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Trip to Put-In-Bay

Posted by Annita on August 30, 2006

Put-In-Bay Island

We were out on a vaccation for last few days.We went to Put-In-Bay,a small village located on South Bass Island,Ohio.The island is in Lake Erie,and is only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide.
We hired a golf cart to get around PutinBay,did some water sports like para sailing and jet skiing,spent some time in a small beach,saw a crystal cave,winery etc etc..Altogether we really had fun and my little one enjoyed the beach most.He was so happy that he got more than enough Mac Chicken (from McDonald’s)also,his favorite.

From Putin Bay,we had gone to Chicago,to meet some of our friends.We didn’t get much time in Chicago,but somehow we managed to visit Millenium Park, Navy Pier and ofcourse Devon Street, did some shopping in mallu grocery stores.But unfortunately i forgot about payasam rice,which L.G has mentioned in her blog before.You can see the photos of the trip here.

And i am very happy to see all your mails and enquiries.Many many thanks to you all..

3 Responses to “Trip to Put-In-Bay”

  1. shynee said

    O Appo sukhikkukayayirunnalley!! Kollam,Kollam!!Hmm…Good snaps too!!

    Idakku kurachu divsam sukhikkam ennu vicharichu..And it was my b’day too..


  2. Rg said

    checked out your snaps….good one! How was para sailing and skiing etc….? good to have u back…

    I didn’t do husband did and i watched him doing it…I was afraid..:))Next time i’ll also try that..


  3. Manisha said

    Para-sailing and jet-skiing! Wow! You have courage!!

    I loved your pictures of Chicago! I miss the city a lot. It was so much fun in summer. What was the weather like when you visited?

    Hey noo…I didn’t do that all..i just watched my husband doing it..I don’t have that much courage manisha..But next time i’ll try para sail,but jet skiing…no way..I ‘m soo scared of water…

    And thanks for visiting my blog


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