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Piping Designs

Posted by Annita on November 3, 2006

This can be done using caramel or any type of icing like glace icing ,buttercream,royal icing,melted chocolate etc.

Piping Designs
Piped Designs using Glace icing

1.Draw any design of your choice in a paper.
2.Place baking parchment paper or run-out film over the top of this and secure the corners with a tape.
3.Fill a piping bag with icing,fold down the top and snip off the end or use tip #1.
4.Pipe fine threads following the outline of designs,or pipe free handed designs.
5.Leave to set.
6.Carefully slide a thin knife under each piece to loosen it from paper and use for decorating

2 Responses to “Piping Designs”

  1. sowram said

    hi Anitha,
    This technique looks very promising. My son is a fan of barney. Do you think we can do the outline of a barney using this technique?
    I am planning to try it anyway.

    Yeah sure ,Sowram..why not..Try it out and let me know how it turned out for u..


  2. Jerom said

    Merry Christmas :)

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