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Posted by Annita on September 3, 2006

Yet another exotic dish,which is a must for traditional Sadya.


And now straight into the recipe..


Kaalan Ingredients
Ingredients needed

Semi Ripe Plantain diced -1
Elephant Yam/Suran (chena) diced – 1 cup
Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
Ghee – 1/2 tsp(Optional)
Lightly beaten curd(preferrably sour)-2 cups
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
Salt – to taste
Oil- as needed

For Grinding:-
Jeera seeds – 1/2 tsp
Grated coconut – 1 cup
Green chillies – 5
Grind the above together to a very smooth paste.

For popping:-
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Curry leaves -a sprig
Red Chillies Split- 3
Fenugreek powder – a pinch


Mix turmeric powder and salt into the beaten curd and keep aside.Cook plantains and yam with pepper powder,salt and little water until they are soft and done.Add in ghee and saute plantains and yam for a while.

Preparing Kaalan
Sauteing plantain-yam in ghee

Reduce the heat to minimum,mix in the ground mixture and allow it to boil slowly.

Preparing Kaalan
Ground mixture added to cooked plantains

Now add the beaten curd mixture and continue to cook in low heat until it attains the desired thick consistency.

Preparing Kaalan
Beaten curd added to the plantain

Be sure to stir in between to prevent it from curdling.Switch off the heat and allow it to cool.
Pop the mustard seeds in oil.Add red chillies and curry leaves and saute it for a while.Add fenugreek powder and switch off the heat immediately.Pour the seasoning into the curd mixture.Let it cool,the curry will taste better the next day.This goes very well with rice.


25 Responses to “Kaalan”

  1. shynee said

    Iniyippo elayitta mathram mathiyallo anita,onasadyakku vendathokkey ready aayennu thonnunnu….I had posted kaalan a few days back…bt did not post the recipe…ws feeling very lazy to write…cooking,tkg snaps and eating,of course is easy,bt writing is the lazy part!! :)

    Hey..You should post it u lazy girl!!..Its good to refer different recipes..!!!


  2. Shuba said

    Hey avide Onam already aayi ennu thonnunnu :-) Happy Onam…

    Shifting Kaaranam Onam prepone cheythu…hehe…:))


  3. Asha said

    Hey Hey!! Kannada girl here ladies!! :D Love Thoran, Kalan ,Avial everything Kerala , gimme more..Btw, happy Onam to both of you…

    Thanks for dropping by Asha,More will be coming soon..Watch out…!!!


  4. RP said

    hmmmm ellam kazhichu kazhinju. Paayasam evide?

    Payasam post cheyyan time kittiyilla,RP!!! Thats for next Onam…ok…


  5. Onam Ashamsagal Annita!

    Naattil onam adichu polikkuvaanalle…Happy Onam…


  6. shaheen said

    happy onam annita. time to sit back and enjoy ur sadya.

    Thanks Shaheen..Happy Onam to u from my side.


  7. shynee said

    Hridayam niranja onaashamsakal!!

    Thanks Shynee…Onashamsakal ente vakayum irikkatte..sadya okkay ready aayo?


  8. Rg said

    Sauteeing cooked plantains/yam in ghee is also new to me… we never do that. Ennikku ee praavsham onam illa :(….but I wish you and your family a very happy onam :)

    Happy eating!

    Thats a tip I adapted from Mrs.K.M Mathew’s kaalan recipe.,Rg..

    My Onam wishes for u and ur family..


  9. Archana said

    Wish you a very happy Onam Annita..
    Sadya gambheeramakkanom ketto. You will, i know that for sure !!!

    Thanks a ton,my dear friend!!My Onam wishes to u and ur hubby too…


  10. Priya said

    Hi Annita,

    A Very Happy Onam to you and your family. May loads of happiness and prosperity come your way this year

    Thanks Thanks and Thanks Priya.Onam wishes for u too..


  11. Happy onam Annita

    Thanks Karthi.Happy Onam to u and ur family.


  12. Hridayam niranja onaashamsaka to you and your family:)

    Thanks a lot and Same to u,Priya


  13. renu said

    great kalan, annitta, hope you had a fabulous onam !

    Belated Onam  wishes for u too,Renu..Yeah I had a real good Onam,but was quite busy with my move that day.


  14. Archana said

    I have tagged you for a meme, shed your secrets please..

    Will be doing it soon,Archana..


  15. janaki said

    Hi Annita,
    Kalan is my favourate kerala dish.All your recipes are mouth watering. Belated Onam wishes.


    Many thanks for dropping by Janaki.Do visit me sometimes.


  16. lakshmi govind said

    Hi Anitha,

    I went thru ur recipes and it’s SUPERB. i am going to try one of this today itself!!!!!. belated ONAM wishes.

    Belated Onam wishes for u too,Lakshmi.Welcome to my blog.


  17. Anju said

    hey anita… thanks a ton dear for posting so many cool recipes… my mom s not at home.. and since we live in gujarat i know only gujju dishes … but dad loves mallu food… and ur site has been a gr8 help.. thanks a ton !!! keep blogging

    And i’m really happy to hear those inspiring words,Anju..Do check on me and comment whenever you get time..


  18. shaheen said

    whats up, no posts? i tried ur sambar from scratch and it came out real good. thanks.

    I was quite busy with my move to a new apartment..Now everything got settled and will be active soon..Thanks for enquiring about me,Shaheen.


  19. prema said

    Hi Annita,
    Thanks for the lovely recipe.. I love kerala dishes very much.

    Thanks for visiting my blog,Prema.i’m really happy to hear that you liked the dish.


  20. jisha said

    hey annita

    i like kalan very much..chena is available in us or not?njanathu kanditte illa..

    Chena as such is not available..But you can get frozen ‘chenas ‘ in the name ‘SURAN’..
    It is available in indian grocery stores.


  21. snf said

    hi annita good recipe of kaalan. sauteeing of plaintain is new 4 me.i have tried some of ur recipes all turned good.thanks 4 sharing.

  22. neha said

    dear annita echi……….
    really thks for ur blog,,bcoz it help me a lot,, to make onam sadya ur recipee was very helpful,,,,all of my guest told super……..thks for u again,,n its very helpful also.
    i hav one doubt how to make fried rice???

  23. Nita said

    thnx a lot..tried it out..really tasty:)

    Thank you Nita

  24. Swati said

    Hey Annita,

    First of all. Happy Onam! This comment may be out of place coz its not about Onasadya, rather another recipe of yours that I tried. I moved to LA from Bombay just a few months back. I come from a no-meat family, but my husband loves beef, so when he asked if I knew any beef recipe it wasn’t easy to ignore. Like everything else I sought the help of www & chose to try out your recipe for Beef Fry. It was such a super hit that he’s getting addicted to it now. He got me to make it again the next weekend, even invited some of his beef lover friends and they loved it too. Just want to say a BIIIIIIIIG THANK YOU to you. Since then, I’m addicted to your site & keep comparing recipes of other dishes that I normally make.

    Good going Annita!

    Thank you very much Swati…I’m so happy to hear this…

  25. Ancy said


    Im in Melbourne, actually im struggling for making dishes here….we’re just married…so u know..!!!!
    i like ur recipes very much dear…..u r doing a good job….it helps alot…

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