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Learning Series 2 – Tea Time Fancies

Posted by Annita on October 25, 2006

The first step in a cake decorating is applying the icing to cover the cake surface,before adding any other decoratives.There are so many icings made with butter,egg whites, chocolate and many other flavourings but they are all made with confectioner’s(icing) sugar beaten together.The icing may also vary from thick fluid type to stiff peak consistency,which can be spread smoothly,swirled,piped etc..Whatever the choice of covering for the cake,the base cake has to be prepared well and cool to room temperature before applying any type of icing over it.


Fancy Cake
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Here I’ve used simple glace icing to cover these tiny cakes and the base cake is prepared using store brought Pillsbury cake mix.


1.Prepare your choice of base cake.
2.Allow it to cool to room temperature.
3.Prepare Apricot glaze and keep aside.
4.Cut the cake into desired shapes using cookie cutters.I’ve used simple knife here.

Fancy Cake

5.Brush the cake pieces with prepared apricot glaze.
6.Place the cake on a cooling rack,well spaced apart and place some almonds or cashews on top of the cakes for decoration.

Fancy Cake

7.Spread aluminium foil or grease proof paper under the cooling rack,to collect the unwanted icing.
8.Make plenty of glace icing,ensuring the consistency is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon with a transparent coat of icing which does not run off.
9.Take one quarter of icing and add contrasting icing color into it.(i’ve used Wilton Icing color(red) here).Learn how to color your icing here.

Fancy Cake


Fancy Cake

Fancy Cake

10.Using a palette knife lift and support each cake,and pour the icing over the top of the cake and allow the frosting to fall freely over the side.

Fancy Cake

11.Gently tap or shake the cake to encourage the frosting to fall evenly from top.
12.Keep it back on the cooling rack.

Fancy Cake

13.Once the frosting has stopped falling,carefully run the palette knife around the cake to neaten the edge.
14.Allow the covering to dry.
15.If you think the coating is not thick enough,you can apply one more coat after the first one is dried well.
16.Carefully transfer the cake to serving dish.Remember,once the glace icing is set it has a tendency to crack when the cake is moved.So extra care should be taken while moving.
17.Now put the colored icing in a piping bag and pipe simple threads over the top of the cake to complete the decoration.Learn how to use piping bag here

Fancy Cake

Fancy Cake
Recipe Source : First Steps in Cake Decorating by Janice Murfitt


16 Responses to “Learning Series 2 – Tea Time Fancies”

  1. The pics look awesome…will definetly try it. Thanks.. Check out my blog as well, have just started writing. My blog is

    Thanks a lot..Will surely check ur blog..

  2. Shuba said

    Wowwww is all I can say…These pink beauties look so cute….I still dont have the confidence to try icing and all…anyway will bookmark the recipe and try it one day :-))

    Thanks Shuba..Go ahead and try it out sometime..I bet u could do it..:))


  3. thanu said

    its amazing all the things u do.. I’llb e trying some of these soon and will let you know how it turns out.

    You  should definitely try it out,Thanu..thats why i’m posting all these… And pls let me know abt it also..

  4. rp said

    Wow! Those little cakes look like the goodies from a bakery showcase. I wish I could take one! Yum! Needs a lot of patience to make these, huh?

    Thanks again,Rp..You can also do it..


  5. Archana said

    Lovely petit fours, nicely done Annita !

    Thanks a lot,Archana…


  6. MenuToday said

    Hi Annita,
    Please send me round shaped cake!!!!

    Will surely send it to u..Gimme ur address…:))


  7. Jyothsna said

    Oh, I wish I lived in your neighbourhood. I’d simply drop in to have a bite! Just kidding. Great work. Keep the learning series on please, its really a great help for novices like me.

    Thanks Jyotsna,Happy to hear that u all liked it..


  8. Sowram said

    Hi Anitha,
    Your cake looks yummy. My son is standing near me and asking whose b’day it is looking at the pictures. He loves cake. I am planning to try your method.

    Try it out and let me know about it,Sowram


  9. shaheen said

    Nice work.How much time did it all take.. what did u have to buy to set up a basic icing package?

    It took around 2-3 hrs for me,Shaheen..You know i’m a i’m very slow..And I just bought a wilton basic cake decorating kit,cake boards,and a palette knife as accessories..And for icing you just need icing sugar ,butter etc which i’ve already mentioned in the ingredients…

    I’ll post about the basic accessories also..Thanks again,Shaheen


  10. Asha said

    Dainty little cakes,Petit fours,eh? Beautiful color for the icing!! Great job!!

    Thanks Asha


  11. Raji said

    Hi Annita,

    This is off-topic, but I have been looking for a recipe for a sweet my aunt used to make a long time back. It is called “poruvalanga” and it is only popular in some parts of Kerala. Do you happen to know how to make this? I believe they use powdered moong for this.


    I’m sorry Raji..I don’t have any idea about it..I haven’t even heard of..Guys,can anyone help with this?Which part of Kerala are u from ,Raji?


  12. prema said

    wow!!! they look so pretty.. good job Annita

    Thanks Prema


  13. Rg said

    looks yummy! I’m gonna try this one out very soon. Does it take lot of time?

    Yeah Rg,it’ll take some time.There are lots of  processes ,rt?But do give it a try


  14. Raji said

    Hi Annita,

    Thanks for the reply. I’m from trichur. But my aunt used to live near Chengannur and I remember her telling that she learned it after moving to that part of the state. So I believe that it might be popoular there. I have eaten it a few times during school days. I also ate couple of times in last couple of years but all from someone else’ house and didnt get a chance to get the recipe then. Its made of powdered moong for sure but not sure how to get that exact texture. I tried once re-creating it at home with moong powder, jaggery etc but it turned out to be a flop.


    Let me see whether I could find it out from any of my friends..Will surely let u know about it..


  15. rp said

    Raji, are you talking about munthirikothu?
    Inji’s recipe here.

    Yeah…it might be munthirikothu..Good thinking,RP…


  16. sks said

    Since you are dabbling in cakes, you should try some of the marzipan based cake decorations/icing. I used to love it.
    I could never get that consistence with the glaze icing, even when i used egg susbtitutes like merriwhite (if that is the word i want). Great stuff again.

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