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Icy Valentine’s day

Posted by Annita on February 15, 2007

A major snow-storm hit our region today,heavy snow accompanied by freezing rains made the condition worse.Ice coated tress were falling down,thus causing power failures everywhere,planes were delayed and schools were closed.

Here’s the closeup of a small tree in front of our apartment…!!!

More photos here

6 Responses to “Icy Valentine’s day”

  1. Coffee said

    O OH!!!! Thats looks Scary!!!!! Take care Anita :)

    Yeah,Cofee…Thanks and its getting better now…Today it was mostly sunny..but not enough to melt that icicles

  2. RP said

    Hmmm…nice weather! We are having freaking cold too…No icicles though.

    Do u think its nice???,not for me..veettil kuthi irunnu bore adichu…

  3. Mishmash ! said

    hmm…..we had around 12-15″ snow plus the 3-4″ which was already on the ground. We had to literally loose some calories to take the car out of the parking lot :(


    Same thing here too,Shn..

  4. Hema said

    It is 62 degrees here in Florida:) A sadist that I am. Beautiful photograph. Stay warm!

    Thanks Hema..we r planning to drive to florida soon..Watch out..:)

  5. Bindu said

    Oh my God Annita! I really wonder how you guys live in such extreme weather conditions! Stay warm and take good care of yourselves. This photo really scares me! I am so scared of that kinda cold weather. But from the photography point of view, thats a nice pic you took! Bravo!

    Its getting better now,Bindu…And BTW i had tried your achaari paneer…will post it soon..we all loved it..

  6. I would love for Google Tv to be made available for use on cellular phones.

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