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My blog turned one today…

Posted by Annita on February 16, 2007

Blog Birthday

Today i’m very excited to let you all know that i’ve completed my first year of blogging with 153 posts.When i started blogging,I didn’t excpect it to go this far.But last year was very much entertaining,educative and encouraging for me.I’ve gained many friends,learned about new cuisines and new food,also i enjoyed participating in blog events and memes.Many thanks to my dear husband and all my dear friends(fellow bloggers and non-bloggers) for your love and constant support.

The cake is frosted with butter cream icing and decorated with sugar frosted flowers and cornelli design.

45 Responses to “My blog turned one today…”

  1. Jacob said

    happy birthday. nice to have you around!

  2. Many Many Happy Returns to Anita’s Blog….

    Your blog has helped me to try some really delicious food. Thanks for it.

    One of my client website also provides many delicious Indian cooking recipes which are perfected by master chefs of ITC hotels. Just check out the website: & try its recipes…

    Do let me know your views about the website & its recipes.

    Regards — Anu

  3. Anu said


    Congrats!! I am big fan of your blog i just love the way you present things and the way you try out lots new creative things .. keep up the good work …

  4. sumitha said

    Congratulations Annita!You have excellent recipes in your blog!

  5. Coffee said

    That is great!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  6. Sunita said

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I am really grateful for having discovered you blog. I have baked 8 cakes to be precise…and they did all turn out well ….thanks to you. Got some “well done” and “oh we didnt know you can bake” for the finely turned out cakes.

    Thanks again.

  7. asha said

    Congratulations and wish you many more anniversaries.Cake looks fabulous!!

  8. vani said

    Dear Annita,

    Happy Anniversary>>>>>>>>>>> Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  9. sandeepa said

    Hey Congrats and Wish You all the Best

  10. RP said

    Congratulations annita! You and your blog is a treasure for all of us.

  11. swapna said

    a big congrats to u….all the best for the coming days,,,

  12. Madam,
    We as students of NIT,Calicut are conducting a bloggers meet on March 2nd, 2007. We have invited prominent bloggers like Kiruba Shankar and Jace ( are landing up here. It would be great if you could come here during that time and share your blogging experiences. Please contact me at the earliest to inform you about more details.

    Thanking you

    (FOSS team,NITC)

    I’m so happy to get this invitation Venkatesh.But i’m presently in U.S,and so won’t be able to make it.Thanks a lot for the invitation and i wish all success for your program.All the best.

  13. shaheen said

    happy birthday. i think i was also born in feb.. let me check! u are my favorite source of mallu food!

  14. Reshmi Menon said

    hey haapy returns of the day!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lakshmi said

    Anitha,Many many happy returns of the day.

  16. Archana said

    Congratulations Annita, i cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful traditional Kerala recipes that you have blogged about so far. Thank you and wish you all the best.

  17. Bindu said

    Dear Annita! Wish you a Very Happy Anniversary of blogging! Well, for a Mallu like me, who had never tried cooking our traditional recipes, you are a wish come true! Your blog not only helped me try some excellent recipes, but brought back so many of my childhood memories! Cant thankyou enough dear! Keep up the excellent work and wish you many many more such anniversaries ! God bless you:)btw, Cake looks gooood!

  18. giniann said

    Annita, keep blogging. You are our source for great Kerala recipes. The very first day I found your blog I was so excited and I think I left quite a few comments. I am still excited to see your posts.
    And we have also seen you develop your baking skills and now you are one of the great cake makers!
    Regards to Deepak and Milan too! You guys are lucky to be enjoying such great food!

  19. sarah said

    Congrats Annita… I enjoy visiting your blog… your recipes are super!!

  20. Jyothsna said

    Congratulations Annita! Your blog has being tremendously helpful and educating for me! Wish you many more birthdays to come!

  21. Susan said

    THUMBS UP………..Way to go buddy…..

  22. Congragulations Annita!!Your blog is an inspiration for me to try new ones…Also here in UAE u have some more fans who are not in foodblogging,but they are the recent visitors of ur blog and they already tried some of ur recipes…

  23. Mishmash! said

    Annita, Congrats :) You have a great blog here; I was quite excited to see the range of your recipes,first time when I stumbled upon ur blog. You should feel proud that many of us come back here to refer some traditional kerala recipes. Way to go, Girl !


  24. Praveena said

    Congrats !! Keep blogging…enjoy reading your blog and trying out your recipes.

  25. Bhargavi said

    Happy Birthday!!
    You have a good blog.
    Good day!

  26. Rg said

    Congratulations Annita!! Expect you to stick around with such wonderful recipes for many many many many many more years:)) Btw, nice cake.

  27. shiny said

    hey ..baigan bartha anweshichu njan ividam vare ethi..anyway i guess i have to try out ur recipes..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY..:-)). BTW where r u in the US????

    I’m in Cincinnati,Oh…and wr r u,Shiny?many thanks for dropping by

  28. Nalini said

    congrats! 153 posts eh?? wow!!and the cake looks great!Nalini

  29. Sumi said

    Hi Annita,
    Congrats!!! You have a great blog and it has helped me a lot!!! The picture of Achaari Paneer is so tempting….Could you kindly post the recipe for the same? Thank you & Best Wishes!!!


  30. sailaja said

    Congratulations, Annita! Wish you many more blog anniversaries.

  31. Jo said

    Dear Annita,

    Congratulations. I was unwell today and husband made ” chicken Thoran ” following your recipe. Except that he made it a little watery !

    You have a great blog. Best Wishes.

  32. Best wishes for your blog-birthday, Annita, and looking forward to many more of your lovely recipes! :)


  33. mandira said

    Best wishes and congratulations Annita. Looking forward to many more post and recipes from you.

  34. InjiPennu said


    I have posted an

    The protest will be on March 5th. Let us spread the word. Thanks a lot for your support.

    Sure Inji.I’ll be there on March 5th and thanks for letting us know about it.

  35. jisha said

    Happy birthday ..wishing you many many happy returns of the day

  36. congratulations!!!!

  37. Nidhi said

    Congratulations and Celebrations….. Annita, I am very happy for you and wish you many more blog anniversaries like this one. And remember, we are always there for you..

    Love, Nidhi.

  38. Annita said

    Many many thanks to all of you guys.i always treasure your love and support and i too hope i can continue with blogging for many more years.
    Thanks once again dear friends

  39. Menu Today said

    Hi Annita,
    Happy Birthday!!! Wishing many more years of blogging.

  40. Swathy said

    Hi Annita,
    Been on vacation to India and now back to see you post up so many recipes to catch up with …all looking sooo delicious and its been your blog b’day too.., many many happy returns of the day ( though belated), btw, i have become a star back home thanks to your cake recipes dear..baked the easy choco cake and the plum cake:-)
    Again wishing you many more blog bdays and more and more posts..Rgds,Swathy.

  41. Nass said

    Happy Birthday!!!
    your blogs great!!!
    many traditional mallu dishes,
    thank you!!!!!!!!!

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  45. Lavon said

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