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Glace Icing

Posted by Annita on October 25, 2006

Glace Icing can be poured over the cake to give a smooth glossy finish.By introducing another color icing,it is also used in making feathered icing.

Glace icing

This recipe is enough to coat an 8″ cake.


Icing Sugar – 2 cups or 225 gm
Hot water – 2-3 tbsp


1. Sift the icing sugar into a bowl.Using a wooden spoon ,gradually stir in enough water to make a mixture in the consistency of a thick cream.
2.Beat the mixture un til white and smooth,and the icing thickly coats the back of the spoon.Color it with a few drops of food coloring,if desired.
3.Use immediately,to cover the top of small or large cakes.


Replace the water with a strong solution of instant coffee,or with freshly squeezed orange,lemon or lime juice.

Sift 2 tsp cocoa powder with the icing sugar for chocoalte icing.

Recipe Source : First Steps in Cake Decorating by Janice Murfitt

4 Responses to “Glace Icing”

  1. Ami said

    Dear Annita

    I have never frosted a cake. But i wish to try it atleast once.
    I might sound silly but I would like to know:
    1. Is glace icing used after frosting and decorations as an additional decoration over the cake?
    2. Is it always good to use apricot glace all over the cake before filling and frosting?
    3. Do we use butter cream with the same consistency for filling and frosting?
    4. Do we have to chill the cake before frosting? If so for how many hours?

    Really sorry if I am bothering you, Annita. So excited to find a talented malayalee who is an expert and willing to help everyone around. By the way I am from Abu Dhabi. My daughter’s BD is so near I wish I could decorate a cake for her. Little Milan is so fortunate to have a mom like you !

    1.Glazed icing is usually added just on top of a baked cake..You need not frost the cake before putting glaze icing..
    2.Yeah…it is always good to prevent crumbs..You can frost a cake without using apricot glaze also…just be careful with the crumbs…
    3.Yes…for frosting and filling we use buttercream of medium consistency..
    4.It is always better to chill the cake before frosting…It is easier to frost a chilled cake…You can chill it for at least 4-6 hrs…

    Hope this helps..Sorry for being late in replying…All the best and advanced b’day wishes for ur daughter..

  2. Caki said

    What kind of cake would you like to make? I hope I get step by step cake decorating including leveling, filling, icing, glazes and recipes. You did the best at here. I’ll visit your blog regularly.

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