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Spicy Chicken Curry -Kerala Style

Posted by Annita on November 7, 2006

This is my husband’s favorite chicken curry ,and of course its my mother-in-law’s style of preparation.This is a very simple recipe,and tastes great with appams,idiappams etc.

Spicy Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry – Kallappam

Here it goes…


Chicken with bones cut into small pieces – 1/2 kg
Chopped onion – 2
Ginger-Garlic paste – 2 tsp
Green Chillies – 5
Curry leaves – a sprig
Sliced Tomatoes – 1

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
Chilly Powder – 1 tsp
Coriander powder – 2 tsp
Chicken Masala powder/garam masala powder – 1 tsp

Salt – to taste
Oil – as needed


Heat oil in a pan,saute onions first,then add ginger-garlic paste,green chillies,salt and curry leaves.Saute it until onions turn brown.Add in all the powders and fry it for few minutes.Throw in tomato slices and continue sauting till the masala is well browned and oil starts to seperate.Add chicken pieces and stir well for few minutes,and then add half cup of water,cover it and allow the chicken pieces to cook well.Add more water if needed.
Simmer it for 5 more minutes.


56 Responses to “Spicy Chicken Curry -Kerala Style”

  1. Rashmi said

    Nice and simple chicken curry.Thanks for the recipe

  2. Annu said

    This is a lovely recipe, had a very novice query, can we use boneless chicken in place of chicken with bone… ?? I am kinda new to non vegetarian cooking and for me .. Yours and Malluspice’s blog are kind of tutorials. So thanks and keep up the good work.

    Thanks Annu,traditionally,it is prepared with boned chicken…U can try with boneless too..

  3. Hi Anita
    I made this today and it was a super hit!
    Thank you so much.
    I love simple curries like this.SO YUMMY!

    I’m really happy to hear that u liked it,Maya…
    Thanks for letting me know abt that

  4. Helen said

    I am going to try this recipe soon and I have to buy the ingredients first. Is this dish very spicy? If so, what can I do to have mild flavor? Am I able to get ginger-garlic paste in the Indian grocery store? Thanks!

    No,its not too spicy..and you can get ginger-garlic paste in almsot all Indian grocery stores

  5. Francis Rozario said

    Think the coconut milk is missing, well I’m goingto try it anyway.
    I love my curries real spicy, I grind my cloves, aniseed and Cinnamon addit tio my ground chillies and corriander, with lots of onions garlic and ginger and a little more of curry leaves, added pepper and chilli to give it the kick, goes well with everything including the scotch (whisky) uess that’s very Malayalee too.

    i purposly avoided coconut milk,Francis…just to amke it more spicy..My husband is not a great fan of coconut milk based dishes…

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  7. Kirthi said

    Hi Annita

    A truly wonderful recipe! Tried it and loved it.

  8. rintu said

    The curry is so simple and it can be mad easily at the earliest……

  9. Baskaran said

    Please advise whether itis possible to substitute rice flour cooked in place of cooked rice
    Yes Bhaskaran,you can do that too..

  10. Nita said

    Tried this curry recipe today..Had it with parotta..wuz absolutely yumm n really simple:) Thnx a bunch

  11. Maria said

    Hi Anita,

    I am goin to try this recipe out for my mom-in-law’s B’day. This is easy and quick. I wanted to ask if I make it with 1Kg Chicken should I double all the ingredients?

    Anyway I am goin to try this out Thanks

    You can double it ,Maria…But always check on the spice level…

  12. Pramod said

    Hi Anita,

    Best way to prepare chicken for unmarried lazy guys.


    Yeah..u r right..:))

  13. Abhisha Roshan said

    Hi Anita
    Thanks for the recipe. I ws just looking out for an easy chicken recipe .. that too without coconut milk… urs is the apt package for me. In the morning when i was abt to leave for the office my hubbie told he need chicken curry today. Since i am new to this cooking field i was searching for an easy recipe n ya i got it frm u..Thankzzz…. Let me impress my hubbie with this….

  14. Deepa said

    Hi Anita,

    Nice recipe….i made it yesterday.. i was making chicken for the first time without my mothers help.. and it turned out to be great..

  15. rasnatharak said

    hi ,anitha
    thanks for the recipe i gonna make the chicken curry today thanks alaot

  16. radhika said

    hi annita,
    coconut water mixed with a pinch of sugar kept overnight in warm temperature gives a toddy effect the next day

  17. Anoop said

    kollam .. it was easy and smooth going .. and the end result was really nice .. given the skill of the chef ;-) .. a bachelor’s praise may be one that may be discarded but .. the colour and flavour is great and reminds me of my ammachi’s preperations ..

    – Anoop

  18. raj said

    i read comments i am going to cook today

  19. nazreena 27 said

    curry powder 15 tablespoons chilly powder 8 tablespoons almonds and cashews paste grinded in blender 15 tablespoons milk 4 cups coconuts milk 2 cups coconut paste 25 tablespoons onion and garlic paste 12 tablespoons boneless chicken 2 kg cumin powder 5 tablespoons fennel powder 5 tablespoons tomatoe puree

  20. Saritha said

    Could you plz post a recipe on how to make ”Kallappam”?

    Its already in the blog..

  21. joyse said

    gr8 recipe annita.i tried it .lovely dry spicy chicken.loved it

    Thank you Joyse

  22. Deepa said

    Hi anitha,good one.At the end put 2,3 cloves also before removing from gas…Its more yammy

  23. michael said

    hee hee oww!!!!

    very very tasty,


  24. Prem said

    hey anitha….i just cant believe this…no words…this is unbelievable. I have never tried sucha a simple and spicy chicken curry even though i am a great chef..thanks for your valuable recipe…recommended recipe…everyone try this…great for people who love NADAN SPICY KOZHI CURRY..!!! OH MY GOD….

  25. Prem said

    nice recipe miss annita. easy to cook and delicious. thanks

  26. seemasijo said


    i tried this receipe yesterday ,it was so tasty and we enjoyed it ,thank you

  27. partha randhir said

    dear anitha

    i am a student n really love cooking, i new to non veg and really wanted to make a simple n spicy recipe. thats when i bumped into your recipe n tried was really delicious n every one loved i also took the liberty of adding more chillies n spice it really came out very well
    i want to know if i could use cardamon cinamon n bay leaf for aroma n flavours ..????

    thank u

  28. Aussie_Tony said

    I am a beginner to cooking authentic curries.

    Silly question time! Are the chillies used whole or chopped. If chopped with or without seeds. Long or short?

    My wife and I do not like too much chillie and always get confused on which are the hotter ones etc so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  29. alvin chekot said

    nice and tasty recipe< its easy to cook, it help bachelors like me a lot….thank you

  30. Aussie_Tony said

    Can anybody tell me how they prepare the green chilli for this recipe?

    Is it left whole and just split down the side, OR
    Chopped up, OR
    Whole with seeds removed, OR

  31. sarah said

    this was my first easter after my wedding and my first chicken dish…thanks a lot for making it a success…my husband loved the curry and kept on complimenting me and i kept on saying “its annita’s”…so a big THANK YOU annita…could you post the recipe for chicken fry and fish fry also…btw i made palappam using your recipe…got a compliment for that too :-) thanks to you again

  32. Jayadev vijayan said

    should the flame be at HIGH all times ? if not, when do we turn it down ? after adding the chicken, please advise..


  33. Satheesh said

    Hi Annita I tried your chicken curry recipe and it is really tasty .. Thanks a lot

    Satheesh and Lakshmi
    3357 W Lone Cactus Dr
    Phoenix , Az , 85027
    623 398 7911

  34. Abdu said

    I m gonna try it tomorrow…

  35. thank u very much annita aunty i found it easy to learn&cook this dish of was delicious n spicy please continue giving such easy tips online so that starters like me can learn cooking quickly
    Ilove kerela&kerela dishes a lot& iam planning to settle down with a kerela husband
    aunty i want 2 know how is life in kerela style [i mean culture] plsaunty,can u suggest because aunty iam a tamilian

  36. thank u very much annita aunty i found it easy to learn&cook this dish of yours I LOVED IT .it was delicious n spicy please continue giving such easy tips online so that starters like me can learn cooking quickly
    Ilove kerela&kerela dishes a lot& iam planning to settle down with a kerela husband
    aunty i want 2 know how is life in kerela style [i mean culture] plsaunty,can u suggest because aunty iam a tamilian

  37. Shashi Nayar said

    Simple and tasy dish. No hassles at all. I added a cup of coconut milk and garnished with finely cut coriander leaves.It tasted out of this world!!
    Thanks for the recipe

    Prof. K. Shashi Nayar
    Sharjah, UAE

  38. Vishnu said

    Its really a superb recipe….

  39. Ravidas K R said

    Hi Annita,

    Thank you very much Annita Aunty. I tried your recipe and found it very easy and tasty.

    Shall I add double the ingredients for making 1Kg Chicken.



  40. kavitha said

    I had bookmarked this recipe a year back , then my computer crashed and I lost everything. Ive spend the last one hour searching and i FINALLY FOUND IT ! haha thank you.

    Its a little taste of home! This is the best, easiest, yummiest and quickest recipe thanks a ton.

  41. Ashwin said

    Lovely ..Just tried and it came out too good. Nice post . will try your other recipes as well.

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  43. Sudhi said

    Thank u very much…..!

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  47. jasira anase said

    hi, i hav one suggestion . if u use coriander leaves& mint in the curry at the end it give great tasta

  48. Sophia said

    Hey Annita..I absolutely new to cooking and this by far is the simplest recipe for chicken I’ve come across.I have a very basic,and frankly stupid question.When you say ‘tsp’ for the measurement of the spices do you actually mean tea-spoon or table-spoon? Because Ive seen my mother taking table spoons of the I just wanted to know what you meant..please do reply :)

  49. Tony said

    Sophia – as an Aussie who makes this recipe all the time – you can be assured that they are teaspoon measurements.

    I have also found that adding 3 tomatoes is a interesting change. This recip also taught me how important patience is when making the masala – the longer you take the better it tastes!!

  50. Tony said

    Sophia – Glad to be of help I am sure you will enjoy your efforts. I have not seen Annita post here for a long time.

    If you find any other good recipes like this please share links here.

  51. Anish said

    Hi, Annita
    Thanks for the naadan recipe but in gulf chicken is frozen so no need of water to boil only close the led for 10 mins in simmer then just check if it’s ready.
    then also i tried it was good.

    Thank u

  52. Harikumar said

    Hi annita

    i am going to expiriment today .Is there any problem for using Potato in this recipe?

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