any way i can get it back into the right consistency?
    Thanks a lot! Ammu.

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