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Beef Dry Fry

Posted by Annita on October 20, 2006

This Beef fry from VKN’s My Dhaba is a typical Keralite dish with those sliced coconuts in it.This is one of my favorite recipe for Beef fry,and I think i’ve prepared it more than 3 or 4 times.Thanks to My Dhaba ,for such a simple and fail-proof recipe.As he says,this can be made with both beef and mutton.Next time i’ll be trying it with Mutton.

Beef Dry Fry
Beef Dry Fry

Anyway,here goes the recipe…


Mutton/Beef – 1 kg(diced into small pieces)
Sliced Onion – 2
Finely crushed Ginger – 1 inch piece
Finely crushed Garlic pods – 6-8
Sliced Tomatoes – 2
Green chillies slit – 3-4
Coriander POwder -2 tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt – to taste

For grinding:-
Fennel seeds – 3tsp
Black peppercorns – 8-10
Cinnamon – 1 inch size piece
Cloves – 4
Cardamom – 4
Bay Leaves – 3
Grind the above together to a fine masala powder .Keep it aside.

For popping:-
Oil – as needed
Ghee – 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
Sliced Onion – 1
Curry leaves – 2 sprig
Thinly sliced Coconut pieces – 1 cup
Lemon Juice – 1 tsp


Mix together onion,ginger,garlic,chillies,tomatoes,coriander powder,turmeric powder and salt along with meat and prepared ground masala powder.Cook it in a pressure cooker adding a little water,till the meat is well done.Don’t add too much of water,as the meat pieces will shed some water too.When the pressure is released completely ,open the lid and switch on the heat again,cook it till the meat pieces are almost dry.

Heat oil and ghee in another pan and pop the mustard seeds.Add sliced onion and saute it until brown.Add curry leaves and coconut slices into it and fry them for a while.Now add cooked meat and lemon juice.Fry it for some more time stirring frequently,until beef turns dark brown in color.It goes very well with rice.

20 Responses to “Beef Dry Fry”

  1. shaheen said

    hi Annita,Nice to know u tried the paratha.Your checker board cakes looks really great.. have to try that now. Wisha you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

    A happy Diwali to u too,Shaheen


  2. Vimala said

     Hi Anita,
    Yeah i did try the veg stew n it turned out really well n my son ate up all the vegetables. My son Kevin will be turning two this Nov n he’s really mad after ice cream, can u please post some simple ice-cream recipie which i can make at home. He hates to take milk or any other addent in it, so i jus want to substitute. Thanks for the beef fry’s so simple n mouth waterting dish.

    I’ll surely post some ice cream recipes for u,Vimala.And I do remember your request for Vattayappam..It’ll be done soon..


  3. shynee said

    A very happy diwali to you and your family annita…Lots to read and lots to catch up with…thanx dear for remembering me still in your posts…

    Good to see you back,shynee..Hope u too enjoyed Diwali..


  4. renu said

    hi annita, i had not been visiting the blogs for some time. now, it seems i can’t find our dear old, injimanga. what happened ? i always keep getting, ‘sorry, we were unable to complete your request.’ has she changed the site ? or, anything wrong with my settings ? also, a mail i sent to her gmail id bounced. any idea what is happening ?

    No idea,Renu.Even I was wondering what has happened to her.


  5. Asha said

    Looks delicious, keep it are on a roll with all these goodies..:))

    Thanks Asha


  6. Mallika said

    I love your blog! The recipe for Vada looks amazing. I may have to break my rule of never deep frying at home for this one!

    The beef dry fry looks so good as well. Instead of powdering all those ingredients, could I just use garam masala? The ingredients look pretty much the same, no?

    I will definitely be back…

    Yeah Mallika..ingredients are almost  same..But that fresh made powdered masala can indeed give a special taste to the curry..Garam masala also works. 


  7. honey said

    Hi annita
    Can i use the beef dry recipe for preparing chicken in the same way..will it taste gud? what abt the it ok if i use garam masala instead of the ground reply..and need to say this also”your blog rocks” .keep it up.

    I haven’t tried it with chicken,but it should taste good..You can use garam masala,but it won’t give that authentic taste ..Thanks again.


  8. honey said

    ok thanks

  9. Great set of recipe!!! A good use of your idle time… I need to try this out!!

    Thanks Jaison


  10. shahanas said

    how r u?i was looking for this recipe.thnx for the recipe.anitha i have a question do u know how to make soup using beef,mutton?

  11. Looks yummy… do you cut the meat into thin slices, or is it more cubed?

  12. Daniel said

    Do u use dry coconut or fresh one?

  13. shyna said

    hi ,the beef dry fry looks really yummy……but u haven’t mentioned the qty of beef/ mutton…..could u pls tell me the qty to take….and also could u tell how much water to be used while cooking in pressure cooker(i am new to cooking).thnxxxxx

  14. nazrina said

    curry powder about 3 teaspoons
    chilly powder 1 tablspoon
    curry poder 3 tablspoons
    curd 4 tablspoons
    peppper a dash
    tomatoe puree 2 tablespoon

  15. […] goes well with ‘Kuthari Choru ‘(rice with Rosematta rice),but if you’ve some beef fry or meen pattichathu to accompany it ….hmmm…just try it […]

  16. veeenajan said

    Hi da ..
    Do u have chilly beef recipe ? first i thought chilly beef can be prepare same like chilly chicken ..!! but its nt like that alle ….i am confused ..if u have the recipe just post for me k ..:)
    Wish u and ur family a very happy Diwali …..

  17. Sanjay said

    Hello Annita,

    first of all thank you sooo much for a quick Beef Dry Fry recipe. Hat’s Off. I just finished making and did taste it. Its just tooo good. I am not located in India and have cook it as a suprise for my wife. So I made lime rice and your Recipe(Beef Dry Fry). I can cook but have not tried different things. This is too good. Keep sharing. We will keep eating ;-). All the best. God be with you and your family.

  18. does green tea make you lose weight…

    […]Beef Dry Fry « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

  19. Dhanya Binu said

    Hi Anitha,

    i need to thank you for your chicken vindaloo. I cooked for a get-together party. it came out wonderful. All the appreciation goes to you……… Thanks a lot………..

  20. […] a coconut-based vegetable dish, thoran, (chopped long beans, chiles, and grated coconut), and a dry fried beef curry not unlike a Malaysian rendang. For someone as new to South Indian cooking as I was, it was an […]

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