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Dill Potato Rice

Posted by Annita on January 17, 2007

Recently I bought my first bunch of dill,and started using it in almost everything.I came to know about Dill from my dear fellow bloggers only,thanks to Asha, Anita, Nabeela, Alison, Mathuli, GiniIndira and Shilpa for introducing me to such a lovely herb.Both its leaves and seeds can be used for cooking.Dill leaves has a very strong, crispy and grassy flavour and can be paired with any salads,seafood dishes,egg dishes,rice dishes,dal dishes almost in everything.I haven’t seen Dill in India,but i’ve read somewhere that it is now available in India too.

I’ve started my Dill experiments, with this Dill-Potato Rice,and we all really loved it.

Dill Potato rice

Dill Potato Rice served with tomato chutney

Here’s what I did..


Basmati Rice cooked – 1 cup
Cinnamon – 1 stick
Cloves – 3
Cardamom – 2
Onion chopped – 1
Potatoes chopped – 1
Dill chopped finely – 1/2 bunch
Tomatoes chopped – 1/2
Pepper powder – 1 tsp
Salt – to taste
Olive oil – as needed


Needed Veggies


Boil potatoes till it is soft and tender.You can do this in microwave too,just put potatoes and 1 tsp water in a microwave safe bowl and heat on high for 3-4 mts.Drain and keep it aside.

Heat olive oil in a pan,add cinnamon,cloves and cardamom and saute for a while.Add onion and saute until it turns translucent.Now add potatoes,tomato,dill and salt ,stir it for a few seconds and add the cooked rice.Mix well,add pepper powder,stir and simmer for 5 more minutes.Serve hot with raita,chutney or any spicy side dishes.

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16 Responses to “Dill Potato Rice”

  1. RP said

    That is wonderful annita. I saw this picture in your gallery yesterday and was looking for the recipe everywhere in your blog. :)
    How long does dill keep good in the fridge? I know you just started experimenting with it. :) u checked my picture gallery.??Njan vicharichu aarum athu onnum nokkillennu…
    Dill will stay fresh for almost 2 weeks,RP..


  2. giniann said

    You know what dill reminds me of- the pink flowers of panineer chambakka. I feel like they taste the same, agree? Kind of tart.

    Donno gini..wonder why i haven’t tasted those beautiful flowers..Will surely try it on my next trip..But i’m not sure if there’s any chambakka trees left in my fathers place..


  3. Asha said

    Hi Annita.I love your experimental dish.Very creative and I can imagine the aroma!!Great recipe and a great list for me to try other dill dishes too.Good job! Thank you so much:))

    I’m happy to hear that u liked the dish,Asha..Try it out sometime..

  4. Anita said

    Another dish to try with dill. Looking good!

    Thanks Anita

  5. Jyothsna said

    Hi Annita. Your first line in this post brought a smile to my face coz I did the same when I bought my first bunch of dill! I used it in everything – salads, rice dishes, Veggies, curries, pastas, buttermilk… I love the distict fragrance of fresh dill. In India we get “suva” leaves which look and smell like dill. Are they the same?? Can someone enlighten me?

    Yeah,Jo..I got a comment saying that they are both same

  6. Menu Today said

    Hi annita,
    Potato and dill rice looks really nice. I never tried dill. Will try it soon. Thanks.

    Thanks Menu today

  7. swapna said

    hi annita

    nice recipe..i cook potato the same way.never added dill.will try this time..thanks for sharing..

    Try it out and let me also know abt it,Swapna

  8. Coffee said

    Nice idea to have with dill!!!! and its supposed to be rich in iron as well!!!! :)

    Wow..thats a new info..thanks Coffee..

  9. Jacob said

    wow, i’ve never cooked with dill. thanks for the recipe.

    Me too a first timer with dill,Jacob

  10. viv said


    Dill has always been available in India. It’s called ‘sui’ saag (because of the needle thin leaves) or ‘sheppi bhaaji’ (in Mangalore). I use in meat curries and dal too :)


    I didnt know that,viv..thanks

  11. aa said

    Dill has been available forever in india…at least in north india..its called soo-aa.its used in lots of ways..dill-aloo, while cooking baigan aloo….etc.its so fragrant ,it just kicks up a couple of notches, the flavor and taste of the veggie it is cooked with.
    thanks for the dill-rice recepie..I ‘ll try sounds..yummy!!

    Thanks for the info,aa.I haven’t seen dill anywhere in my place in India…

  12. Ludwig said

    Hi Annita

    Happened upon your site when I was searching for information on dill in India. I’d posted recently about trying to make a Greek dish called tsatziki, which is supposed to be made with dill (if you want it to be authentic).

    Googling reveals that dill has apparently been in India for ages under various names (sowa, sabasige etc.), but also that there are 2 kinds of dill, European and Indian, and the European variety is more fragrant.

    Anyway, with this information, I’ll continue my hunt for dill.

    Great blog, BTW. My mother tongue is Malayalam, though I’ve never really lived in Kerala (other than vacations) and it’s good to find so many Mally recipes with a personal touch. Have bookmarked it and will keep coming back for culinary experiments.



    Thanks for all the information,Ludwig..Welcome to blog and do visit me often..

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  15. […] more than aubergines/brinjal sauteed with spices and dill leaves (sowa/soya/suva saag). I adore dill recipes, but something about its pungent grassy taste alongside the silky aubergines makes this recipe […]

  16. Hi Anitta,

    Thanks for this awesome recipe.usually my kids hate these kinds of vegge stuffs but luckily this was really a success…What I did was I made Italian dish Mutton Rogan Josh curry to side this dill rice.It went off the plate….Anitta its really a good combination…

    I got the idea from site

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