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Protest against Plagiarism

Posted by Annita on March 5, 2007

Today ,we the bloggers have decided to protest against Yahoo! India for plagiarizing contents from bloggers.If you are not aware of the incident,read the details here.

Remove Plagiarism

Dear Yahoo!you owe an apology to Suryagayatri,rather than tactfully removing the contents and blaming it on your sub contracters,i don’t think this is much to ask for.

An here me too joining hands with all my fellow bloggers,in the grand protest.And congrats dear Inji and others, who took so much effort in organizing the event.

Icon Credits : Sandeepa

5 Responses to “Protest against Plagiarism”

  1. maneka nirmal said

    good to see all bloggers stand together for a good cause..hey i tried ur tomattilo fish curry and liked it alot.

  2. pondlife said

    Hello… found your site via route79 in Uk, which i love, and was knocked back a bit by some of your recipes… must try them, must try them all !!! I have various recipe books bought in England with a limited amount on Kerala foods… but once i eventually got there, the dishes i ate were so very different. Wonderful! I live in France now so if you want to add any French recipes, seeing that you have American, Italian and Chinese dishes, just email….

    Thanks a lot,Pondlife..i’ll be mailing you real soon for the French recipes..

  3. sharmi said

    Hi Annita, I am a great fan of Kerala food. and have tried a lot of recipes from your blog. The Neychoru is one of my favourite. In my blog i have to add a special section with kerala recipes. delicious recipes!!


    Thanks for these encouraging words,Sharmi..Btw you’ve got a great blog too..

  4. InjiPennu said

    Thanks dear! :)

    You’re always welcome ,Inji kutty..

  5. Lekshmy said

    Annita, i came across an article reg image copied from few some mallu blogs.i am a huge fan of u’r blog .keep posting more yummy dishes.

    Published on mar-12

    Thanks for your kind words,Lakshmi

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