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Green Banana Pachadi

Posted by Annita on August 8, 2006

This pachadi is made with raw green banana which is about to ripe,it has to be slightly sweet and starchy.(I’ve used Chiquita bananas here).Another easy recipe which can be included in daily menu,and goes well with rice.It can be done with plantains also.

Banana Pachadi
Raw banana Pachadi

Here’s the recipe..


Green banana(which is about to ripe) chopped -2
Water -1/2 cup
Salt – to taste
Beaten Yogurt – 1 cup

For grinding:-
Grated coconut – 1/2 cup
Green chillies -4
Jeera seeds -1/4 tsp
Garlic pods – 2(Optional)
Shallots – 2
Mustard seeds – 1/4 seeds

For spluttering:-
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Red chillies -3
Chopped shallots – 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves -a few
Oil – as needed


Grind together coconut,green chillies,garlic,jeera,shallots and mustard seeds to a smooth fine paste.In a pan cook bananas ,adding salt and water.When bananas are cooked soft,add the ground mixture into it,and cook for few minutes.Switch off the stove and pour beaten yogurt into the bananas.Mix well,add more salt if needed.
Now heat oil in a pan and pop mustard seeds.Add red chillies,shallots and curry leaves into it and fry till brown.Pour the seasoning over the pachadi .Serve with rice.

Updated Tip from Shynee:-Pounding mustard seeds instead of grinding can enhances the taste of a Pachadi.Thanks for this one,Shynee.


15 Responses to “Green Banana Pachadi”

  1. shilpa said

    Nice recipe Annita. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks again Shilpa.

  2. menutoday said

    Hi Annita,
    I liked this recipe, will try this soon. Thanx for sharing.

    Thanks menu today.Try it out and lemme know whether u liked it or not.


  3. shaheen said

    hmm. this is truly unusual.On my must try list.

    Nice to know that u liked it Shaheen,Thanks


  4. shynee said

    Annita, this is quite new…Pachadi is always my favourite…and if u have said it I think I can cook without doubt…it should taste great!!But one doubt…we dont generally add garlic for Pachadi,right?…and mustard too we pound it, I remember the elders saying that mustard should not be ground for pachadi for it tastes better by pounding.May be this is a new variety…I hope u dont mind me asking these doubts…

    I also normally don’t add garlic to my other pachadi’s,but for this one just to overcome that starchy flavour of banana (which i doesn’t like much)i’ve added it.And also i love garlic.I think that can be made optional then..And about the mustard seeds,i didn’t know that pounding enhances the taste,so i just ground it along.Thanks for your tip Shynee.I always appreciate your suggestions.I’ll update the post with these.Thanks again.


  5. Reshmi Menon said

    hi annita,
    This recipe is one of my favourite,out of my mom’s
    delicious recipe’s.Thanks annita for that.By the way,ende boli experiment ‘ganapathi kalyanam” pole neendu poovyanu.;))

    Ur mom also makes this..I thot I just invented it..:))…

    Whenz the b’day season for u?Is it over?


  6. Reshmi Menon said

    hi annita,
    Sorry for an out of topic question,i’ve subscribed online surya tv 2/3 days back ,but today when i logged in its saying that “it is a subscription channel which has not been purchased,”have u had any experience like that?

    No Reshmi,I haven’t faced anything like that..Now i’ve subscribed Asianet,but its not at working for past 2-3 days..but its not showing any such errors..Even i’ve put a ticket in their site,seems they r not replying also..


  7. RP said

    I have to try it too….soon! Semi-ripe bananas? Looks inviting. :)

    Try it out RP!!And let me too know abt it.Kure aayello kandittu..evide aayirunnu?


  8. ArSu said

    Sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe Annita

    Happy to know that u liked it,Arsu.


  9. Reshmi Menon said

    My mom used to make it with nenthrakaya which is not well ripened..just luv it…
    By the way,surya tv is still not working,2/3 days oru kuzapavaumillayruunu endu pattiyo aavo?

    Shee…njan swantham aayi kandu pidicha recipe aanennum paranju veruthe ahankarichu..:))

    Now streambox is working fine for me Reshmi..And what about urs?


  10. Surya said

    Pachadi is one of my favourite dish with rice.I had tried many vaiations in pachadi but green banana pachadi is new to me.picture looks good.Will try this.Thanks.

    you’ll like it,Surya..Pachadi is my favorite too..


  11. Meena said

    Hi Annita!

    Like many others, your post and pic has been stolen by this lady too –

    Just thought you should know. Someone should put a stop to her, she’s been stealing recipes from many of us!

    Thanks Meena for letting me know about it..What can we do about it?I think its a guy,rt?


  12. sandy said


    Nice Blog. I have question on green banana pachadi. Is green banana used with the skins in the recipe? Please let me know.. Thanks

    No sandy,i didn’t use the skin …

  13. paru said

    this same recipe can be made with pumkin

  14. said

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