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Chakka kuru-Manga curry(Jackfruit seeds & Mango)

Posted by Annita on December 14, 2006

This is a well known favorite in Kerala cuisine.Jackfruit seeds are very nutritious and when cooked in coconut milk along with the sour green mango,produces a flavourfull and fabulous side dish to be served with rice.Unfortunately,fresh jackfruit seeds are not available to us,but I found some frozen ones during our Chicago trip 5-6 months back.Since then i was looking for green unripe mangoes,and finally got that too.

Chakkakuru-Manga Curry

So here goes the recipe ..


Unripen green mango cut into medium size pieces – 1
Washed and cleaned jackfruit seeds cut into thin juliennes -2 cups
Green chillies slit- 2
Coconut ground into a smooth paste – 3/4 cup
Red chilly powder – 3/4 tsp
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Beaten curd – 1/4 cup
(An update: The original recipe doesn’t calls for curd,i added it just to make the curry more thicker and also I love the extra sourness of the curd …So please check for the sourness before adding this ingredient..Thanks Susan for mentioning about it.)

Mustard seeds -1 tsp
Red Chillies – 2
Shallots/Pearl Onions(Kunjulli) chopped – 2
Curry leaves -a sprig
Oil – as needed
Salt-to taste


Cook jackfruit seeds,adding 1 cup water,green chillies and salt in medim heat.When they are half done add raw mangoes,turmeric powder and red chilly powder and cook until they are soft and tender.(Note :Cooking time for frozen seeds are very less when compared to the fresh ones)
Add ground coconut ,mix well and let it come to a slow boil.Now add beaten yogurt,simmer for 2 more minutes stirring in between.Switch of the heat and keep it aside.
Heat oil in another pan,and allow mustard seeds to splutter.Add red chillies,shallots and curry leaves and fry until they are brown.Pour this seasoning over the curry and serve with rice.

Chakkakuru-Manga Curry

This is my first entry to Ashwini’s JFI-Coconut


41 Responses to “Chakka kuru-Manga curry(Jackfruit seeds & Mango)”

  1. Reshmi Menon said bcmng nostalgic..Where u manage to get those chakkakurus?i’could never find it anywhere around here.;(

    I got it from a grocery store in Chicago..lucky me..:))

  2. Asha said

    Now, although dish looks delicious, mouthwatering and I would love this recipe,I have no chance in heck to get both of those veggies around here!:D:D
    So, I will say “Annita, enjoy!”

    Yeah..its very hard to find these ingredients here,Asha…i know that..

  3. RP said

    I love it when you come up with thani nadan dishes like these. Wonderful entry for the event.

    Thanks a lot,RP

  4. Susan said

    This is so good.Congrats for ur efforts .Many can learn the traditional dishes from here. Manchattiyundo????

    Manchatti illello..have to get one on my next India trip…

  5. Susan said

    Onemorething i think either mango or yogurt will do What do u think

    I’ve added both I needed my curry to be a bit thick..Also I like that extra sourness of the curd..
    Anyway the original recipe doesn’t call for yogurt..I think i’ll mention that too in the post..
    Thanks for reminding me…

  6. Rg said

    Wow! this is a perfect and tasty naadan recipe. I love that curry. My mom makes it the same way. Shaheen made me a little home sick last month or so with some of her recipes and now it’s your turn, huh? :))Anyways, thanks Annita for sharing this recipe.

    Happy to see that you all loved it,Rg

  7. Ashwini said

    Oooh that is so unique and delicious Annita. Thanks for participating in JFI.
    You know our (Konkani) cuisine is quite similar to Kerala’s – we also have a couple of dishes with green mango and/ or jackfruit and they are all considered delicacies because of their unqiue flavor.

    Thanks for dropping by,Ashwini..
    Happy hosting and Happy holidays

  8. Archana said

    Frozen chakkakkuru !!!!! Did you find it in an Indian store? I love this curry. Thank you.

    Yeah Archana,I’ve found it in an Indian grocery store…but not in my was during my Chiocago visit..

  9. sri said

    hi annita chakkakuru curry looks so delicious…hey if you in chicago may be i will stop by to taste if its still there!!! :) i think next day it tastes even better.

    Yeah..u r always welcome…Unfortunately i’m not staying in Chicago,Sri..:))Come to cincinnati sometime…and lets have a chakka kuru blast…

  10. shaheen said

    Annita, we add shrimp and drumsticks to this. Have you tried that?

    Haven’t tried that,Shaheen…It sounds delicious..will surely give it a try.

  11. sarah said

    I am scared to visit your blog.. each time when I visit,I leave with such a heavy heart.. I don’t even remember, when was the last time I had Chakkakuru!!
    I so wish santa would bring some Chakkakkuru and some malayalee mango pickle

    Thanks Sarah..Have u started preparing for X’mas..I’ve seen your post about X’mas cake…
    Merry X’mas to u and ur family

  12. Geena said

    wow! first kappa-meen curry, now chakka kuru-manga curry, every malayalees favorite. so happy to see all these foods showing up in the blog world. Good one Annita.
    Chakka kuru and Koorkka were the two indian veggies(?)that I have not yet found in any stores. Now you found chakka kuru, may be one day we see koorkka too.

    Yeah,I’ve already got a comment about Koorkka..
    We are not so lucky to get all those,Geena..:(

  13. InjiPennu said

    Oooooo! Perrrfect! Did you get fresh mango?

    Yeah…this time I got a perferct green mango..

  14. anju said

    this is my favourite curry. looks soo good..i am going to get chakka kuru this weekend…by the way, we get chakka kurru in the indian stores..i am in atlanta…i have seen frozen chakka kuru, koorkka, kadachakka etc here…Annita, ur kappa meen also looks soooo good..

    You’re really lucky,Anju

  15. maheswari said

    I love chakka kuru..i just made chakka kuru aviyal last week.This is a nice combo of mango and chakka kuru..looks delicious..will try soon…

    My husband would die for chakka kuru aviyal..Thanks for the mention,maheswari..I’ve some chakka kuru left in my freezer..
    Will surely give it a try

  16. globelovers said

    merry christmas

    Merry X’mas to u too

  17. Lera said

    Jackfruit seeds are usually roasted and eaten back home, never tried this way of cooking them ,Nice Recipe Annita.

    This is a diffrent Kerala special recipe,Lera.try it out sometime and u’ll love it

  18. Anupama said

    Annita, this one is a new one for me. I have always eaten jackfruit seeds boiled in salted water and then dried in the sun . And that was also ages ago.I like your recipe .

    Thanks Anu
    Merry X’mas

  19. mandira said

    Annita, this sounds absolutely delicious. Do you find the seeds in Indian stores here? Would love to try it.

    Yeah..I’ve found it in an Indian grocery store in Chicago

  20. Menu Today said

    Hi Annita,
    Really nice curry. I never tried raw mango and jackfruit seed, I think this curry is similar to curd curry. Thanks a lot for sharing. Merry Christmas!!!

    Thanks a lot MenuToday..
    And merry X’mas to u,too

  21. Nidhi said

    The dish looks very mouth-watering… I also used to make dishes from Jackfruit in India but here we don’t get it, So…
    Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing.

    Thanks for dropping by,Nidhi

  22. Surya said

    Really good!!I became little nostalgic by seeing the picture.I got frozen chakkakkuru but no way for green mango.I hope I would get green mango in my next grocery shopping.

    I was really lucky to get nice mango this time.if you can get frozen green mangoes,that’ll be fine too..
    Thanks Surya

  23. Mythreyee said

    What a wonderful rare combination. Sure to try. I love jack fruit.

    Thanks Mythreyee

  24. shaheen said

    Wish u and ur family very hapy holidays!HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Happy New Year to u and ur famnily tooo…

  25. shynee said

    Hi Annita,It has been long that I have not really wandered much in this blog land…seems to have missed quite a lot in every blog!!Ippo ethayalum ellavarum undakkunnathu nokki vellamirakkunnatha sukham!! ;) Busy with Christmas preps? Wish you a wonderful christmas and a rocking new year dear!!

    Madichi kutti aayi alle?Anyway really happy to see your comment,Shynee…
    Merry X’mas and happy new year to u & ur hubby..

  26. krithika said

    Jackfruit seed ? I love it … lucky you… chakka curry looks delicious

    Thanks Krithika

  27. giniann said

    Happy Christmas to you, annita! Hope you guys have fun. Did you bake the plum cake this time?

    Yeah..but it didn’t came out good this time,Gini.I wasn’t patient enough to cool the cake..I tried to remove it from the pan when it was very hot ad the cake broke into two…:(
    Happy X’mas,Gini

  28. Archana said

    Happy Christmas to you Annita. Enjoy !

    Merry X’mas to u too,Archana

  29. sunitha said

    Looks amazing , i had one question ,how exactly do you grind the coconut to paste as here i dont have the stone ,tried with blender but that leaves bits of coconut bites,what would be the best machine to do the job .Thanks.

    I’ve got an Indian type Preethi mixer,which I bought through Internet.


  30. julee said

    Instead of adding curd you can mash some of the kurus. This will also make the gravy thick. One has to be very careful about heating curd as it can get spoiled or curdled if done for too long. So those who are not the so called “expert” can try this version too.

    Thanks for sharing these info,julee..

  31. Sri Valli said

    Hi Annita,

    Your post made me remember those meomrable days back in India.

    What is the brand of the chakkakuru you’ve bought(is it Swad or Deep?). Or do you remember the name of the shop you got it? I’ll persuade our local Indian grocer to stock it here!!!

    Sri Valli

    It is something called ‘Daily Delight’ brand,Srivalli..
    I think I got it from ‘Maveli’ grocery store in Devon street,Chicago

  32. Bervin said

    Hi Annita,

    This is a wonderful recipe i was longing for..Thanks.Btw…i didn’t get any Jackfruit seed so tried this with white channa and mango which was equally good.Thanks again.

    Wow..thats an interesting combination,which we could do without chakka kuru..Thanks Bervin

  33. Anu Sony said

    Hiii Annita,
    This is my husband’s fav curry, i’ve never tried making it here. (I’m in Dubai). Well, after seeing ur recipe, I feel I can make it….
    Have you got a good recipe for Veg kuruma??? Please post one as u get time,
    I regularly checkout ur site for cooking ideas….
    Take care, bye for now, Anu

    Thanks for dropping by,Anu..
    i’ll surely post a veg kuruma recipe,soon

  34. Kavitha B said

    Dear Annita,
    i tried this recipe of chakkakuru-mango curry today. It turned out real good.
    thanks for this. saw your dry flower arrangements too… u hv a real artistic touch. u remind me of my best friend sheena who is a great cook as well as an artist.. not a professional but itz an inborn gift/talent.
    thanks and keep doing the good job.

    Thank you for your kind words,Kavitha..

  35. Susan Kurian said

    Annita!!!!!!thanx for the recipe. During my last trip to Chicago I had this curry and I loved it. After coming back to Bahrain (where i am staying)i got some varikka chakka. i searched through the net for chakka kuru manga curry and i got ur recipe. Congrats annita !!!!!!!! Its really a mouthwatering dish. My husband loved it.

    Susan, bahrain

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  38. Rani said

    Hi All,

    In London Chakkakuru is available in almost all Sri Lankan shops. Try that way :).


    Rani Sunil

  39. remi said


    […]Chakka kuru-Manga curry(Jackfruit seeds & Mango) « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  40. ganja said


    […]Chakka kuru-Manga curry(Jackfruit seeds & Mango) « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  41. Siji said

    i got the same brand(Daily delight frozen) from one indian store ,but i wasnt sure what hapd i cooked it for a long time ,it seemd the seeds where very raw no trace of cookd taste .then i pressure cooked them then too the seeds wherent cookd ,it was totally tasteless …….. i had to throw the whole thing
    can u tell me what must be the pblm

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