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Sugar Frosted Flowers

Posted by Annita on February 16, 2007

These delicate decorations are simply fresh flowers preserved using egg whites and sugar.Once dried,they will last for several weeks.If you don’t want to use it immediately, store them betweens tissue paper sheets in a box and keep in a warm dry place.

Choose small fresh flowers for this,i prefer using edible flowers.If you ask a florist ,they’ll help you in selecting edible flowers.This can be done with small fruits,herbs or fruit leaves.

Sugar frosted Flowers

What do you need :-

Fresh flowers/fruits
Lightly beaten egg whites
Caster sugar
Small paint brush


Dry the flowers and leaves with kitchen tissues,and leave a small stem intact if possible.Place some caster sugar in a plate.Using a fine paint brush,paint both sides of the flower petals and leaves and stems with lightly beaten egg white.
Spoon the sugar over the flower petals to coat them evenly on both sides.

Sugar frosted Flowers

Carefully shake the flower to remove any excess sugar and gently arrange the coated petals on a wire rack covered with kitchen paper.Store in a warm dry place until dry.


5 Responses to “Sugar Frosted Flowers”

  1. giniann said

    I have wanted to do this for a long time. Maybe this summer.

    Try it out Gini,Its fun…

  2. dhanya said

    Hiii annita,
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing such lovely recipes… I too have got inspired with the works of you, giniann & ashwini and started up with a new one….Anyways im sure that i cannot beat up with you guys, but to kill the time im doing so…I just wanna know how you all list others blogs on ur page… Hope u would help me in it…

    Thanks & regards

    Congratulations on your new blog,dhanya..And you can add other blog addresses into your ‘Blogroll’.When you click on ‘dashboard’ link you can see this ‘blogroll’ .Click that and there you can find another tab called ‘Add Link’.click on that and you will be able to add other web addresses there.Hope this helps.


  3. Flowers said

    Nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

  4. yeasmin rahman said

    Very easy & simple .I love it.

  5. Goߋdd post Ьut I was wanting to know if
    уou could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be ery grateful if you
    could elaborate a little bit more. Kudos!

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