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Learning Series 4-Praline Gateau

Posted by Annita on November 20, 2006

Praline Gateau

Praline Gateau
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1.Bake two square cakes.
2.Cool the cake and level it using a knife/cake leveler,to remove the crown from the cake.
3.Cut all the four sides of one cake to make it a smaller square cake.
4.Apply apricot glaze over the cake and allow it to set.
5.Prepare butter icing and praline and keep it aside.
6.Using a metal spatula gently apply butter icing evenly all over the cakes to get a smooth finish.
7.Apply crushed praline on the sides of the cake using your hands.
8.Allow the icing to set completely.
9.Carefully place the smaller cake over the bigger.
10.Pipe border designs.
11.Prepare some more caramel and pipe different patterns using this .Also dip strawberries/any other fruits in the caramel and allow it to cool.
12.Decorate the cake with caramel dipped fruits and piped caramel designs.
13.Serve immediately.

15 Responses to “Learning Series 4-Praline Gateau”

  1. Archana said

    Lovely, lovely !!! Nice presentation Annita, cake looks super good.

    Thanks a lot,Archana
    Really happy to hear that u liked it…


  2. rp said

    Annita, looks like the learning phase is over! This is a great work! Thanks for the detailed posts on buttercream icing and all..

    Thanks dear


  3. Priya said

    The cake looks really yummyyy Annita !! The best part being you make the procedure sound soo simple :-) Thank you so much for sharing it with us, did u make this cake for a special occasion ??

    No Priya..I made it just to learn the cake decorating techniques…
    And Many many thanks for these kind words !!

  4. wow Annita…. You have become an expert dear:) your husband and kid should be enjoying these:)

    Yeah they are definitely enjoying..Thanks Priya

  5. Sri said

    Wow!!! Annita looks like professional….beautiful presentation.

    Thanks Sri,

  6. Annita, I can’t believe that one can make such a nice cake at home. Good job.

    Thanks for the kind words,Manju

  7. Susan said

    HI Annita,
    wonderful presentation…perfect.Reminds me of Anns cake from KERALa

    Thanks Susan

  8. See,you have already become an expert:)

    Thanks dear

  9. giniann said

    Annita, that looks really nice. I like the ribbon ‘touch’. Wish I could digh in.

    Thanks gini

  10. shilpa said

    U made that??? thats simply amazing….
    You have become a pro already :)

    Thanks Shilpa

  11. Nabeela said

    First time at your blog and what a WONDERFUl blog you have!!
    The cake looks to die for!

    Many thanks,Nabeela…And welcome to my blog..

  12. Swathy said

    wow! looks cool … you’ve done this so beautifully…

    Thanks Sawthy

  13. paati said

    Looks absolutely YUM! btw are those caramelised nuts on the sides? would love to sink my teeth into it!can i?:))

    yes paati,u can dig in..:)).. And those are caramelised almonds only.

  14. Priya S&S said

    Beautiful Anita ! How did u apply crushed pralines so evenly on the sides ??

    That’s quite easy,Priya..Try it sometime..I bet u could do it…

  15. InjiPennu said

    Whats going on here??? Wow…too many little baking fairies these days! :)
    Glad to see u here,Inji..How are you now?Getting better?

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