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Vendakka Paalu Curry(Okra in Coconut Milk)

Posted by Annita on August 1, 2006

A quick and easy ‘chaaru’ curry (curry with gravy)which goes well with rice.I had completely forgotten about this curry,which was very regular in my home.Last week my only sis reminded me of this one,she was very embarassed and upset that she couldn’t prepare it well.She is now in her early days of marriage and is literally struggling in the kitchen..I still rememeber ,I too went through the same phase once,both of us were quite lazy and didn’t even bother to see,what was happening out there in the kitchen area when my amma was toiling around.And whenever we happen to go there by a chance, amma used to shoo us off saying,”Its ok if you don’t help me ,but please don’t make a mess out here..”:))now the blame is on Amma..She will kill me for sure if she reads it .

Vendakka – Paalu Curry


Lady’s Finger /Okra cut into bite sized pieces – 1 cup
(I’ve used frozen okra)
Slit Green Chillies – 2 or 3
Sliced Onion – 1 medium sized
Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Sliced Tomato -1/2
Curry leaves – a sprig
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Red Chilly powder – 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder – 1 tsp
Garam masala powder – 1/2 tsp
Diluted coconut milk – 1 cup.
Curd – 1 tbsp
Salt – to taste
Oil – as needed


Heat oil in a pan and add onion and curry leaves into it.Saute it for a while and stir in salt,green chillies and ginger-garlic paste.Saute it well till onion turns brown.Now add turmeric powder,chilly powder,coriander powder and garam masala powder and saute for few minutes.Throw in tomato slices,simmer and saute until it is fried well and oil begins to seperate.
Now add okra pieces,mix well for few minutes and pour coconut milk into it.Cover the pan and allow it to cook in medium heat.You can add little water also if needed.When it is completely cooked,stir in curd ,mix well and heat for 2 more minutes.Remove and serve with steamed rice.

A satisfying meal for us

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32 Responses to “Vendakka Paalu Curry(Okra in Coconut Milk)”

  1. shilpa said

    Annita, I have the same feeling as you. When I was with my mom, I never actually saw how she prepared the delicious food. Now I call her every now and then to ask about recipes :(.
    Your bhindi curry looks amazing. My hubby is a huge fan of bhindi so I keep searching for new recipe. Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah..we don’t really care about all those things when we were kids,know?..:))

    Try it out Shilpa,u’ll like it.


  2. Annita, it is so true. My mom was just like your mom. I always blame my mom for not letting me work in the kitchen:( She says I will anyways have to work in the kitchen after marriage:( Apart from sambhar and vendaka thoran I have not tried anything else with okra– will try this soon:)

    Try it out,Priya.It goes well with rice.


  3. Annita, I must say again that I have never heard of this dish before. The name of this dishes makes me smile because it got such a homely and authentic name :)Also surprising that a “paalu” curry got a red gravy when you usually think of such dishes as white in color. No problem with preparing food when I entered my married life, since I already had experience in a hotel industry…

    Red gravy is bcoz of those Masalas,rajalakshmi..Its very good that u have experience,Me suffered a lot at time,trying to impress my hubby..:))Thankyou very much again.


  4. Puspha said

    Looks super delicious.

    Thanks Pushpa


  5. My case was different,mum used to always warn me and my sis that its very important to learn cooking for our own survival,I was very very reluctant and learned only some basics from her:(Your sis will do well too with some experience and practise!I love okra too and mum makes a curry like this which I love to eat along with chapathi

    One way its very good to learn cooking before marriage.We won’t get that tensed..,rt?.I haven’t tried it with chappathi..Have to see that also.


  6. shammi said

    A new recipe (unknown to me, i mean) for okra! Goody! :)

    Thanks again,Shammi..


  7. shynee said

    Appo madichikutty ippo smartkutti aayathanalley!!Hmm…I know,i know…what’s the use of impressing poor Amma…’Husbandry’ definitely require a lot of impressing!!

    Yeah..u said it shynee..paavam amma..Now I am thinking of helping  her on my next vaccation.For my last vaccation also,I had the same plans..but then i’ve  a kid with me..haha..another excuse..:))


  8. InjiPennu said

    Okra in coconut milk? Never made that way!

    It is a good one with rice,,L.G


  9. Surya said

    My vendakka curry is almost similar to this.Instead of coconut milk I use ground roasted coconut(vendakka varutharachthu).I will try this also.

    So it might taste something like theeyal.huh..Okra theeyal!!Thats a good one ,Surya..Have to try that out once..


  10. Archana said

    What a surprise !!! My mother makes this too, and quite often. I never tried making this, one main reason being my intolerence to Vendakka. But this photo looks so good and homely that i almost feeling like making a vendakka curry after a looooong time. Thank you

    Soo many people hates okra,rt?But i love it and luckily my husband too..He’s actually very picky about food…


  11. revathi said

    Now tell me something Where did you have the patience and time to cook all the dishes on that plate ??? And on the same note where do you live?? he he heeeeee…..

    One among them is ready made pickle,revathi…:))Come to cincinnati when u get achance,I’ll prepare a sadya for u..:))


  12. Excellent. I will try these things at home.

    Try it out and lemme know whether u like it.And many thanks for visiting my blog.


  13. shaheen said

    i got a sense of deja vu reading that post. i too never cooked with mom til recently and even now, i call her up for a recipe.lovely recipe. i make a similar okra curry but with sauted okras, tamarind and coconut grinded.

  14. vineela said

    Hi Annita,
    Okra in coconut milk looks good.It looks like kozhambu and rich in color.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe

    Thanks Vineela.


  15. Priya said

    We make this too without adding yogurt. Shall ur recipe soon. Love all your curry recipes, have tried your brinjal theeyal. Super Yummy !
    Thank you for the recipes Anita.

    My amma also don’t add yogurt..I donno how i started doing that..:))thanks Priya…


  16. aarathi said

    Thank you for this recipe. In my fridge there is okra & coconut milk left after making fish molie.
    So I’m going to try this.

    Let me too know how it turned out for u,Aarathi..


  17. Asha said

    As one of you said above,I prepare this with little ground coconut as well.I guess it’s similar in taste.Always good to know the variations.Great recipe.Thanks!
    By the way, I will try to send you a recipe with milk product and hope I will be able to send it you properly in time since I am a new blogger,still have to learn the ropes.

    Thanks Asha..I am  planning to try it with grounded coconut as most of u suggested..


  18. aarathi said

    I have tried ur recipe. It was excellent ! Instead of green chilli, I used ground pepper.

    Really happy to hear that u liked it,Aarathi..


  19. srinidhi said

    added more coconut turned out sweet..but good enough!

    You’ll get it perfect next time Srinidhi.And many thanks for trying out the recipe

  20. liz said

    I was looking for this curry since I just remembered it as well, it was the eact recipe that my mom does minus the yougurt, and of course she starts always with mustard in the oil, but thanks a bunch. It came out great, even my 9 year old son said it’s good

    In the original recipe,there’s no yogurt,liz…i added just bcoz i love that yogurt flavour…
    many thanks for dropping by my blog

  21. dino korah said

    that was a brilliant recipe… absolutely tasty.

  22. Nita said

    hey..i tried this recipe without the coconut milk but i added a lil more curd ( ’bout 2 tbspn) n it still tasted good! thnx annita

  23. anu said

    u have mentioned abt using curd in this recipie. but u didnt tell when to add the curd.

    ooh..i’m sorry..u can add curd in the end…just before switching it off…It cane be prepared without adding curd also.

  24. Simi said

    HI Anita

    Thanks for your recipe, looks yum! for sure will try it soon!

  25. chinnu shyju said

    even i m in the early days and one day i wud also,master my kitchen….my hubby family calls this curry “mapasu” i dont knw y?

  26. lizpafrank said

    going to try it today for dinner. was searching for something different. thanks Annitta.

  27. mak said

    Hai every one .., I know that this is a late post,
    as i’m a bchelor in UAE , i have to cook myself sometimes so , i was looking for a tasty and qiuk recepie, then i saw this one. the recepie is nice ,but i hate oil, wen i callled my mom, she said a different one,was without oil,& with turmurind water. i think its nice one.

  28. Plato said

    enikku vendakka upperi aanu kurachu koode ishtam. enthayalum ithum nannayittundu.!

  29. :) said

    ee curryil kaduku upayogikarille?

  30. neena said

    anita where r u ? we r missing ur delicious recipes

  31. Sherry said

    Super duper.. Thanks a lot dear.. :)

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