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Thenga(Coconut) Chammanthi

Posted by Annita on December 7, 2006

This is my favorite of all chutneys,Keralites usually have this with kanji (rice porridge),dosas or iddlis.Back home,a mortar and pestle is used to prepare this.But this can be done in an Indian mixer too,of course you have to compromise a little on the taste.I think this can be done in food processor too,haven’t tried though.

Thenga Chammanthi

Thenga Chammanthi
Thenga Chammanthi served with dosa

See the recipe ..


Grated coconut – 1/2 cup
Dried Red Chillies (unakka mulagu) – 4
Ginger – a small piece
Tamarind (Vaalan puli) – gooseberry(Nellikka) sized piece
Curry leaves – a few
Salt – as needed


Grind all these together in a mixer,sprinkling little water in between.Shape it like a ball and serve with dosa or Kanji.


30 Responses to “Thenga(Coconut) Chammanthi”

  1. Mythreyee said

    Looks fantastic. thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Happy to know that u liked it,Mythreyee


  2. Asha said

    Shaped like a ball coconut chutney:) Yummo Annita! Red chillies makes it very colorful,isn’t? Thanks.

    Yes.Asha..its coconut chutney only…shaped into ball


  3. kavya said

    Reminds me of home. We add garlic in it too…rest is the same. A fantastic combination with hot kanji.

    Haven’t tried with garlic Kavya.I’ll surely be adding garlic next time..


  4. RP said

    Hmm.. kothippikkallE…
    I am going to try this in my new mortar and pestle. :)

    kanji – Chammanthi combo is divine,isn’t it?
    Oorkkumbol thanne vaayil vellam varum enikku…


  5. RP said meant in ammikal, right? Did you see my mortar and pestle? I posted a picture yesterday. Do you think I can do this in there?

    Yeah..I saw your mortar-pestle..I think you could do it in that,but you might need to put more effort than in an ammikkal…What do u think?


  6. Priya said

    WOW..this is one of my favorites too Annita. I would top it with a dollop of curd too when having with dosa or idli. My amma also added inji-manga instead of the plain ginger sometimes, even that is really yummy.

    Me too love to have it with curd,Priya…But inji-manga… haven’t seen it…but have heard about it a lot..


  7. Hi Annita

    Its me Maria, claramma aunty’s daughter. Hope u remember me. I used to visit ur site regularly but i never knew it was u!!! Anyways very pleasant surprise. Btw ur site is really gud. How do u manage to do this especially with ur baby.

    Btw i also have a small blog.

    hey wats ur email id? Pls send it to me. Would love to hear from u.

    Take Care

    Yeah.hey what a surprise!!!.i do remember you?how can I forget ppl easily??And your site is very good too…
    You still in blr?You had a baby,rt?So r u still working?And how did you find out that was my blog?
    Here’s my email


  8. Sri said

    Hello Annita,
    Will have this chammanthi with chore today!!! I was thinkin what to cook today and was thinking something little…well i guess your post solve my prob. Thanks

    Good to hear that I could help you in your dilemma…:)

  9. shaheen said

    i want some. had kanchi yesterday but had no chammandi.:( u don’t add garlic?

    No Shaheen,haven’t tried with garlic yet..Now as u ppl suggests it,I’ll definitely give it a try next time…
    And I love garlic too..

  10. Vini K said

    Hi Annita,we make this chutny too.My ammama(mom’s mom)makes this regularly when we go for our vacations there.nice shutyney but shaping it like a ball is new to me.Looks so appeasing.Thanks for sharing!:)

    Thanks Vini

  11. Bevs said

    how does it tastes? source? bitter? absolutely not sweet…

    It tastes hot and sour,Bevs


  12. Bevs said

    i mean sour :D

  13. shaista said


    i have tried many variations of coconut chutney, trying to get the taste of my amma’s recipe. yours is the best. thanks.

    do you have one for ulli chammandi? the red chutney with dosa one where you fry and grind the onions? i can’t find the one i’m looking for anywhere.

    I’ve posted one ulli chammanthi..Here’s the link
    And many thanks for those encouraging words,Shaista.I really appreciate it.

  14. shaista said

    annita, i tried your ulli chammandi right now after finding your recipe. it is the best. really the best. my amma passed away 13 years ago, and after all this time i can taste all her dishes again, thanks to your authentic recipes. thank you.

    I’m really delighted to hear that Shaista..Its a honour for me..
    Thanks again

  15. akbar.ckm said

    easily preparable, mouth-wetting,selective with so many types of rice&noodles

  16. akbar.ckm said

    mouth -wetting,easily preparable and can be used with so many rice&noodles

    Thanks akbar & welcome to my blog

  17. Reena said

    Hi Deepa, I was searching for this chammanthi in the blog world. How did you get such a thick consistency? Mine always becomes a bit liquidy.

  18. anne said

    great, just bought the ingredients from and can’t wait, thanks

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  20. Digital Glamour Photography

    hey great stuff

  21. Ramki said

    Hi ,

    Am blogging your Chutney as a model recipe in the 1001 Coconut Chutney cookbook at

    Thanks for the recipe

  22. Sayuri said

    Though I’m not a great chammanti fan. I couldn’t resist myself from trying this. Wow…. so yummy. Thank you chechi.

  23. Sayuri said

    Could you pls put the recipe of ‘Mulaku chutney’.

  24. shabs said

    Hi, first time here…..I like this chammanthi of urs….it wud the perfect one with dosa. I have posted another version of chammanthi in my blog. Chk wen u have time.

  25. Sunil said

    Hey, i think we need to add onion too. My Mom use to make that way and that was Yummmmmm…

  26. phuket said

    thank you so good for cooking

  27. Laji T George said

    Simple & Tasty….Tnx, It’s very helpfull 4 us, bachlors from Rajasthan, expecting more…..

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