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Meme- About Me,Me and Only Me

Posted by Annita on September 11, 2006

I’ve been quite busy last week with my move to a new apartment and so I couldn’t even wish you for Onam..So Belated Onam wishes for all of you..Hope you all celebrated it very well..


Thanks Archana for tagging me for this meme.I know I’m a bit late,but pls excuse me for this..So here’s the meme…

I am thinking about : doing a Java certification.

I said : Oh!!My God..

I want to : learn quilting and cake decorating

I wish : I could go back to India soon

I regret : shouting at my kid,when i get frustrated

I hear : microwave beeping

I am : a chatterbox

I dance : very horrible,but I do it sometimes in front of my lil’ one to make him laugh..

I sing : all the day

I cry : when I get hurt or when I loose something(even if its an argument)

I am not : a good driver

I dream of : a small house on a lakeside,somewhere in Ooty or Kodaikanal

I am : with my hands: typing,cleaning ,cooking or playing with my kid

I write : frequent emails to my sister

I laugh : at my hubby’s silly jokes

I confuse : my lil’ one

I value : my family,more than anything else

I need : mascarpone cheese and lady finger biscuits to prepare Tiramisu,again

I tag :Shaheen of Malabar Spices,Priya of AkshayaPatram ,rashmi of Web Samayal and all those who want to do this.


8 Responses to “Meme- About Me,Me and Only Me”

  1. Meena said

    good know about you annita:-))

    Thanks Meena


  2. Rg said

    Ha! ha! Ha! it’s good to know you great kitchen gurus thro’ such memes. :))

    Thanks Rg…Why can’t u too start a blog?Its fun,rt?


  3. Archana said

    Thank you for participating Annita. It is nice to know more of you.

    Thanks for tagging me,Archana.It was  really a fun..


  4. Rashmi said

    Hi Annita,

    Thanks for tagging me.First time to your blog.Nice work.
    Good to know you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog,rashmi..


  5. honey said

    do post a family pic too..

    Thanks for dropping by,Honey..

    Will do that…


  6. gowri said

    nice chicken biriyani. good photograph.

    Thank you

  7. shameena said

    oh! that’s great of u

  8. Ancy said


    my character is as like u……i cant believe it….as like my interests….

    Thank u

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