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Veggie Pasta

Posted by Annita on August 4, 2006

Its been a while since i’ve promised my friend Biny,about posting some kids special dishes.And so here I am with my little one’s choices.He is really crazy about cheese and pastas and for me this is the most simple dish,which could be prepared in few minutes.I’ve indianized this in my own way ,mostly according to my toddler’s tastes.

Veggie Pasta for Kids
Pasta with Veggies

The recipe follows..


Ingredients for pasta
Vegetables needed for the pasta

Any pasta of your choice – 1 cup
(I’ve used Racconto Gnocchi here)
Chopped Onion – 1/2 of a medium sized
Cherry Tomatoes sliced -5
(Or 1 medium sized tomato)
Button Mushrooms sliced – 6
Spinach chopped – 1 cup
Chopped garlic – 1 tsp
Pepper powder – 1/4 tsp
Butter -2 tbsp
All purpose flour – 2 tsp
Milk – 1 cup
Grated cheese -2 or 3 tbsp
Dried oregano or Dried parsley – 1/2 tsp
Salt – to taste.


Cook pasta by adding 2 cups of water.Drain and keep it aside.
Melt butter in a pan and add onions into it.Saute for few minutes and now stir in salt,garlic and mushrooms.Saute again for few more minutes.Now add tomatoes and spinach into it and saute again .Mix in flour and fry for sometime.Add milk and pepper powder and allow it to boil till it reaches a thick consistency.Throw in pasta,cheese and herbs(I’ve used oregano here) and simmer for few more minutes and remove.
(If you want you can bake it after adding cheese.I usually don’t do any baking as I am a bit lazy ,and also my kid seems to be satisfied with the way it is.)You can also add cooked meat,cooked seafood or even boiled egg into it.

15 Responses to “Veggie Pasta”

  1. Oh presentation with those alphabets are just perfect to represent a kids food and pasta with mushrooms,yummy!

    Thank you Sumi!!.


  2. shilpa said

    Good one Annita.

    Thanks again,Shilpa.


  3. Anupama said

    Fantastic recipe Annita. I am sure my son will love it too. And me too ofcourse. I just went to the library today and got a book exclusively about paata.

    Thanks anupama..Try it out and let me too know whether ur son liked it or not..


  4. Anupama said

    Annita, i liked so many of your recipes that I have bookmarked your entire blog in My Favourites

    Many many thanks Anupama.


  5. Rice&Beans said

    Hi, Anita!!!
    Love your recipes. For some reason I wasn’t able to visualize the Vazhuthanenga Theeyal post. would you be able to fix it? Thanks.

    Its working perfectly fine for me.Can u check once again ,and pls let me know if the problem persists still.It can be a bit slow as the size of the photos are big..Thanks for the comment R&B.


  6. Annita, did you do something in your blog page— it looks great:) Pasta is my all time easy making dinner recipes, but I never tried anything of my own. All I do is fry red peppers, onions, Zucchini, italian seasoning, pasta sauce, boiled pasta and parmesan shredded cheese that’s my easy pasta. I think i will start with your recipe to make my paste:)

    Try it out Priya..And about the page,I think wordpress had made changes to every template..I too liked it..:))Thanks for noticing it..


  7. shynee said

    Pasta in any combination is just gorgeous…u did it great annita…

    Pastas are my favorite..and my kids too..Quite easy to prepare,huh?

  8. Biny said

    Thanks annita .. for the lovely recepie for my baby..
    would try it out soon.. she is very find of pasta’s and fish .. and so i would try the fish manchurian and veg pasta ..
    thanks once again …
    I always check ur blog for some special dishes … and i get something or the other very unique.. thanks dear ..
    its riya baby’s birthday tomorrow (11th Aug)… She would be 2 urs tomorrow and i would be stealing some of ur dishes for making my baby’s day special …:-)


    Wow..she is now 2,rt?A very happy birthady dear Riya..


  9. Ciniya said

    Anita, I love Italian food. I try out quite a few of them too. So today for supper its gona be your pasta dish. I guess its gona be yummmy !

    Thanx anita.

    Did u prepare it Ciniya?And how was it?Do let me know whether u like it or not,ok?


  10. Alphi said

    Hi Annita,came across your blog while searching for a recipe in google.lip-smacking!!I am glad I found this one. Haven’t used any of the recipes but want to try.Gallery is tempting :-)I hope you don’t mind if I keep a link to your blog from mine.

    No,Alphi..I’ll be very happy if you add me to your blog.
    Thanks again..

  11. Rg said

    Tried this veggie pasta y/day for my Kiddo for dinner. He said it’s “yummy for my tummy” and he had taken the same for lunch to school today. I too liked it very much. Thanks for this tasty recipe.

  12. shruti said

    will definitely try it………. :))

  13. neeru said

    hi annita

    i wana to make pasta with red sauce…will u plz help me out…i ‘ll try dis recipe 2..


  14. I tried many pastas until now & my husband dint like them…but this recipe just got me my brownie points in Pastas…
    so I’m happy and thanks to you :-)

  15. geetahegde said

    Pasta recipe is yummy

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