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Chicken Thoran

Posted by Annita on February 10, 2007

Yet another recipe from my mother in law,i must say this is a real deliccacy which enhances the flavours of Kerala.Chicken pieces cooked in spices are sauteed in coconut oil along with grated coconut and piquant curry leaves, give out subtle aromas that you cannot resist.This spicy dish tastes best when served with rice and Pulissery.

Chicken Thoran

And now the recipe…


Bonned Chicken cut into small pieces – 1/2 kg
Onion sliced finely- 1 big
Ginger grated – 1 and 1/2 tsp
Garlic chopped -1 and 1/2 tsp
Green chillies chopped – 4 or 5
Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
Coriander powder – 2 tsp
Garam masala/Chicken Masala powder – 1 tsp
Red Chilly Powder – 1 tsp (Use more or less according to your taste)
Grated coconut – 3/4 cup
Curry Leaves -2 sprig
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Coconut Oil – as needed
Salt – to taste


Mix together onion,ginger,garlic,green chillies,turmeric powder,coriander powder,garam masala powder and salt along with the chicken pieces and cook in a medium heat, stirring in between until chicken turns soft and all the water evaporates.Grind together coconut and red chilly powder into a coarse paste adding very little water.Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a pan,allow mustard seeds to splutter and then add curry leaves and fry for few seconds.Now add in cooked chicken and saute for 2-3 minutes.Stir in ground coconut mixture and fry well for 10-15 mins in low heat stirring occasionally.


26 Responses to “Chicken Thoran”

  1. Jyothsna said

    Yay! I got here first! Chicken thoran, I’ve never heard that! Guess I come from a veggie family thats why…. Seems good. Can we use minced chicken?

    I haven’t tried with minced chicken.,jyotsna…but i think that’ll work too..

  2. Like Jyothsana, I never heard this thoran…Annita I have Pineapple pulissery with me ,So can I take little chicken Thoran for my lunch..Kothiyakkunu…

    Yeah..Try it out KF..and let me know ur feedback also..

  3. asha said

    I love all the Kerala Kalan,Thoran,Avials etc.They are all so delicious,as is this dish.I am not scared to use coconut at all,so thanks for this,Annita.

    Thanks Asha..You’re definitely gonna love it..

  4. Praveena said

    Thank you Annita. You have a impressive blog yourself, with not just recipes…really nice. I am new to blogging….just been 4 months now. I am in New Orleans…have a 21 month old mon…we call him Abhi ( something common between us, alley ?? :D )

    Thanks Praveena..I love your blog too.You ‘ve different variety recipes there..most of them were new to me ..Will be visiting ur blog often..

  5. Archana said

    A nice recipe. Is your MIL from Tvm? I have tasted a thoran very similar in my friend’s house in Tvm, it was very tasty

    Yes Archana..My husband is from Tvm only.

  6. sumitha said

    Im gonna try this soon Annita,shall let you know!

    thanks Sumi

  7. shaheen said

    good to see a new chicken recipe. i was getting bored of the same old same old..

    Thanks Shaheen

  8. Sri said

    oh Anita my mouth is watering…I am definitely gonna come over at your place….please do save some for me!!!!

    Sure Sri..Come fast before it gets over…:))

  9. Mishmash ! said

    I ‘ve tasted meen thoran, chicken thoran is new to me. Should try sometime.


    It sure has a different taste,Shn

  10. RP said

    I like your enthusiasm in trying out unusual recipes like this, annita. I wouldn’t have dared trying out something new as making thoran with chicken! Kudos to you, and now I am tempted to try this out.

    Its my mother in laws recipe,Rp..not something made by me…:)

  11. Jacob said

    lovely. that’s exactly how my mom makes it too.

    thanks jacob

  12. sanjana said

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful chicken recipe. Gives me an option to cook my chicken in a novel way. BTW chk out another of my favourite chicken recipe:

  13. Beenu said

    Hi Annitha,
    This is the first time I am sending a comment.I’ve to try this.My mother in law also makes this. But she adds chilly powder also at first with chicken pieces along with other ingredients and keep that for 1 hour.She fries the grated cocconut without adding oil(just like that we do for theyal)and grinds it slightly.The other procedures are similer.
    BTW I tried your bitterguard in yogurt.Really wonderfull.Thanks a lot

    Thank you for this new version of Thoran,…Beenu

  14. roopa said

    Hi I prepared this and it came out soooo tasty that I am keeping on using the same method for the gravy preparation for other dishes too….Love the taste a lot. Thank you:)

    Thank you Roopa

  15. Vineetha said

    Hi Annita,

    Needless to say the chicken thoran was a big success the first time I tried it. I have referred your blog to people who were so curious about how I made this…Great job as usual!!!


  16. Minouchkah said

    A nice recipe, i’m gonna try this soon.

  17. Leena said

    hi. tried out this recipe yesterday and my husband liked it very much even though i did not find anything great in it (my honest comment). But as long as my husband is happy, i am happy. it was easy to make it also.

    Thanks Leena.This is my hubby’s favorite chicken dish too.

  18. Priya said

    Hi Annita,
    i tried ur Chicken thoran today itself..wowwwwww!!!!!!!!11its soooo tasty..iliked it..its realyy very easy to make na..thank u for this marvelous recipe……….


  19. mel said

    hi anita,

    looks really delicious. will try it out soon. thanku so much for this this interesting blog you have created with such good recipes. keep up the excellent work.

  20. Ganga said

    Hey am going to prepare this, right now.. Things are ready to get started:)

    wondering to know, approximately how much time would it take to prepare this chicken thoran/

  21. Baby said

    hai ! it’s wonder !

  22. Ganga said

    tried it … its Awesomeeeeeee :)

    Thanks for such a simple and tasty recipe!

  23. manadhii said

    Hi This is Manadhii…..I Love Chiken…good to see a new chicken recipe. i was getting bored of the same old same old..But …I Love Chiken…..Thats way no prob…


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