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Cherupayar Olathiyathu(Moong dal fry)

Posted by Annita on August 8, 2006

Keralites are very familiar with ‘Kanjiyum Payarum’ which means RicePorridge-Moong dal combo.And this is one dish which i never get bored with.A very simple dish which goes with rice.

Cherupayar Olathiyathu
Cherupayar Olathiyathu


Cherupayar/Moong dal whole -1 cup
Dried red chillies – 5
Shallots -8
Garlic pod -1
Curry leaves – a few
Salt -to taste
Water- to cook dal
Oil – as needed


Pressure cook dal adding necessary water and salt,till dal becomes soft.(The more it becomes soft,the more tastier it will be,atleast thats what i feel.)Drain excess water and keep aside.Now mash shallots,red chillies and garlic together using mortar pestle or mix it well in a blender for 1 second.It should not be made into a paste.
Heat oil in a pan and add curry leaves,mashed shallots and turmeric powder .Saute for 3-4 minutes,stirring in between.Add cooked dal and mix well.Simmer and cook for 2 more minutes .

11 Responses to “Cherupayar Olathiyathu(Moong dal fry)”

  1. Rg said

    I’ve had cherupayar curry alone… I’ve never had cherupayar olathiyathu/upperi. Since this recipe doesn’t require coconut, I’m sure my hubby will like it too :))will try that out this week and let you know…thanks for sharing.

    Everybody who love daals,will like it Rg..You can try it without any furthur thinking..guaranteed!!


  2. KK said


    This is off topic..but I hope you will have some info to provide…
    I like collecting “tharattu” songs in malayalam. (Not movie songs :) but songs passed down from generations). Do you know of any? Can you share?


    Hi KK,

    I know some tarattu songs,but i’m not sure whether they are non-movie songs,i guess they are all movie songs.You can download mp3 songs from many thanks for dropping by.


  3. Archana said

    Mhhhh, real comfort food for a Mallu !!!! I am never tired of kanji and payar. Thank you dear

    Me too..Archana.


  4. shynee said

    Kanjiyum payarum kani kandittu kurey naalayi…for my husband is a kanji virodhi!!

    Same pinch..:))My husband also is a kanji virodhi…


  5. maheswari said

    tried this recipe today and my toddler loved it..thanks to you..

    Really happy to know about it Maheswari.And many thanks for dropping by.I will be doing some more kids menu soon


  6. Dinup K said

    Thanks a lot.. A good relief for husbands staying away from wife and sons staying away from moms, like me.. Tried it and came out good

    Thanks again..

  7. tc said


    innu ninte cherupayaru try cheythu… flop alla… :)


  8. Babitha said

    Hi annita,

    Thanks for this recipe. Today will treat my hubby with this one :)


    Its a very simple recipe..a regular in my home on kerala…Try it out and lemme know if you’ve liked it,ok

  9. santosh said

    its an awesome dish, the payar has to be finely cooked and then use ti with shallots and red chilli. yummm

    rice and this and litle curd….its amazing

  10. This post looks good. Thank you!

  11. Deepa said

    I like this ularthu recipe. I tried it. I’ve put a picture in my blog

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