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Finally it snowed here too..

Posted by Annita on January 23, 2007

Our first snow in the season


3 Responses to “Finally it snowed here too..”

  1. akshata said

    i am very new to blogging at wordpress i would like you to help me if possible
    i wanted to know how we could have a medium size for the photos
    how do you insert photographs?
    I think we have a common theme but i cannot get the medium sized photos only the thumbnails and the big ones

    I always resize my photos in paintshop pro ,so that the size is reduced,and it wont take much time to load.
    Without using photoshop ,you can adjust the width and height of the photo by adding ‘width’ and ‘height’ attribute in the image tag in html code.
    eg:- (img src=”” width=”500″ height=”300″)

  2. RP said


  3. swapna said

    hi annita
    are u from virginia?because i am a resident of herndon,va.
    actually i am also waiting for snow and caught on sunday…i also liked it …hope u enjoyed…:-))

    No swapna,I’m in cincinnati,Oh.Yeah..we too enjoyed a lot

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