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Vaazhakka Tholi (Plantain Peel) Fry

Posted by Annita on November 27, 2006

Now a simple and quick preparation with the leftover plantain peels.I prepared this new (atleast to me) side dish last week and we all loved the crunchy peppery flavour of it.Thanks to my loving sister for the recipe.


Vaazhakka Tholi Fry

And the recipe..


Vaazhakka Tholi
Plantain Peel

Raw Plantain peels cut into juliennes – 1 cup
Salt – as needed
Pepper – as needed


Cook the plantain pieces adding salt and little water until it is done.I cooked it in microwave for 5 mts.Now heat oil in a pan,add the cooked peels and saute it for a while.Mix in crushed pepper and fry it in medium heat until dry and crispy.Serve hot with rice.

Vaazhakka Tholi Fry

23 Responses to “Vaazhakka Tholi (Plantain Peel) Fry”

  1. Nidhi said

    Dish is ofcourse very easy to make but, what is “Plantain Peels” and where do you get it from?
    Thanks, Nidhi.

    These are just the peels of plantain,Nidhi..Plantains are available in all grocery stores,You have to cut the peels out of it.

  2. Mythreyee said

    As far as I know, every part of the plantain tree is useul, but I never knew even the vaazhakka peel also can be used for cooking. thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Thanks Mythreyee

  3. usha said

    Hi Annita,
    I’m regular visitor.Excellent collection of receipe.Especially all cakes varieties.
    Vaazhakka Tholi really something new,but after seeing the item in picture,i feel it should be fine.Becoz if it is cripsy we people sure will like it.

    Try it out sometime,Usha..

  4. This is new to me Annita….a recipe with the peel…intersting..must try:)

    Thanks Priya

  5. indira nair said

    hi annita,
    in our home my amma used to make mezhukkupuratty with cherupayar and plantain peel. it is very tasty.

    Ooh…thats too a great idea..Indira..I’ll be trying that too..Thanks

  6. Anupama said

    Thats very good Annita. Tell me do you chips from the plantain fruit. I want to make banana chips at home. And would like to know how.

    Thanks Anu.I’ll surely be posting a chips recipe…In btw you can try RP’s chips

  7. RP said

    Sounds great annita. I am planning to make some plantains(maybe 1 or 2) with dried shrimps today. Let me see if I can get enough peels to try thsi out. I usually remove only the ridges from the plantains and leaves the other peels intact in all my plantain preparations. That means very less peel. Maybe I will try this out when I make plantain chips. I will have a lot of peels then. :)

  8. First time hearing that you can use the plaintain peels for food. I repent for wasting the peels so long.Must try this.

    Try this and let me know about it,Lakshmiammal

  9. Sri said

    Annita, this is a new recipe for me. Never could have thought that plaintain peels are eaten too. wow!!! Thanks for sharing it annita.

    Thanks Sri.This was new to me too…my sister gave me the idea..This is her mother in law’s special…


  10. Reshmi Menon said

    Annita,Excellent recipe!!i never knew that banana peel can be turned out into such an exotic dish!! Hats off to you genius ;))
    BTB; thanksgiving okke engane undayrunnu?

    Thanks dear…Thanks giving was boring..Didn’t do nothing much other than shopping…:)) What about urs?

  11. Shammi said

    Plantain peel can be eaten too? This is SO cool! Next time I get plantains, I’ll give this recipe a go. What an great idea!

    Thanks Shammi..Try it and lemme know if u liked it or not..

  12. InjiPennu said

    What? With the peels? really? From where do you guys come up with all these? I have never ever heard about it. This is great. Now I dont have to throw them away. Wont it have kara?
    This is something I learned from my sis,Inji..This is her mother in law’s special dish…’ll be having a little kara…but it’ll go while getting cooked…

  13. renu said

    hi annita
    came across the kaayatholi only now. it was a staple at our home during onam season. the reason, the large scale frying of varuthupperi would leave behing heaps of kayatholi, which would be stacked away into the fridge neatly. muthira (horsegram) was a common combo with this high fibre peel. likewise, the root portion of the bananas also was used to make upperis.
    no part of the banana plant was wasted, really !

    Ooh…root portion can also be used in cooking(u mean that black end)??…Wow…really cool….
    Thanks for the info,renu

  14. […] the fruit and skins are used to make a […]

  15. Dmasterkey said

    We have lots of plantain in our area and nobody cares about the peels! I still cant believe it can be eaten. I’ll try it out men, if it works I’ll be a genus in my hood!
    Thanks An.

  16. jica mae said

    annita so nice! are you sure that it is edible and no toxic at all?is it nutritious? teel me i have a study about banana peelings as food. tnx for the reply

  17. mary said


  18. goji berry said

    goji berry…

    […]Vaazhakka Tholi (Plantain Peel) Fry « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  19. Joe said

    I have been eating plantain peel since I was vary young. My grandmother was vary poor when she first came to New York and nothing was wasted. Maybe I’ll leave a recipe next time I log in… Joe .

  20. Lateefat.S said

    can’t we add cubes and probably crayfish to make it taste better? although I haven’t tried this.

  21. Lateefat.S said

    pls do very soon I wanna know

  22. masha said

    I can not belive that for so many years, I find out this today??????? What world do I live in? I have some plantain fruits laying at the corner of my room so am going to peel them en start off with the peels. Am so excited. Thanx a lot annita

    Masha from Uganda

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